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Carraway Family Cemetery
Recorded by Julia Williams Carraway in September of 1977
Contributed by Barbara Schroeder March 27, 2006
Note from Barbara:  I do not know the Herod- Carraway connection.
New Photos contributed by Barbara Schroeder May 1, 2007

Bankston, Sara Ann Chapman born Jan. 13, 1819, wife of Henry Gaines Bankston, married Dec. 22, 1840, died Jan. 1857.

Carraway, James , born 1791 in North Carolina and died Dec 16, 1854.

Carraway, Luke Ward, born June 5 1819, died April 10, 1894

Carraway, Margaret Ann Chapman,  Born May 7, 1821 in LA. died Nov. 27, 1883.

Carraway, Mary Kornegay,  born in NC 1796, died Feb.13, 1881.

Carraway, Henry, son of James and Mary, born 1816 and died Sep.20, 1889.

Carraway, Mary Elizabeth Dillon, wife of Henry, born 1839 and died June 10, 1900.

Carraway, Sarah E.,  born Jan. 25, 1848, died Jan. 6, 1862, daughter of Luke Ward and Margaret Ann Chapman

Chapman, John, born April 15, 1788, died April 16, 1848

Chapman, John Jr. born July 17, 1827, died Oct.10, 1871

Chapman, Rhoda M. 1839-1873

Chapman, Sara, wife of John, born April 10, 1794, died May 12, 1856

Herod, Luke Carraway, twin son born Dec 3, 1863, died Oct.4,1864

Herod, Maggie, twin daughter born Dec 3,1863, died oct.8,1864

Family cemetery hill
Carraway-Chapman cemetery
James Carraway
Built the Carraway farm in 1844 that still stands today.
Luke Ward Carraway    "Grandpa's namesake"
Son of James and Mary Kornegay
Margaret Ann Chapman
Wife of L.W. Carraway , daughter of John Chapman and Sarah Spurlin. 
Mary Elizabeth Dillon Carraway
Wife of Henry
Sarah E. Carraway
Daughter of Luke Ward and Margaret Ann Chapman
John Chapman 

Sarah Chapman
Wife of John
                 Twin daughter                Twin son

Photos of hurricane Katrina's damage to Cemetery


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