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Leake Family Cemetery
Located:  On a high hill at the intersection of US Highway 80 and Spring Ridge Road in Clinton, MS (S29T6NR1W).
Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 5 May 1979
First Grave:  1825
Remarks:  Walter Leake was a Revolutionary War soldier; was a member of the Virginia Legislature  in 1805; was appointed Chief Judge of the Mississippi Territory by President Thomas Jefferson in 1806;  elected first US Senator from Mississippi in 1817; and was the third governor of Mississippi in 1821-1825.  He built Mount Salus, which gave the town of Clinton its first name.

Photo byi Natalie Maynor

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Johnston, Carter J.   b. Jul. 12, 1863   d. Jan. 10, 1919

Johnston, Henry Goodloe   b. Aug. 30, 1782   d. Apr. 18, 1871

Johnston, Maria Red Carter   b. Jan. 30, 1825   d. Feb. 13, 1878

Johnston, Susan Wingfield Leake   b. Feb. 6, 1788   d. Jun. 13, 1861

Johnston, Washington Lafayette   b. Jan. 27, 1824   d. Mar. 14, 1889

Leake, Elizabeth Wingfield, wf of Walter  b. Virginia (no dates given)

Leake, Governor Walter, son of Captain Mask and Patience Morris Leake
b. Albemarle County, VA 20 May 1762   d.  Mount Salus, MS 6 Nov 1825

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