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Fortner/Porter Cemetery
Contributed by David McBride
January 9. 2005

It's off of Raymond Rd., about 3 or 4 streets west of Siwell Rd. It's in
 the middle of a field at the end of a cul-desac NORTH of Raymond Rd.[you'd turn
 right anyway going toward Raymond, Ms.]

 This is a partial list, only 11 names given to me, I was told there were 13 buried there.
1 grave had been vandalized! My GGG Grandmother is not on this list, could be buried there?
The elsest living Lawson son was alive living in Rankin Co., Ms. at time of her death, he could quite
possibly have taken her body to his area and buried her there?

 William Porter Sr.
B. 1779  -  D. Sept. 09, 1834
Age 55 yrs.

B.1744[SC]  -  D. Feb. 06, 1831
age 87

 William Porter Jr.
B.1809[MS]  -  D.Oct. 18, 1860
Age 51
 son of William Porter Sr. & Sarah Porter[1st wife of William Sr.]

 P. Palmore Porter
D. Oct. 24, 1833
13yrs 7 months old.
 son of William Sr. & Sarah Porter.

 Powhatten E. Porter
D. Nov. 13, 1833
1yr 9 months old.
 son of William Sr. & Gracy Lawson Porter[2nd wife of William Sr.]

 Arthur Fortner
B. 1802[SC]  -  D. Jan. 26, 1835
age 33yrs 6 months.
[1st husband of Martha Fortner Porter]

 Children of Arthur & Martha Fortner

 Laura Fortner
D. Oct. 14, 1833
Age 2yrs 9 months.

 Wesley Fortner
D. Feb. 18, 1834

 Benjamin F. Fortner
D. Aug. 1834 age 3months.

 Lucinda Chrisler
D. Oct. 09, 1855
daughter of Blanton & Julian Ann Retty Porter Chrisler.
[Julian Ann Retty is listed in William Sr's. will presumed to be his daughter by 1st wife Sarah?]

 The E in Powhatten Porter's name could quite possibly be for Edward? Edward Turner Porter was the 1st son of William Sr. & Gracy, born in Franklin Co., Ms. after 1826 [exact dates packed up] William & Gracy alson had a daughter born in Franklin Co., Ms.[packed up as well]

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