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 Contributed by Mary Collins Landin July 6, 2005

Located:  On the John Hollingsworth Farm off Chapel Hill Road in south Hinds County (S23T3NR3W).
Recorded:  By Frances C. Burnet Lewis Fisher in 1943 and Mary Collins Landin, on 30 Mar 1983
First Grave:  1836
Remarks:  When Mrs. Fisher recorded this cemetery, she was looking specifically for her family, and did not record all the gravestones.  She did note that the large vaults belonged to Stackhouse, Moody, and Funchess.  When I went to the cemetery in 1983, it was in deep woods, at least a mile off a gravel road, and was very difficult to reach.  The vaults had been stolen, and the other gravestones were vandalized and broken.  I found one unmarked grave, but there were probably more.  I have heard that at one time, there was an old church near here, called Penial or Pisgah Church, but no trace of any type of building or foundation stones were evident.  I also have heard that there are some early members of the Williams Family of Dry Grove buried here, but if so they are in unmarked graves.   Descendants of these families are buried at Bear Creek Cemetery and Penial Church merged with Bear Creek Methodist Church which is still an active congregation.

Funchess, Caroline Ford, wf of Edmund b. 1819 d. 1836 (age 17 y)

Funchess, Edmund, son of Elizabeth Ford and Samuel b. 17 Apr 1805
     d. 4 Nov 1838

Moody,______  (four broken vaults with stolen slabs that contained names and dates)

Stackhouse, Hastings W., son of Wood and Mary b. 22 Nov 1836 d. 11 Oct 1857

Stackhouse, Mary Funchess, wf of Wood Moody Stackhouse, daughter of  Samuel and Elizabeth Ford Funchess  (no dates; d. before Jun 1840)

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