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aka Wise Fatharee Cemetery
 Recorded and contributed by Mary Collins Landin  7-06-05

Located:  On Main Street in west Utica, MS, beside what was the John Wise homestead (S17T3NR4W).
Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 30 Aug 1978
First Grave:  1840

Remarks:  This old family cemetery was totally unkept and overgrown when it was recorded the first time.  Since homes have been built on each side of it, it is now slightly cleaner but still unkept in 2005, and some additional gravestones were found that are listed here as well, in a second recording.  This is the cemetery of John Wise from Virginia, and his wife Judith Lacy, daughter of Noah and Eliza Mary Wilson Lacy of Virginia and later of Oglethorpe County, GA.  The recorder is the great great great great granddaughter of Noah and Mary Lacy.  John and Judith Lacy Wise were charter members of the Bethel (Utica) Baptist Church in 1829, and were the founders of what is known as the Wise Community on Fisher Ferry Duke) Road between Utica and the Claiborne County lines.  They were the parents of six children.

Barlow, Annie Henrietta Wise, wf of W. W.
Barlow, Bertha, daughter of R. M. and M. E.  (can't read dates)
Barlow, Julia Olivia, daughter of R. M. and M. E. b. 30 Jun 1893 d. 20 Oct 1894
Barlow, Maggie Emma, daughter of R. M. and M. E. b. 30 Sep 1877 d. 8 Nov 1882
Barlow, William Walter b. 15 Oct 1858 d. 9 Dec 1901

Carroll, Ida F., wf of J. J. b. 7 Dec 1864 d. 26 May 1904

Fatharee, Margaret Lavinia Wise, wf of William W., daughter of Horatio and Matilda Mullins Wise b.  16 Nov 1828 d. 9 Feb 1908
Fatharee, William Douglas, son of M. L. W. and W. W. b. 28 Aug 1852 d. 5 Aug 1914
Fatharee, William W.

Martin, Laura Jane Boyd Thornton, wf of C. C. Thornton and Nathan Green Martin b. 27 Jul 1848 d. 25 Dec 1924

Porter, Lucy Sophoronia, daughter of J. W. and S. S. b. 8 Oct 1871 d. 13 Aug 1876
Porter, Mary F., wf of J. W. b. 16 May 1841 d. 14 Feb 1867
Porter, Nannie, daughter of J.W.and M. F. b. 21 Sep 1866 d. 9 Nov 1866

Scott, Alice Elizabeth b. 20 Jan 1885 d. 21 Jan 1891

Thornton, Carlton C. b. 17 Sep 1805 d. 27 Apr 1873
Thornton, Eugene H., son of C. C. and L. J. B. b. 31 Jul & d. 6 Aug 1870

Wise, Abijah B., son of John and Judith b. Oglethorpe County, GA 1807 d. Utica, MS 1840
Wise, Jane, daughter of Joseph Lacy and Lucy Eliza Hall b. 20 Aug 1836 d. 9 Aug 1837
Wise, John, son of James and Rebecca Massie Wise b. NC 1778 d. 13 Jan 1840
Wise, Joseph, son of J. L. and L. E. H. b. 15 May 1847 d. 19 Sep 1848
Wise, Judith Lacy, wf of John, daughter of Noah and Mary Wilson Lacy b. Chesterfield County, VA 13 May 1775 d. 12 Jul 1867
Wise, Rutha, wf of Abijah, daughter of John Patterson Wise and Mary Lacy Wise b. GA 1810 m. 11 Oct 1826 d. 5 Sep 1877

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