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 Recorded and contributed by Mary Collins Landin  7-06-05

Located:  Behind the Templeton home at Raganton, at the intersection of the old Port Gibson Road and Fisher Ferry Road (S8T14NR5E).    Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 8 Apr 1979
First Grave:  1843

Remarks:  The cemetery was in a pasture and completely abandoned in 1979.  There were several unmarked graves visible.  In the 1990s, family members cleaned up and fenced the cemetery.


Brown, Annie M., wf of Thomas W. b. 23 Nov 1827 d. 22 Oct 1886
Brown, Bettie Stevens, wf of P. H. b. 24 Jul 1852 d. can't read date
Brown, Clide R., son of P. H. and B. S. b. 30 Nov 1885 d. 22 Nov 1886
Brown, Daniel, son of P. H. and B. S. b. 20 Nov 1881 d. 25 Mar 1884
Dorsey, Infant Daughter of E. H. and R. A. b. & d. Nov 1843
Henderson, E. R.  (no dates given)
Henderson, George b. 10 Oct 1797 d. 5 Jul 1863
Henderson, J. H., son of John and Mary  (no dates given)
Henderson, James b. 24 Sep 1840 d. 16 Dec 1848
Henderson, M. H., daughter of John and Mary (no dates given)
Henderson, N. A., wf of George b. 25 Feb 1802 d. 2 Nov 1867
Henderson, Sophia b. 12 Dec 1842 d. 4 Mar 1844
Vernon, Anna Isabella, daughter of S. McD. and G. C. b. 24 Apr 1861 d. 1863 

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