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Hinds County Cemetery List
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Cemetery Laws in Mississippi
by Mary Collins Landin

There are a number of laws about cemeteries in Mississippi, but the two  that are more specific to our history and genealogy problems include MS Code Section 39-5-19, Restoration and Maintenance of Abandoned Cemeteries, and MS  Code Section 47-5-441, Use of County Prisoners to Preserve and Maintain Certain Historic Cemeteries and Use of County Prison Labor to Prepare and Serve Food in   County or Public Facilities in Conjunction with Certain Nonprofit Organizations.   The first law says that the county Board of  Supervisors have the responsibility for maintenance of abandoned cemeteries, and  the second law says that a county sheriff's office or his designee can use  non-violent trustee prisoners to clean and maintain cemeteries more than 100  years old.   The second law must be worked through the MS Dept of  Archives and History.  The first law does not have that requirement.   The best means we've found so far is to directly contact a Board of Supervisors  in writing and request that a certain
abandoned cemetery in their county be  cleaned up and maintained---doesn't matter if it is family, church, or ghost  town (formerly public).  In Jasper and Jones Counties, the Jasper Grays  Civil War Reenactors have been spending their weekends cleaning up  old abandoned cemeteries in both counties, including
Paulding, Ebenezer,  and other old historic church cemeteries, not the Board of   Supervisors.

As far as I know, the only abandoned cemeteries the Board of Supervisors is keeping cleaned up in Hinds County is the old Auburn Cemetery between Utica and Edwards, and the TB/mental hospital cemetery between St. Dominics and University Hospitals off Lakeland Drive in downtown Jackson.  Even then,  the few gravestones in the one off Lakeland Drive (of hundreds of graves) have  been pulled up and dumped in a gully between the two hospitals by  somebody.   The City of Jackson maintains the paupers section of the  old Greenwood Cemetery,
or it would be classified as abandoned.  The old  Hinds County paupers cemetery is now just woods and completely abandoned (no  gravestones), and the new Hinds County paupers cemetery is located south of the  county dump close to the Raymond Penal Farm at Raymond.  There are a few  gravestones in it, and a lot of unmarked graves, and the county keeps it clear  of brush and weeds.

 This is a wonderful site!  Besides Photos of  Headstones, some even have biographies.
You'll also find graves from all around the country!  New Photos added all the time so check back often.

Old Cemeteries of Hinds County
Recorded and generously contributed by Mary Collins Landin
Much gratitude to Mary for all her help!
Natalie Maynor is very much appreciated for all her grave photos!
OLD CEMETERIES OF HINDS COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI, FROM 1811-1988, by Mary Collins Landin, 3084 Tom Collins Road, Utica, MS 39175 (purchase price of cemetery book $15 + $3 for mailing)


ABERNATHY Family Cemetery (1955) S4 T7N R2W
ABNEY, Joseph D., Family Cemetery (pre-1830) S29 T6N R3W
ALLEN, John, Family Cemetery (1832) S25 T3N R4W
AMSTERDAM Settlement Cemetery (1828) S20 T6N R4W
AMSTERDAM SETTLEMENT Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1850) S4 T6N R4W
ANCHUCA PLANTATION Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1861)
ANDERSON Cemetery (African-American) S16 T5N R1E
ANDERSON, Nathaniel, Family Cemetery (1882) S28 T13N R3E
ANTIBANKS Community Cemetery (1836) S31 T8N R3W
ASKEW, Bryan, Family Cemetery (1848) S6 T6N R3W
AUBURN Baptist Church Cemetery (1859) S2 T4N R4W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
AUTUMN WOODS Cemetery (partial list) (Jackson) (African-American) (Find-A-Grave Photos)

BAILEY Cemetery (Jackson) (African-American) S16 T5N R1E (Find-A-Grave Photos)
BALDWIN, Mordecai, Family Cemetery  aka Cook Cemetery (1835) S1 T14N R5E
BAR RIDGE Church Cemetery (African-American) S8 T4N R4W   (Photos)
BEAR CREEK Methodist Church Cemetery (1833) S33 T3N R3W
BELMONT Church Cemeteries (2), Dry Grove Road (African-American) S18 T4N R2W
BELMONT Church Cemeteries (2), Charlie Brown Road (African-American) S3 T14N R5E  (Find-A-Grave Photos)
BENEVOLENT SOCIETY Cemetery (African-American) S16 T3N R1W  (Find-A-Grave Photos)
BETHESDA Baptist Church Cemetery (1852) S39 T4N R2W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
BETHESDA Presbyterian Church Cemetery (1833) S32 T5N R4W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
BETH ISRAEL Jewish Cemetery (1861) S34 T6N R1E  (Find-A-Grave Photos)
BIG CREEK Church Cemetery (African-American) S4 T4N R1W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
BILLY FIELDS ROAD Cemetery (African-American) S30 T5N R3W
BIRDSONG, J. J., Family Cemetery (1882) S20 T7N R3W
BIRDSONG Family Cemetery (pre-1900) S30 T6N R3W  (Find-A-Grave Photos)
BLACK CAT PLANTATION Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1861) S26 T16N R5E
BOLTON, Thomas, Family Cemetery (1848) S18 T6N R2W (note: gravestones moved to Bolton Town Cemetery)
BOLTON Town Cemetery (1860) S18 T6N R2W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
BOLTON Town Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1861) S18 T6N R2W
BOOTH Family Cemetery (pre-1900) S26 T13N R5E
BRACEY, Merry/Hugh MCGOWEN, Family Cemetery (1834) S31 T5N R1W
BREEDEN, Hezekiah C., Family Cemetery (1869) S14 T13N R3E   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
BROOME, Mathew, Family Cemetery (pre-1900) S17 T3N R4W
BROOME Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1861) S8 T3N R4W
BROWNSVILLE Church Cemetery (African-American) S19, S20 T7N R2W
BROWNSVILLE Community Cemetery (1854) S18 T7N R2W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
BURLEIGH PLANTATION Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1861) S28 T4N R3W
BUSH, John N., Family Cemetery (1857) S26 T5N R4W
BUTTS Cemetery (African-American) A2 T5N R4W
BYRAM Town Cemetery (African-American) S13 T4N R1W

