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 Contributed by Mary Collins Landin
May 4, 2004

Located:  On Collins Farms, three miles from Utica, MS, 300 yards off Tom Collins Road (S34T4NR4W).
Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 25 Jul 1971
First Grave:  1813
Remarks: This cemetery was founded by the Lee and Kelley Families on their property, and was near a now extinct church that was the forerunner of the Utica Christian Church.  Neighboring families used the cemetery as well.  The cemetery is totally unkept although there are numerous descendants of these families living around Utica.  There are at least 40 unmarked graves.

Barlow, J. W.   unmarked
Barlow, Oliver   unmarked
Barnes, Jesse, son of Joseph and Mary A. b. & d. 20 Mar 1851
Barnes, Samantha C., daughter of Joseph and Mary A. b. 15 Oct 1840 d. 12 Sep 1842
Brown, Ann Mary, daughter of William and Martha b. 6 Dec 1836 d. 26 Mar 1873
Brown, Bessie, daughter of D. X. and Sallie b. 18 Aug 1875 d. 5 Jul 1878
Brown, Dan X., son of William and Martha (CSA) b. 6 Aug 1840 d. 21 Apr 1919
Brown, George Soule, son of D. X. and Sallie b. 22 Nov 1872 d. 19 Jun 1875
Brown, Henriette, daughter of William & Martha b. 11 Sep 1822 d. 18 Feb 1846
Brown, John W., son of W. & M. (CSA) b. 9 Jul 1815 d. 4 Jan 1898
Brown, Lucy Powell, daughter of D. X. and Sallie F. b. 8 Nov 1880 d. 15 Apr 1888
Brown, Margaret E. McEwen, wf of Dan X. b. 15 Jan 1841 d. 15 Jan 1895
Brown, Martha, wf of William b. 18 Sep 1840 d. 11 Aug 1887
Brown, Sallie Fugate, wf of Dan X. b. 18 Sep 1840 d. 11 Aug 1887
Brown, Sarah, daughter of W. &. M. b. Aug 1835 d. Sep 1836
Brown, William b. 23 Jan 1787 d. 30 Oct 1849
Calhoun, Rev. J. S. b. 1 Feb 1853 d. 12 Feb 1883   (joined Mississippi Methodist Conference in 1878)
Eley, Ethel   1899-1899
Eley, John Bell   1904-1905
Eley, Susie Annie   1900-1903
Ellis, Children  (two, both died in 1920, graves unmarked)
Goza, Joshua, husband of Emily Lee b. not given d. 1840
Goza, Thaddeus B., son of Joshua and Emily  b. 19 Aug 1840 d. 11 Feb 1960
Hill, J. Oliver     unmarked
Hill, Rebecca     unmarked
Kelley, Ellen, daughter of J. F. and E. L.    (no dates given)
Kelley, Emily Lee, wf of John Frost Kelley, daughter of James & Mary Lee, widow
      of Joshua Goza b. Marion County, MS 1 Dec 1812  d. 18 Jun 1852
Kelley, Julia, daughter of J. F. and E. L.   (no dates given)
Kelley, Lydia Louisa Ann, daughter of J. F. and E. L. b. 22 Jul 1843 d. 30 Sep 1849
Kelley, Mary Emily, daughter of J. F. & E. L. b. 4 Sep 1851 d. 26 Sep 1851
Lee, James  b. 29 Mar 1782 d. 11 Aug 1843
Lee, Mary, wf of James b. 7 Oct 1785 d. 1 Apr 1813
McNamara, Daniel Francis Jr., son of D. F. and Minnie Brown McNamara, grandson of D. X. and Sallie Brown b. 11 Jul 1908 d. 25 May 1909
Sarrett, Bennie Terrell, infant daughter on W. H. and E. F.  b. 6 Jan 1885 d. 13 Feb 1885
Sarrett, Eugenia Folkes, wf of W. H. b. 3 Dec 1852 d. 13 Jul 1930
Sarrett, Frances Brown, wf of H. J., daughter of W. & M. Brown  b. 20 Dec 1829 d. 15 Dec 1891
Sarrett, H. J.  b. not given d. 6 Oct 1908
Sarrett, Harmon Folkes, son of W. H. and E. F. b. 15 Feb 1878 d. 23 Mar 1879
Sarrett, Johnnie B.,son of H. J. and Frances b. 9 Feb 1867 d. 17 Sep 1881
Sarrett, Pattie E., daughter of W. H. and E. F. b. 27 May 1892 d. 25 Jun 1893
Sarrett, Salena Elizabeth, daughter of H. J. and Frances b. 30 Jan 1854 d. 23 Jun 1855
Sarrett, William H. b. 5 Aug 1849 d. 2 Nov 1892
Seastreak, Lydia Ann Kelley, wf of S. Anill Seastreak, daughter of John and Charity Kelley  b. 20 Jan 1789 d. 6 Oct 1818
Tompkins, John H.    b. not given d. 1933
Tompkins, Grover Cleveland, son of J. H. and L. A. b. 8 Nov 1892 d. 19 Apr 1919
Tompkins, Jenna, daughter of J. H. and L. A. b. 23 Oct 1890 d. 2 Feb 1892
Tompkins, Louisiana A., wf of J. H.    1854-1933
Tompkins, Oscar Owen, son of J. H. and L. A. b. 8 Jul 1885 d. 19 Apr 1918
Westerfield, Minnie Barlow     unmarked
Whitaker, Susan Theresa Sarrett, wf of A. N., daughter of H. J. and F. Sarrett  b. 26 Oct 1851 d. 14 Feb 1891


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