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 Recorded and contributed by Mary Collins Landin  7-06-05

Located:  Off Amsterdam Road, an untraveled private gravel road in extreme northwestern Hinds County, leading to the Big Black River (S6T7NR3W). Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 6 May 1979
First Grave:  1840

Remarks:  The old village of Amsterdam was flourishing prior to the Civil War, and is one of the oldest settlements in Hinds County.  The cemetery, which is about 300 yards off the gravel road in thick overgrown  woods and vines, is probably older than 1840, since the village was founded in 1828.  There are only a few bricks and flowers to show where the old settlement was.  Most of the grave markers were vaults, and there are at least 27 visible unmarked graves.  A major cholera epidemic in 1832 filled the cemetery with unmarked graves, and practically wiped out the village.

Andrews, Fredonia, wf of J. N. b. 15 Jun 1819 d. 15 Apr 1852
Andrews, Infant Son of J. N. and F. b. & d. 10 May 1840
Andrews, Jesse N. b. 11 May 1818 d. 14 Dec 1852
Bush, James b. 5 Dec 1795 d. 5 Jan 1849
Bush, Martha L., wf of Abner R. b. 23 Oct 1832 d. 1 Aug 1863
Bush, Rebecca, wf of James b. 3 Jul 1791 d. 3 Apr 1843
Germany, Billington b. 29 Jun 1806 d. 4 Aug 1880
Gold, Sally Ann, wf of James J.  b. 15 Apr 1820 d. 7 Jul 1845
Gold, James J.
Howell, W. D. b. 28 Jul 1855 d. 7 Oct 1887
M., W. E.  (headstone missing; initials on footstone)

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