CARNES, William, Family Cemetery (1831) S23 T3N R4W
CARPENTER Community Cemetery (1901) (in edge of Copiah County) S2 T12N R5E
CARRAWAY, James /John CHAPMAN Family Cemetery (1848) S15 T4N R1W
CARTER Cemetery (African-American) S29 T5N R2W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
CASSITY Plantation Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1850) A30 T3N R1W
CATCHINGS Plantation Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1840) S29 T4N R2W
CATCHINGS, Augustus, Family Cemetery (1846) S3 T6N R1E
CATCHINGS, Jonathan Lorraine, Family Cemetery (1833) S29 T4N R2W
CAYUGA Community Cemetery (1833) S27 T14N R5E   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
CEDAR GROVE Church Cemetery (African-American) S27 T14N R5E
CEDAR LAWN City Cemetery (1877) S32 T6N R1E  (Find-A-Grave Photos)
CESSNA, William, Family Cemetery (1846) S8 T3N R4W
CHAMPION HILL Church Cemetery (African-American) S20 T6N R3W
CHAMPION, Sid S., Family Cemetery (1867) S20 T6N R3W
CHAPEL HILL Baptist Church Cemetery (1859) S9 T3N R3W
CHAPEL HILL Church Cemetery (African-American) S3 T5N R3W
CHATHAM, W. M., Family Cemetery (1886) S4 T13N R5E    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
CHERRY GROVE Church Cemetery (African-American) S3 T5N R3W  (Find-A-Grave Photos)
CHICHESTER PLANTATION Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1861) S12 T5N R4W
CLARK, Robert George T. UNDERHILL Family Cemetery (1848) S27 T6N R2W
CLINTON City Cemetery (1815) S29 T6N R1W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
CLINTON City Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1850) S2 T7N R2W
COLLINS, Captain Moses Jr., Family Cemetery (1816) S35 T4N R3W
COLLINS, Reuben, Family Cemetery (1844) S25 T4N R4W
CONGER, Martin, Family Cemetery (1833) S6 T5N R1W
COUNTY LINE Baptist Church Cemetery (1833) S6 T2N R1W
COUNTY LINE Church Cemetery (African-American) S2 T7N R2W
COX, James S., Family Cemetery (1857) S22 T8N R3W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
CRAWFORD, J. A. J., Family Cemetery (1883) (edge of Claiborne County)
CURRY/PETERSON/BRACEY Cemetery (African-American) (1903) S20 T7N R2W
CURTIS Family Cemetery (1879) S26 T3N R4W

DABNEY, Colonel Thomas Smith Gregory, Family Cemetery (1838) S29 T5N R2W (Find-A-Grave Photos)
DAVIS HILL Church Cemetery (African-American) S10 T5N R2W
DAVIS, William, Family Cemetery (1837) S17 T4N R3W
DAWSON, William A., Family Cemetery (1873) S22 T8N R3W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
DEAN, William, Family Cemetery (1836) S27 T4N R5E
DICKEY, Sarah A., Grave (1904) S18 T6N R1W
DICKSON, Colonel Joseph, Family Cemetery (1862) S5 T3N R3W
DILLON, Colonel W. F., Family Cemetery (1848) S31 T5N R3W
DIXTON, Zachariah, Family Cemetery (1848) S36 T5N R1W (note: gravestones moved to Forest Hill Cemetery)
DRY GROVE Community Cemetery (1865) S6 T3N R2W
DUNNAVANT, J. B., Family Cemetery (1853) S18 T7N R2W

EASTERLAND, Henry, Family Cemetery (pre-1875) S17 T3N R4W
EASTERLEN, Joel, Family Cemetery (1836) S7 T3N R4W
EDWARDS Town Cemetery (1832) S26 T6N R4W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
ELMWOOD Cemetery (Jackson) (African-American) S33 T6N R1E   (Find-A-Grave Photos)

