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Sandidge Cemetery
Abstracted and Contributed by Lauren Womble December 1, 2005
(Complete Survey)

Location: Cemetery off Frank Hall Rd in Hinds Co. The cemetery is fenced in but accessible.

Last Name     First Name    Middle Name   Birth          Death          Comment
Sandidge      Mary          E                      Mar. 16, 1835  Nov. 4, 1889   Wife of T.H. Sandidge 'As a wife devoted, as a mother affectionate, as a friend ever kind and true.'

Sandidge      T             H                       Dec. 29, 1819   Dec. 28, 1881  Husband of M.E. Sandidge 'Lord thy will be done, not mine just thine O! Lord'

Additional Comments:
Thomas has a Mason symbol on his original stone and has two other fairly new
stones, I don't know why because the original stone is intact and still there,
but one is at the base of the headstone and the other is at the foot of the
grave. They are both flat stones laying on the grave. The one at the base of
his stone says:

Thomas Hastings Sandidge
Pvt. Co. A1 MS. Light Artillery
Confederate States of America
Born Dec. 29, 1819 - Died Dec. 28, 1881

The third stone says exactly the same as the second stone.

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