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Contributed by Mary Collins Landin july 6, 2005


Located:  At the intersection of Cook Road and Mississippi Highway 27, across the road from Betigheimer Road, between Utica and Vicksburg, MS, in Hinds County (S1T14NR5E).
Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 5 Apr 1979
First Grave:  1835
Remarks: In 1979, this old cemetery was totally abandoned, and the fence had fallen down.  It is no longer visible from the highway.  The people buried here were very early settlers in the community, and they have numerous descendants in southwest Hinds County and around Utica.  The old ferry crossing across the Big Black River that is now Mississippi Highway 27 was the Baldwin Ferry, and the nearby crossroads of Newman was named for a branch of the family.  There are at least 15 visible unmarked graves in this cemetery, which is now covered with briers and vines.   The condition has not changed in 2005.
Baldwin, Simon B. b. 21 Feb 1830 d. 4 Jul 1862
Baldwin, Margaret b. 25 Dec 1838 d. 11 Nov 1852
Baldwin, Emily, daughter of M. and Lucy b. 27 Jul 1827 d. 25 Jul 1835
Baldwin, Lucy, wf of Mordecai b. 22 Nov 1803 d. 13 Jan 1845
Baldwin, Mordecai (vault broken; canít read dates)
Baldwin, Talbot A., son of M. and Lucy b. 12 Jun 1836 d. 6 Oct 1872
Baldwin, Talbot b. 12 Jun 1823 d. 14 Aug 1843
Cook, Albert Newman b. 26 Nov 1870 d. 22 Apr 1901
Cook, Eliza Baldwin, wf of J. E. W., daughter of M. and Lucy Baldwin b. 19 Aug 1830 d. 11 May 1919
Cook, Eustus Baldwin, son of J. E. W. and E. B. b. 25 Oct 1854 d. 30 Dec 1865
Cook, J. E. W. b. 18 Dec 1825 d. 19 Jan 1908
Cook, Mordecai Baldwin, son of E. B. and J. E. W.  b. 20 Jan 1875 d. 16 Aug 1915
Cook, Margaret Leonora b. 16 Nov 1855 d. 26 Feb 1866
Cook, Talbot b. 10 Nov 1872 d. 12 Jan 1873
Cook, Robert Bolivar, son of E. B. and J. E. W. b. 30 Apr 1860 d. 14 Aug 1886
Cook, James Talbot b. 6 Jul 1858 d. 23 Nov 1887
Cook, Earl van Dorn b. 21 Nov 1862 d. 5 Oct 1867
Newman, C. D., son of Albert M. and Minerva Baldwin Newman b. 31 Jul 1851 d. 21 Jul 1886
Newman, Olivia, wf of C. D., daughter of W. B. and O. H. Smart b. 31 Dec 1856 d. 16 Jul 1877
Newman, Albert M.

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