FARRIS, John, Family Cemetery (1840) S9 T13N R5E
FETCHER, Leonard R., Family Cemetery (1853) S14 T4N R3W
FONTAINE, Reverend Dr. E., Family Cemetery (1884) S13 T7N R1W
FORD, Susannah, Grave (1855) S25 T3N R3W
FOREST HILL Community Cemetery (1848) S22 T5N R1W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
FOREST HILL METHODIST CHURCH Cemetery   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
FRIENDSHIP Cemetery (Edwards) (African-American) S33 T6N R4W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
FUNCHESS/STACKHOUSE/MOODY Family(?) Cemetery (1836) (also known as, Penial Methodist Cemetery) S23 T3N R3W
FUNCHESS, Sci, Grave (African-American) (1909) S12 T4N R4W
FUTCH, Thomas, Family Cemetery (1858) S6 T4N R2W

GALE Family Cemetery
GARDEN MEMORIAL PARK Cemetery (a. 1960) S2 T6N R1W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)  (Find-A-Grave Photos)   (Find-A-Grave Photos) 3 cemeteries listed)
GIBSON, John A., Family Cemetery (1845) S21 T14N R5E
GIBSON PLANTATION Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1861) S21 T4N R5E
GOAD, Peter, Family Cemetery (1835) S34 T8N R3W
GOAT HILL Cemetery (African-American) S15 T6N R4W
GONIA, J. M., Family Cemetery (1853) S16 T3N R3W
GOOD HOPE Church Cemetery (African-American) S19 T7N R3W
GOODE, William, Family Cemetery (1853) S9 T5N R3W
GRANBERRY PLANTATION Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1840) S32 T4N R2W
Stephen F. Granberry Family Cemetery (1811) (also known as Cedar Crest Cemetery) S 32 T4N R2W in the Palestine Community
GREEN, Thomas K., Family Cemetery (1853) S24 T7N R1W
GREEN GABLES Cemetery (African-American) S29 T2N R1W
GREENWOOD City Cemetery (1821) S3 T5N R1E    (Find-A-Grave Photos)   600 photos!  (Greenwood Cemetery Porter Surname)
GRIFFIN, Colonel Thomas M., Family Cemetery (1869) S11 T13N R3E  (Find-A-Grave Photos)

HACKLER Grave (pre-1920) S1 T5N R4W
HALIFAX Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1910) S17 T7N R4W
HALIFAX Village Cemetery (1840) S6 T7N R3W
HAMBURG Settlement Cemetery (1826) S17 T6N R4W
HARRISON Grave (a. 1900) S36 T6N R4W
HART, T.T. CEMETERY (Find-A-Grave  Photos)
HENDERSON, George, Family Cemetery (1843) S8 T14N R5E
HENDERSON, James, Family Cemetery (1869) S34 T5N R1W
HENRY Family Cemetery (pre-1900)    S26 T4N R4W    (Find-A-Grave Map)
HERREN, Richard, Family Cemetery (pre-1900) S35 T14N R5E
HERREN, Stephen , Family Cemetery (1868) S36 T1N R3E
HERREN/ELLIOTT Family Cemetery (1890) S1 T13N R5E
HERRING, Samuel, Family Cemetery (1840) S5 T5N R2W
HILL OF ZION Church Cemetery (African-American) S36 T7N R3W
HINES, Henry W., Family Cemetery (1898) S34 T13N R5E
HOLLIDAY Family Cemetery (pre-1920) S17 T3N R3W
HOOKER Family Cemetery (pre-1900) S25 T5N R4W
HOPEWELL Church Cemetery  (African-American) S34 T6N R3W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
       also known as Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
HUNLEY Family Cemetery (pre-1875) S21 T6N R3W
HUNT, Abijah D. /Thomas R. MILLER Family Cemetery (1857) S13 T14N R5E
HUTCHINS, James, Family Cemetery (1850) S7 T14N R5E (edge of Claiborne County)

INABNET Family Cemetery (pre-1920) S18 T3N R3W
ISRAEL Church Cemetery (African-American) S29 T6N R2W

JACKSON MEMORIAL GARDENS Cemetery (a. 1965) S25 T5N R1W     (Find-A-Grave Photos)
JACKSON Paupers Cemetery (pre-1884) S26 T6N R1E     (Find-A-Grave Photos)
JACOB, James W., Grave (1878) S30 T4N R3W
JOBE, Daniel, Grave (pre-1900) S22 T13N R3E
JOHNSON/BULL Family Cemetery (1854) S29 T6N R1W   (photo of E.VonSuetter's headstone)   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
   also known as Odd Fellows Cemetery

KELLY, Littleton, Family Cemetery (pre-1861) S19 T3N R4W
KIRKPATRICK, J. W., Family Cemetery (1880)
KYLE Family Cemetery (pre-1875)

