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 Recorded and contributed by Mary Collins Landin  7-06-05

Located:  On a hill about ten miles south of Jackson, MS, on US Highway 51, at least 100 yards from the road, and no longer visible from that point.  The cemetery is totally abandoned, and will probably disappear from urban encroachment (S24T4NR1W).    Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 25 Jun 1983
First Grave:  1838

Remarks:  This old cemetery is totally abandoned and will probably disappear from urban encroachment.  According to family records, the widow of a Revolutionary War soldier, Josiah Stovall, and his children and grandchildren, are buried here.  Josiah died in Georgia in 1798, leaving his wife and 17 children who moved to Hinds County, MS.  The cemetery is located in what used to be the yard of one of his sons, Ralph Stovall.

Harvey, Rebecca, wf of T. C., daughter of Ralph and Martha b. GA 16 Oct 1804 d. 12 Jul 1854

Jones, Elizabeth, daughter of Ralph and Martha b. GA 18 Jul 1798 d. 8 Oct 1838

Rembert, Amelia J., daughter of R. J. and M. E. b. 27 Jan 1847 d. 3 Aug 1853

Statham, Mary Lucy, daughter of J. B. and M. A. b. 16 Feb 1851 d. 2 Oct 1865

Stovall, Mary Hicks, wf of Josiah b. VA 20 Nov 1751 d. 12 Dec 1845

Stovall, Ralph, son of Josiah and Mary H. (War1812) b. VA 1776 d. 13 Mar 1841

Stovall, Dr. Walter Ralph b. 1829 d. 11 Feb 1852

Stovall, Martha, wf of Ralph  (no dates given)

Stovall, Samuel Lafayette, son of Ralph and Martha  (no dates given)

Smylie, Emma, daughter of James E. b. 4 Sep 1855 d. 15 Aug 1857

Thompson, Thomas Jefferson, son of Jesse and Nancy b. 10 Dec 1845 d. 9 Sep 1850

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