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 Recorded and contributed by Mary Collins Landin  7-06-05

Located:  Off Fisher Ferry road on Ben Ritchey Road, about 100 yards from the Claiborne County line, in Hinds County, MS (S9T13NR5E).   Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 1 Oct 1978
First Grave:  1840

Remarks:  There are many more unmarked graves than marked ones in this old cemetery.  Many stones are missing or were never erected, and at least 49 were visible but unmarked.  Most were around Booth, Caston, White, Dowe, and Farris grave plots, and many could have been yellow fever victims in the community from the terrible plague of 1878. Some people call this old cemetery the Caston Cemetery, but there are only two Caston gravestones.  The cemetery is located on the Sam White farm.

Anderson, Ellie C., son of J. C. and E. A. b. 11 Oct 1870 d. 21 Aug 1878
Booth, T. H.  (no dates given)
Brent, Athea C.  (can't read dates)
Brent, Robert C. b. 26 Jan 1861 d. 28 Dec 1908
Caston, Robert H. b. 8 Aug 1868 d. 24 Jan 1881
Caston, Savannah Letita, wf of Samuel C. b. 6 Apr 1838 d. 7 Jun 1870
Dowe, Alice Hollis b. 14 Nov 1905 d. 6 Sep 1974
Dowe, Ollit Earl  b. 21 Jan 1930 d. 15 Nov 1933
Dowe, William Clifton b. 6 Aug 1910 d. 24 Feb 1971
Farris, Eliza ____ (no dates or maiden name) NOTE: Eliza married first Benjamin Pulaski on 23 Sep 1827 and had seven sons; married second Charles M. Hart on 12 Nov 1840, who drowned in the Mississippi River while carrying cotton to a  New Orleans market, and had one son Thomas T. Hart; married third John Farris on 5 Feb 1848, widower of Maria Hynum)
Farris, Buddy, son of C. L. and J. E. b. 10 Nov 1856 d. 20 Sep 1857
Farris, Charles H., son of C. L. and J. E. b. 5 Mar 1862 d. 23 Feb 1863
Farris, Charles Lewis, son of John and Maria b. 23 Sep 1833 d. 12 Sep 1919
Farris, Ernest Lee, son of C. L .and  J. E. b. 25 Jul 1864 d. 16 Aug 1875
Farris, Eugene B., son of C. L. and  J. E.  b. 28 Jun 1860 d. 22 Sep 1866
Farris, Infant Daughter of C. L. and J. E. b. 19 Jan 1876 d. 9 Feb 1876
Farris, Jane Emily Hunt Miller, wf of C. L. Farris and Thomas R. Miller, daughter of Abijah D. and Emily Cook Hunt b. 11 Dec 1833 d. 4 Nov 1908
Farris, John, consort of Maria Hynum b. 1803 d. 4 Nov 1908 (married second Eliza____)
Farris, Margaret, daughter of C. L. and J. E. b. & d. 1869
Farris, Maria Hynum, consort of John b. 1815 d. 26 Jul 1841
Farris, Mary Jane, daughter of John and Maria b. 7 Jan 1838 d. 16 Jul 1840
Farris, Toby, son of C. L. and J. E. b. 24 Sep 1873 d. 22 Jul 1875
Ford, Rev. Middleton  (no dates given; Methodist minister from Giles, TN)
Ford, Sarah V. Strong, wf of Al (he married second her sister Lucy and they moved to Oak Grove, LA)   (no dates given)
Ford, _____ (two children of Rev. M. Ford)
Hunt, D. L. b. 14 Jan 1845 d. 12 Apr 1917
Hunt, Fannie Fulgham, wf of D. L. b. 1858 d. 13 Feb 1904
Hunt, John F., son of D. L. and F. F.  b. 5 May 1899 d. 17 Oct 1900
Hunt, Pattie White b. 30 Aug 1869 d. 28 Oct 1959
Ivy, Rebecca
Mathews, Frank Myers (WWI) b. 3 Aug 1900 d. 31 May 1967
Mathews, Infant Daughter of J. D. and P. A.  (no dates given)
Mathews, Infant Son of L. D. and P. A. (no dates given)
Mathews, John D. Sr. (Papa) b. 11 Apr 1857 d. 29 Jun 1929
Mathews, Lillie Dale b. 31 Aug 1870 d. 28 Apr 1955
Mathews, Mary L. b. 28 Jun 1879 d. 8 Sep 1885
Mathews, Phoebe A., wf of J. D. Sr. b. 27 Jul 1858 d. 18 Mar 1905
Mathews, Ralston Dyche, twin son of W. M. and M. B. b. 17 Dec 1904 d. 5 Jun 1905
Mathews, Russell Burnet, twin son of W. M. and M. B. b. 17 Dec 1904 d. 7 Jun 1905
Mathews, Andrew C., husband of Frances Williams b. 1909 d. 23 Dec 1985
Mathews, Joseph Parker b. 1916 d. 9 Feb 1987
Puckett, Lena
Snodgrass, Newyless E. (WWI) b. not given d. 14 Feb 1927
Stubbs, L. L. b. 3 Dec 1849 d. Dec 1880
White, Adeline Leggett, wf of Oscar F. b. 23 Dec 1832 d. 5 Dec 1910
White, Carrie Herren, wf of S. M. b. 27 Jul 1870 d. 30 Nov 1956
White, Charlie B. b. 25 Mar 1897 d. 1 Mar 1954
White, Orren F. b. 9 Dec 1830 d. 6 Jul 1916
White, Orren F. II, son of Samuel and Carrie b.4 Sep 1896 d. 6 Mar 1900
White, Oscar F. b. 29 Dec 1826 d. 3 Dec 1911
White, Samuel McClellan, son of Orren b. 16 Apr 1864 d. 16 Mar 1945
White, Samuel Melvin Jr. b. 2 Jan 1901 d. 8 Apr 1964
Williams, Florence Farris, wf of  John  Bell Williams, daughter of  C. L. and J. E. Farris  1858-1905
Williams, John Bell  1860-1905 (grandparents of Governor of Mississippi  John Bell Williams)
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