LACEY PLANTATION Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1861) S13 T6N R3W
LAKE Cemetery (Jackson) (African-American) S17 T6N R1E   (Find-A-Grave Map)
LAKEWOOD MEMORIAL PARK Cemeteries (3) (1927) S21, S22, S27, S28 T6N R1W (Find-A-Grave Photos)
Lakewood South Memorial Park (Find-A-Grave Photos)
LEAKE, Governor Walter, Family Cemetery (1825) S29 T6N R1W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
LEBANON Presbyterian Church Cemetery (1836) S32 T4N R3W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
LEE, James Lee/John KELLEY, Family Cemetery  (1813)  S34 T3N R 4W
LEMON Cemetery aka Anderson-Lemon Cemetery (Find-A-Grave Photos)
LEE, Reverend John G., Family Cemetery (1871) S2 T3N R2W
LEVEL, R. E., Family Cemetery (pre-1900) S4 T7N R3W
LEWIS, Ervin, Family Cemetery (1850) S13 T4N R1W
LINCOLN Cemetery (Jackson) (African-American) (pre-1900) S8 T5N R1E  (Find-A-Grave Photos)
LITTLE MOUNT A. M. E. Church Cemetery (African-American) S15 T3N R3W (Find-A-Grave Photos)
LITTLE ROCK CREEK Church Cemetery (African-American) S5 T3N R3W
LITTLE ZION Church Cemetery  (African-American) S28 T5N R4W  (Find-A-Grave Photos)
LITTLE, Reverend William H., Cemetery (1882) S16 T5N R1W
LOWE, William , Family Cemetery (1857) S2 T5N R4W
LULA Baptist Church Cemetery (1902) S27 T7N R2W    (Find-A-Grave-Photos)
LUSTER, Joseph, Family Cemetery (1883) S16 T13N R3E

MAGEE, Jacob, Family Cemetery (1838) S22 T3N R4W
MARTIN Cemetery (1901) S1 T7B R3W
MCCLELLAN Community Cemetery (1843) S15 T13N R5E   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
MCCRACKEN Family Cemetery (1857) S2 T5N R2W
MCGOWEN Family Cemetery (1906) S13 T4N R1W   (Find-A-Grave Map)
MCILWEE Family Cemetery (pre-1900) S14 T14N R5E   (Find-A-Grave Map)
MCILWEE Family Cemetery (pre-1900) S24 T13N R5E
MCRAVEN ROAD Church Cemetery (African-American) S8 T5N R1W
MEAD, Governor Cowles, Family Cemetery (1834) S19 T6N R1W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
MIMMS, Nathaniel Perkinson, Family Cemetery (1848) S31 T3N R4W
MOBLEY Family Cemetery (1940) S11 T13N R5E   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
MONTGOMERY, William M., Family Cemetery (1859)    S24 T15N R5E   (Find-A-Grave Map)
MOODY Family Cemetery (pre-1900) S26 T3N R4W
MORGAN CROSSROADS Church Cemeteries (2) (African-American) S14 T3N R2W
MORNING STAR M. B. Church Cemetery (African-American) S2 T4N R4W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
MORRISON, Alexander, Family Cemetery  (1816)  S13 T4N R3W
MORRISON, George R., Grave (1916) S30 T5N R3W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
MORRISON, Joseph T., Family Cemetery (1850) S25 T14N R5E
MORRISON PLANTATION Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1840) S13 T4N R4W
MOUNT ARISTA PLANTATION Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1861) S34 T3N R3W
MOUNT CENTER Church Cemetery (African-American) S8 T5N R2W
MOUNT ELIZABETH Church Cemetery (African-American) S25 T6N R3W
MOUNT EVA Church Cemetery (African-American) S3 T4N R1W
MOUNT MORIAH  M. B.  Church Cemetery (African-American) S16 T5N R4W
MOUNT OLIVE Church Cemetery (African-American) S22 T5N R1W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
MOUNT OLIVE Cemetery (Jackson) (African-American) S9 T5N R1E
MOUNT PLEASANT Church Cemetery (African-American) S12 T6N R4W
MOUNT SALEM Church Cemetery  (African-American) S20 T4N R1W  (Find-A-Grave Photos)
MOUNT WADE Church Cemetery (African-American) S20 T3N R2W
MOUNT ZION Church Cemetery (near Bear Creek) (African-American) S33 T3N R3W
MOUNT ZION Church Cemetery (on County Line Road) (African-American) S5 T7N R1W
MURPHY, Vincent/Meredith WATSON, Family Cemetery (1829) S36 T3N R4W

