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Contributed by Mary Collins Landin July 06, 2005

Located:  About 100 yards off Herring Road, behind the John Bell Williams Airport, between Clinton and Raymond, MS (S5T5NR2W).
Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 2 Aug 1979
First Grave:  1840
Remarks:  This old cemetery is well kept, and is located in a dense stand of trees out of sight of the road about 100+ yards from the road.  It is behind the ruins of the old Samuel Herring home.  It has two obvious unmarked graves.

Driggs, Anna Yellowley b. 14 Feb 1848 d. 25 Dec 1923
Dupree, Dr. H. T. T. b. 11 Mar 1822 d. 24 Feb 1910
Dupree, Infant Twin Daughter of H. T. T. and P. G. Y. b. 13 Jan 1882 d. 9 Mar 1882
Dupree, Loma, twin daughter of H. T. T. and P. C. Y. b. 13 Jan 1882 d. 14 Apr 1883
Dupree, Priscilla C. Yellowley, wf of H. T. T.  1852-1934
Dupree, Robert William, son of H. T. T. and S. M. H.  b. 23 Aug 1877 d. 1 Oct 1878
Dupree, Sarah Margaret Herring, wf of H. T. T., daughter of S. and H. M. F. Herring b. 4 Jan 1837 m. 24 Nov 1864 d. 19 Aug 1878
Dupree, Thomas H., son of H. T. T. and S. M. H. b. 10 Jul 1871 d. 24 Apr 1900
Herring, Harriet Ophelia, daughter of J. D. and E. J. b. 13 Jun 1855 d. 30 Nov 1859
Herring, Joseph D., son of S. and H. M. F., husband of Emma J. b. 5 Sep 1832 d. 18 Sep 1857
Herring, Octavia, daughter of Emma J. and Joseph D. b. 8 Feb 1857 d. 8 Aug 1857
Herring, Robert Fairchild, son of S. L. and S. Y. b. 9 Jan 1875 d. 27 Mar 1918
Herring, Robert J.,son of S and H.M. F. b. 21 May 1831 d. 25 Sep 1866
Herring, Samuel b. Sep 1791 d. 28 Oct 1843
Herring, Samuel L., son of S. and H. M. F., husband of Margaret Evaline Ragan (daughter of L. B. and M. M. Ragan) b. 12 Oct 1839 d. 9 Mar 1904
Herring, S. Yellowley, wf of S. L.
Herring, William J., son of S. and H. M. F. b. 23 Oct 1828 d. 22 Oct 1840
Ragan, Harriet M. Fairchild Herring, wf of Samuel Herring and John A. Ragan b. Harwood County, GA 1 Oct 1803 d. 13 Aug 1878
Ragan, John A., son of John and Savannah Faucette Battle Ragan  b. 14 Mar 1802 d. 28 Jul 1877

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