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 Contributed by Mary Collins Landin 7-4-05

Located:  Behind the President's Home at Mississippi College, north of US Highway 80, in Clinton, MS, on a high hill (S30T6NR1W). Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 13 Aug 1980
First Grave:  1828

Remarks:  This old cemetery was nearly destroyed by the presence of a gravel pit which caused erosion around the graves. It was barely maintained for years by Boy Scouts in Clinton, then when Worldcom was built in Clinton, the Robinson Cemetery was dug up and moved to the Clinton Town Cemetery.  It is the cemetery of the Caldwell and Robinson families, and the cemetery was on the property of the Judge Isaac Caldwell home near the Spring Hill Hotel and just east of the Leake home at Mount Salus.  Raymond Robinson owned extensive property in Claiborne and Hinds Counties, and he donated the land in the center of Hinds County for the site of the county seat of Raymond, MS, which was named for him.  Judge Caldwell was his son-in-law. Raymond Robinson was a Revolutionary War veteran, and the land in Hinds County was given to him as a veteran's pension.  After the death of Elizabeth Kearney, her oldest daughter sold the property and moved with her new husband David Pattison and her younger siblings to Claiborne County, to what became known as Pattison, MS in later years.  David Pattison was a major general in the Civil War.  The descendants of this family still live in Claiborne County.

Caldwell, Judge Isaac  b. SC (no date given) d. killed Jan 1836 by Samuel Guin in a duel at Raymond, MS
Kearney, Elizabeth Robinson Caldwell, widow of Isaac Caldwell and wf of Thomas Kearney of New York, daughter of Raymond and Anna Hicks Robinson b. SC (no date given) d. killed Jul 1842 (mother of  5 children) (she was shot to death, at the time no one was sure whether it was self-inflicted or whether she was killed by her second husband, who was the only other person around at the time)
Robinson, General Raymond b. (about 1750; no date given)  d. 1835 at Mount Salus, MS
Robinson, Anna Hicks, wf of Raymond   (no dates given; died about 1828) (mother of Elizabeth and Lucy)

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