NALLEY Cemetery (African-American) S15 T4N R4W     (Find-A-Grave Map)
NEW HOPE Church Cemetery (African-American) S10 T5N R3W
NEWMAN ROAD Cemetery (African-American) S26 T4N R4W
NEW PAIGE GROVE M. B. Church Cemetery (African-American) S1 T3N R3W
NEW SALEM Church Cemetery (1840) S16 T6N R2W
NEW, Dr. Walter W., Grave (1858) S7 T6N R1W
NEWSOME, William Bryant, Family Cemetery (1900) S30 T3N R4W
NIXON, Reverend Thomas, Family Cemetery (1846) S30 T3N R3W
NIXON PLANTATION Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1861) S30 T3N R3W
NUTT, Rittenhouse, Family Cemetery (1858) S15 T13N R5E    (Find-A-Grave Map)

OAK GROVE M. B. Church Cemeteries (2) (African-American) (pre-1900) S16 T4N R3W   (Find-A-Grave Map)
OLD BROWNSVILLE Settlement Cemetery (1844) S19 T7N R2W
OLD BYRAM Community Cemetery (1879) S13 T4N R1W     (Find-A-Grave Photos)
OLD HINDS COUNTY PAUPERS Cemetery (pre-1963) S4 T4N R3W
OLD PAIGE GROVE M. B. Church Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1900) S35 T4N R3W
ORANGE HILL Church Cemetery  (African-American) S2 T7N R3W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
OWENS, Henry D., Family Cemetery (pre-1861) S24 T7N R3W

PALESTINE Baptist Church Cemetery (1845) S17 T4N R2W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
PEAR ORCHARD ROAD Cemetery (African-American) S5 T6N R2E
PEYTON, John B., Family Cemetery (1845) S20 T5N R2W
PILGRIMS REST Church Cemetery (African-American) S35 T3N R1W
PINE GROVE Church Cemetery (African-American) S25 T5N R2W
PITTMAN, C. G., Family Cemetery (1865) S31 T4N R3W
PLEASANT GREEN Church Cemetery (African-American) S3 T7N R1W
PLEASANT GROVE Church Cemeteries (2) (African-American) S24 T6N R5E
PLEASANT HILL M. B. Church Cemetery (African-American) S16 T6N R3W
POCAHUNTAS Methodist Church Cemetery (1885) S3 T7N R1W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
POPLAR GROVE C. M. E. Church Cemeteries (2) (African-American) S2 T14N R5E   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
PORTER Family Cemetery (pre-1900) S26 T13N R5E
PRICE/LEE/MORRISON Family Cemetery (1871) S10 T3N R4W

RAGAN, John, Family Cemetery (1830) S2 T4N R3W
RATLIFF CHAPEL Church Cemetery (African-American) S13 T6N R4W
RAYMOND Town Cemetery (1832) S29 T5N R2W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
RAYMOND Town Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1850) S29 T5N R2W
REED, Elijah Reed (Reedtown) Family Cemetery (1877) S30 T3N R4W
REEVES CHAPEL Methodist Church Cemetery (1850) S33 T5N R3W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
     also known as Hinds Independent Methodist Church Cemetery
RISER Plantation Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1840) S13 T4N R2W
ROSE HILL Church Cemetery (African-American) S22 T6N R3W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
ROSS/LEE/MALLETT Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1840) S2 T3N R4W
RISER, John Adam, Family Cemetery (1833) S13 T4N R2W
RITCHEY, Benjamin H., Family Cemetery (1893) S21 T13N R5E   (Find-A-Grave Map)
ROBERTS, Isaac Jr., Family Cemetery (1837) S30 T6N R3W   (Find-A-Grave Map)
ROBERTS, James, Family Cemetery (1844) S30 T6N R3W
ROBINSON, General Raymond, Family Cemetery (1828) S30 T6N R 1W (note: gravestones moved to Clinton Town Cemetery)
ROBISON, James V., Family Cemetery (1844) S8 T3N R4W
ROEHELIA Church Cemetery (African-American) S27 T14N R5E

SAINT JAMES Church Cemetery (African-American) S2 T5N R4W
SAINT JOHN M. B. Church Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1900) S18 T3N R3W
SAINT PAUL Church Cemetery (African-American) S26 T7N R2W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
SAINT PETER M. B. Church Cemetery (African-American) (pre-1870) S16 T3N R4W
SALEM Baptist Church Cemetery (1878) S19 T4N R3W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
SALEM Church Cemetery (African-American) S31 T2N R1W
SELMAN/SALMON Family Cemetery (1844) S1 T4N R3W
SAND HILL Church Cemetery  (African-American) S7 T6N R3W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
SANDIDGE, T. H., Family Cemetery (1881) S1 T7N R3W
SEVEN STAR M. B. Church Cemetery (African-American) S15 T13N R5W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
SHARKEY, Patrick, Family Cemetery (pre-1861) S26 T7N R3W
SIMON HILL Church Cemetery (African-American)
SKIPWORTH, Richard Terrell, Family Cemetery (1937) S23 T3N R4W
SLAY Family Cemetery (pre-1850) S1 T7N R3W
SMITH, John, Family Cemetery (pre-1861) S5 T6N R2W
SMITH, Joseph G., Family Cemetery (pre-1861) S29 T6N R2W
SNOW Family Cemetery (pre-1850) S8 T4N R4W
SOCIETY RIDGE M. B. Church Cemetery (African-American) S24 T7N R1W  (Find-A-Grave Photos)
SPRING HILL Church Cemetery (African-American) S27 T4N R2W
SPRING RIDGE Cemetery (African-American) S7 T4N R1W
SPRING RIDGE Methodist Church Cemetery (1846) S17 T4N R1W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
STEELE, James, Family Cemetery (1830) S30 T3N R4W
STOVALL, Ralph, Family Cemetery (1838) S24 T4N R1W
STRAWBRIDGE, John B., Family Cemetery (1861) S22 T3N R4W
STRONG-HILL Family Cemetery (1832) (edge of Copiah County) S24 T12N R5E

