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 Recorded and contributed by Mary Collins Landin  7-06-05

Located:  About two miles off Mississippi Highway 18 on Spring Ridge Road, near Cooper’s Wells, between Forest Hill and Raymond, MS, in central Hinds County (S31T5NR1W).
Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 18 Jul 1973
First Grave: 1834

Remarks:  This old cemetery was abandoned and overgrown in 1973.  It was taken in by suburbs of Jackson at least 25 years ago.  The old vaults were all but unreadable, and in bad shape.

Bracey, A. J., wf of Merry

Bracey, Elcey Moore, wf of Merry  1787-1834

Bracey, James Henry b. 12 Jul 1855 d. 27 Jul 1878

Bracey, Louisa Ann, daughter of A. J. and M. b. 27 Jul 1827 d. 25 Jul 1839

Bracey, Marylgie b. 1839 d. 22 Apr 1865

Bracey, Merry b. 1781 d. 25 Mar 1840

McGowen, Eugene J., son of H. and G. B.  b. 23 Dec 1841 d. 5 Jun 1843

McGowen, Eugenia D., daughter of H.  and G. B. b. 1 Apr 1830 d. 3 Sep 1836

McGowen, Gabriella Bracey, wf of Hugh, daughter of Merry and Elcey 1810-1860

McGowen, Henry H., son of H. and G. B. b. 11 Jan 1838 d. 17 Aug 1855

McGowen, Louisa A., daughter of H. and G. B.  b. 1832 d. 5 Sep 1836


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