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 Recorded and contributed by Mary Collins Landin  07-05-05


Located:  On Parsons Road in Hinds County, MS, between Dry Grove and Palestine (S29T4NR2W).
Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 13 May 1971
First Grave:  1833

Remarks:  This old family cemetery is in extremely poor condition.  It is in a pasture about 300 yards from the road, and across the road from a high hill where the old Catchings Plantation home stood.   The recorder is the great great great granddaughter of J. L. and L. T. Catchings, who moved to Mississippi from Wilkes County, GA in 1809. There is a large black cemetery connected to the Catchings Cemetery and was begun as a slave cemetery.  I found pieces of vaults and gravestones being used as doorsteps and as fence at tenant houses on the old plantation, retrieved all I could, and replaced them in the cemetery.  There are six unmarked graves in the main family plot, and they may belong to the son of J. L. and L. T., Augustus Catchings,  who lived at Siwell until near the 20th Century, and his immediate family.  Augustus Catchings’ antebellum house stood at Siwell from 1843 until the 1990s, when it was burned by arsonists.  The Augustus Catchings Plantation at Siwell was purchased by developers who built Willowood subdivision, with hundreds of one-family dwellings and apartments on it.   In 2005, the farm where the Jonanthan Catchings Cemetery is located has been planted in CRP pine trees, and the cemetery is completely surrounded by pines and no longer visible from any road.

Albritton, Eliza Catchings, wf of William, daughter of J. L. and L. T. Catchings b. 3 Sep 1806 d. 17 Jul 1834

Catchings, Jonathan C.,son of J. L and M. F. G. b. 1836 d. 9 Mar 1854

Catchings, Jonathan Lorraine, son of Major Benjamin and Mildred Criddle Catchings of Washington, GA (War1812) b. 9 Feb 1786 Wilkes County, GA d. Hinds County, MS 21 May 1855

Catchings, Lawrany Thompson, consort of Jonathan, daughter of Isham and Elizabeth Williams Thompson of Georgia b. 15 Jan 1783 d. 11 Mar 1833

Catchings, Martha Fairchild Gallman, wf of J. L. (widow of Mr. Gallman) b. SC 12 Jan 1794 d. 18 Mar 1852

Catchings, Martha E., daughter of J. L. and M. F. G. b. 1839 d. can't read (died as a small child)

Collins, Catherine Adelia, daughter of John Hampton Sr. and Catherine Ann Catchings Collins b.1840 d. 13 Aug 1841

Collins, Rebecca Olivia, daughter of J. H. and C. A. C. b. 1838 d. 6 Oct 1841

Gallman, Harriet Rea b. 1 Jul 1830 d. can't read date

Gallman, ____ D., daughter of ____ and E. A.  b. Sep 1856 d. Aug 1857

Gallman, _____, daughter of ___ and E. A.   (can't read dates)

Granberry, Mary Louisa Gallman, wf of Stephen F. Granberry, daughter of Martha Fairchild Gallman b. 17 Jul 1827 d. 25 Sep 1849

Granberry, Orivitha Jane, daughter of S. F. and M. L. G. b. 6 Feb 1848 d. 11 Jul 1852

Patterson, Elizabeth A. Gallman, wf of John W., daughter of Martha F. Gallman b. 12 Jul 1818 d. 15 Oct 1851

Patterson, John, infant son of E. A. G. and J. W. b. & d. 15 Oct 1851

Patterson, John W.  (can't read dates; gravestone broken) (the 3 Patterson graves are inside a wrought iron fence)


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