TAYLOR Cemetery (1927) S12 T6N R3W
TERRY, William S., Family Cemetery (1834) S6 T2N R1W
TERRY Town Cemetery (1844) S16 T3N R1W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
TERRY Town Cemetery (African-American) S15 T3N R1W
TILGHMAN, Brigadier General Lloyd, Grave (1863) S1 T5N R4W
TINNIN Community Cemetery (1878) S24 T7N R2W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
TOUGALOO GARDENS MEMORIAL PARK Cemetery (African-American) (new in 1980) S15 T3N R1W
TOUGALOO Southern Christian College Cemetery (African-American) (1872) S36 T7N R1E
TREADWELL, Wesley, Grave (pre-1900) S22 T4N R4W
TUMEY Family Cemetery (1888) S6 T3N R4W

UTICA Town Cemetery (1818) S16 T3N R4W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)

VINING Family Cemetery (pre-1850) S35 T5N R4W

WARM SPRINGS Church Cemetery  (African-American) S5 T2N R1W
WATER VALLEY M. B. Church Cemetery (African-American) (new since 1988) S14 T3N R4W
WEEKS/BERRYHILL Family Cemetery  (1858) S2 T2N R4W   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
WELCOME M. B. Church Cemetery (African-American) S23 T4N R2W
WELLS GROVE Church Cemetery (African-American) S11 T6N R2W
WELLS, Stephen Sr., Family Cemetery (1833) S35 T7N R2W
WHITE OAK Community (Baptist) Cemetery (1828) (Copiah County) S7 T2N R4W (Find-A-Grave Photos)
WHITFIELD, Reverend Benjamin, Family Cemetery (1828) S24 T7N R1W
WILLIAMS, Ira E., Family Cemetery (1852) S1 T6N R2W
WILLIAMS, John, Family Cemetery (1871) S6 T3N R2W
WILLIAMS, John /John R. STURDIVANT Family Cemetery (1854) S33 T7N R2W
WILLOW PARK Cemetery (Jackson) (African-American) S3 T5N R1E   (Find-A-Grave Photos)
WILSON Cemetery (African-American) S12 T6N R1W    (Find-A-Grave Photos)
WISE, John, Family Cemetery   aka Wise Fatharee Cemetery  (1840) S17 T3N R4W
WOOLBRIDGE Family Cemetery (pre-1875) S15 T6N R2W
WYCHE, James E., Family Cemetery (1873) S10 T7N R3W
WYCHE Family Cemetery (pre-1861) S19 T3N R4W

YATES, Daniel, Family Cemetery (1829) S28 T3N R 4W
YATES, Ignatius, Family Cemetery (1842) S29 T4N R4W

ZACHARIAH, Ratliff Family Cemetery
ZION Church Cemetery  (African-American) (1970) S16 T6N R3W
ZION CHAPEL Church Cemetery (African-American) S14 T6N R3W
ZION TRAVELER Church Cemetery (African-American) S18 T4N R4W

Some Other Cemeteries
(Not listed above)
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Asylum Cemetery with Photos

Cowles Mead Cemetery

Faith Baptist Church Cemetery

Hope Spring Cemetery

Liberty Cemetery (Find-A-Grave  Photos)

McElwee Cemetery
The McElwee Cemetery is destroyed, located just off South Ross Road southwest of Utica.
It is known as one of the Mimms/MeIlwee cemeteries (Note from Mary Collins Landin)

Turner Cemetery  (Find-A-Grave Map)

Hope Spring Cemetery

Underhill Cemetery   (Find-A-Grave Photos)

Fortner/Porter Cemetery

Confederate Cemetery

Mississippi Cemetery Code
A private question was asked about access and maintenance of old cemeteries in Mississippi, and I answered the person, but thought it would also be of  benefit to people who have ancestors buried in old private, village, and church cemeteries no longer maintained, anywhere they are located in Mississippi.

There are laws in Mississippi Code that do not allow "landowners" to descecrate a family cemetery, which is often excepted from a deed when land was  sold "way back when" anyway, and the same laws require Boards of Supervisors to maintain abandoned private or public cemeteries if they are old and/or "historic".  The laws are MS Code 47-5-441 and MS Code 39-5-19.  There  are others that may also apply.  You can find these under "Mississippi  Code" on the Mississippi Supreme Court home page on line and print them out  (once there, type in
such key words as "cemetery", "restoration", and  "historic").

