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 Contributed by Mary Collins Landin 7-4-05

Located:  On a gravel road off the Old Cayuga Road north of Utica, MS (S36T3NR4W).  Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 24 Oct 1978   First Grave:  1829

Remarks:  This cemetery is completely abandoned and overgrown.  None of these families live in the Utica area now, and the later generations of the Hart Family are buried at Utica.  Susan M. Hart has at least one child buried at Utica with her husband (T. T. Hart) and his second wife.  In 1978 when I copied this cemetery, it was being encroached upon by intensive row cropping, and I doubt that any trace of it remains now.  In 2005, there are no gravestones remaining at all.  They have been bulldozed away.

Hart, Susan M., wf of T. T., daughter of Meredith and Julia L. Taylor Watson b. 26 Jun 1842 d. 8 Sep 1883

Hart, Sweety, daughter of S. M. and T. T. b. 10 Mar 1878 d. 12 Sep 1882

Murphy, Adolphus, son of V. and S. b. 15 Oct 1838 d. 5 May 1839

Murphy, Daniel V., son of V. and S. b. 15 Nov 1842 d. 25 Mar 1843

Murphy, Edward P. E., son of V. and S. b. 2 Feb 1826 d. 28 Sep 1829

Murphy, Infant Son of V. and S. b. 5 Oct and d. 8 Oct 1836

Murphy, John I., son of V. and S. b. 10 Jan 1827 d. 11 Aug 1847

Murphy, Susan F., wf of Vincent b. 3 Jun 1802 d. 25 Jun 1843

Taylor, Elizabeth, wf of Charles b. 26 May 1770 d. 10 May 1833

Watson, Emmey, daughter of Meredith and Julia b. 5 Aug 1828 d. 20 Sep 1829

Watson, Julia L. Taylor, wf of Meredith  (no dates given)

Watson, Meredith b. 20 Mar 1774 d. 26 Apr 1843

Watson, Nancy Ann, daughter of M. and J. b. 11 Mar 1830 d. can't read


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