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 Recorded and contributed by Mary Collins Landin  7-06-05

Located:  On Holliday Road near Learned, MS, about 500 yards from the road, behind the Pittman home (S17T4NR3W).
Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 16 Jan 1979
First Grave:  1837

Remarks:  The old cemetery is known locally as the Holliday Cemetery because the Hollidays later owned the property on which it is located.  The cemetery was in a total state of disrepair, and most of the gravestones were broken or missing, when it was recorded in 1979.  There are ten or more unmarked graves, and some stones that cannot be read, as well as several large vaults.  In 2005, the cemetery has now been restored by descendants, fenced off, and as many gravestones as possible repaired.

Binion, Christopher B. b. 20 Oct 1822 d. 3 Aug 1853

Davis, Clement, son of W. and S. b. 18 Sep 1809 d. 18 Nov 1881

Davis, David, son of C. and M. A. b. 3 Oct 1835 d. 11 Sep 1839

Davis, Elizabeth, wf of Thomas Jefferson Davis b. 6 Dec 1822 d. 29 Jan 1854

Davis, Henry, son of C. and M. A. b. 28 May ?? d. 13 Sep ?? (can't read years)

Davis, James Avery b. 15 Dec 1822 d. 23 Nov 1857

Davis, Martha Ann, wf of Clement b. 22 Mar 1806 d. Aug 1838

Davis, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of T. J. and E. b. 6 Aug 1853 d. 22 Jan 1854

Davis, Nancy C., wf of James A. b. 28 Nov 1825 d. 31 Jan 1854

Davis, Orient Humphrey, daughter of John J. and Sarah Ann b. 13 Mar 1858 d. 10 Aug 1858

Davis, Sarah, wf of William b. 6 Feb 1786 d. 22 Apr 1860

Davis, Sarah Ann, wf of John J. b. 20 Feb 1820 d. 9 Jan 1846

Davis, William (RevWar) b. 3 Mar 1747 d. 19 Jan 1846 (aged 98 years)

Davis, William, son of T. J. and E. b. 11 Oct 1844 d. 3 Jan 1847

Davis, William, son of C. and M. A.  b. 20 Nov 1832 d. 2 May 1853

Davis,_____ (child's vault; can't read name or dates)

Weatherton, Margaret K. b. 29 Dec 1800 d. 24 Aug 1853

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