The current owner cannot keep you as a descendant from accessing the cemetery, and you may be able to get a deed from him for some small price, since  he cannot do anything with the cemetery without violating state law and county ordinances.   A trip to the county courthouse and looking at the old  historic deeds on the property may reveal that the cemetery was actually  excepted from the deed when it was sold by the family, which means that new  landowner does not now nor ever has owned the cemetery.   Hinds County  has a number of abandoned family, church, and village cemeteries, as does every  county in this state, and all are subject to being maintained by the counties in  which they are located.  In reality, this seldom happens unless formal  letters specifying the correct information are mailed to the county Board of  Supervisors, and/or to the Mississippi Dept of Archives and History.  Then,  these letters of request need following up on to be sure that action is taken.  Most of the time, also specified by law, county inmates do the  cleaning and maintenance work. In Jasper County, MS, the Jasper Greys  Civil War organization is doing more family and church historic cemetery  maintenance than their Board of
Supervisors is.
Mary Collins Landin

The Recording of a Cemetery
Today we walked where others walked
On a lonely, windswept hill;
Today we talked where other cried
For Loved Ones whose lives are stilled.

Today our hearts were touched
By graves of tiny babies;
Snatched from the arms of loving kin,
In the heartbreak of the ages.

Today we saw where the grandparents lay
In the last sleep of their time;
Lying under the trees and clouds -
Their beds kissed by the sun and wind.

Today we wondered about an unmarked spot;
Who lies beneath this hollowed ground?
Was it a babe, child, young or old?
No indication could be found.

Today we saw where Mom and Dad lay.
We had been here once before
On a day we'd all like to forget,
But will remember forever more.

Today we recorded for kith and kin
The graves of ancestors past;
To be preserved for generations hence,
A record we hope will last.

Cherish it, my friend; preserve it, my friend,
For stones sometimes crumble to dust
And generations of folks yet to come
Will be grateful for your trust.

Grave Symbols

Anchor/Ships -- Hope or Seafaring profession
Angel, Flying- Rebirth; Resurrection.
Angel, Trumpeting- Resurrection.
Angel, Weeping- Grief and Mourning.
Arch - Victory in death.
Arrow- Mortality.
Bird- Eternal life.
Bird, Flying- Resurrection.
Book-Representation of a holy book: i.e. the Bible.
A pair of Holy Books on Mormom (LDS) headstones indicates the Bibleand Book of Mormon
Three Holy Books on Mormom headstones indicates the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine & Covenants -- all of which are scripture to the LDS Church.
Breasts (Gourds, Pomegranates) - Nourishment of the soul; the church.
Bouquets/Flowers -- Condolences, grief, sorrow
Broken Column -- Loss of Head of Family
Broken Ring -- Family Circle Severed
Buds/Rosebud -- Morning of Life or Renewal of Life
Bugles -- Resurrection and the Military
Butterfly -- Short-lived - Early Death
Candle being Snuffed -- Time, mortality
Cherub -- Angelic
Coffin, Father Time, Picks/Shovels, Darts -- Mortality
Columns and Doors- Heavenly entrance.
Corn -- Ripe Old Age
Cross -- Emblem of Faith
Crossed Swords -- High-ranking military person
Crown- Glory of life after death.
Cup or Chalice- The Sacraments.
Dove- Purity; Devotion.
Dove, Flying- Resurrection.
Drapes- Mourning; Mortality.
Flame or Light- Life; Resurrection.
Flower- Fragility of life.
Flower, Severed Stem- Shortened life.
Flying Birds -- Flight of the Soul
Fruits -- Eternal plenty
Full-Blown Rose -- Prime of Life
Garland or Wreath- Victory in death.
Grim Reaper- Death personified.
Hand, Pointing Up- Pathway to heaven; Heavenly reward.
Hands, Clapsed- The goodbyes said at death.
Hand of God Chopping -- Sudden Death
Handshakes -- Farewell
Harp -- Praise to the Maker
Heart- Love; Love of God; Abode of the soul; Mortality.
Horns -- The Resurrection
Hourglass- Passing of time.
Hourglass, Flying- Time flies.
Imps -- Mortality
Ivy -- Friendship and Immortality
Lamb- Innocence.
Laurel ---Fame or Victory
Lily or Lily of Valley -- Emblem of Innocence and Purity
Lion- Courage; The Lion of Judah.
Morning Glory -- Beginning of Life
Oak Leaves and Acorn -- Maturity, Ripe Old Age
Open Book/ Bible -- Deceased Teacher, Minister, etc.
Pall- Mortality.
Palm Branch -- Signifies Victory and Rejoicing
Pick- Death; Mortality.
Poppy -- Sleep
Portals -- Passageway to eternal journey
Rod or Staff- Comfort for the bereaved.
Rooster- Awakening; Resurrection.
Roses -- Brevity of earthly existence
Scythe- Death; The divine harvest.
Seashell- Resurrection; Life everlasting; Life's pilgrimage.
Sheaf of Wheat -- Ripe for Harvest, Divine Harvest, Time
Skull- Mortality.
Skull/ Crossed Bones- Death.
Skeleton- Life's brevity.
Snake (Tail in Mouth)- Everlasting life in heaven.
Spade- Mortality; Death.
Stars and Stripes Around Eagle -- Eternal Vigilance, Liberty
Sun Rising- Renewed life.
Sun Shining-Life everlasting.
Sun Setting- Death.
Thistle- Scottish descent.
Thistles -- Remembrance
Tombs -- Mortality
Torch Inverted -- Life Extinct
Tree- Life.
Tree Sprouting- Life everlasting.
Severed Branch- Mortality.
Tree Stump- Life interrupted.
Tree Stump w/Ivy -- Head of Family - Immortality
Tree Trunk- Brevity of life.
Tree Trunk Leaning- Short interrupted life.
Trumpeters -- Heralds of the Resurrection
Urn- Immortality (ancient Egyptian belief that life would be restored in the future through the vital organs placed in the urn).
Urn with /Wreath or Crepe -- Mourning
Urn with Blaze -- Undying Friendship
Weeping Willow Tree- Mourning; Grief; Nature's lament.
Willows -- Earthly Sorrow
Winged Face- Effigy of the deceased soul; the soul in flight.
Winged Skull- Flight of the soul from mortal man.
Wreath- Victory.
Wreath on Skull- Victory of death over life.
Wheat Strands or Sheaves- The divine harvest

The Art of Grave Dowsing
by Wendell Culberson
(Posted with permission from Wendell Culberson)
It has been over 25 years since I first discovered this old cemetery in Shelby County, Illinois. I remembered the exciting story that my grandmother told of her hike back to the cemetery. It's backwoods location and association with the early pioneer days of the area going back over 150 years, held a special fascination for me. This would be my first experience using the dowsing method of locating unmarked graves. I had been invited to go with a cousin and a lady from a local genealogical and historically society. She was experienced at grave dowsing and gave me many pointers. Also with us was a man and his son who took us in his truck back to the cemetery. Only 8 graves had markers standing. Our purpose was to determine if there were unmarked graves. We believed besides my great, great grandfather's marked grave, his first and second wife as well as his parents were buried in that cemetery. The burials go back to the 1840's. I had prepared my own divining rods from some scrap heavy copper wire. I cut the wires about 20 inches long and the end 6 inches or so bent in a "L" shape to form handles. It is best to use the wires when there is little wind to effect the movement. I wasn't too sure that this would work but it would be worth a try. We started using the wires around my forefather's marked grave. Since several of us were using the divining rods, we were able to verify each other's findings. Taking hold of the handles of the wires and holding them apart in front of me, I walked only a few steps and noted the wires slowly crossing. At that point there was a grave. It was amazing! As I held the wires loosely in my hands, the wires crossed before my very eyes. It is something that we don't understand according to those who do dowsing for graves. Some have offered that it has something to do with the magnetic poles of the earth. The Art of Dowsing for Graves (search the Internet) has been around for centuries. By holding one wire out in front of me over the grave, the wire would slowly turn to the left (a female) and to the right (a male). On either side of my forefather we found a female and thus concluded his first and second wife. Next in the row we located 2 more graves, female and male, and thus concluded the old parents who died in the 1840's. None of these graves had markers but we now were sure they are buried there. There is also a way to determine how deep the grave is. I stood over the grave and held out one wire. I counted the number of times I stomped on the ground. When the wire turned, the number of stomps indicated how deep the person was buried. We found most of the graves were 6 feet deep. The graves not as deep may have been babies or children. Deeper depths would likely indicate a spring of water as the cemetery was on a high bluff over a stream. Through dowsing for graves we located at least 72 unmarked burials in an area 70 x 100 feet. We were all astonished! The graves were laid out in neat rows which were always in line with existing markers. Several graves were under large trees which had grown there in the 150 years since the burial. It is possible that the family planted the trees over the grave to mark it. We found many small sandstones used as markers with no lettering on them. By probing under the ground we found more grave markers with names on them. The accumulation of the years in the woods had covered these fallen markers. We hope to find many of these covered stones, clean them off, and erect them again. We are seeking help from local government bodies to make an access road, erect a fence and have the cemetery maintained. In Illinois there is a Cemetery Act whereby abandoned cemeteries are protected. The township officials have already shown much interest in what we are wanting to do. Our grave dowsing guide made a map of the cemetery on a sheet of grid paper. She showed where each grave was found and indicated female or male. To mark the graves in the cemetery we used lath sticks (lots of them) driven into the ground. We tied ribbons on the sticks to indicate female or male. We hope to put some kind of permanent marker at each grave. It was a most successful and enjoyable adventure in an old family cemetery.

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