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Asylum Cemetery
Located in Jackson
Photos Contributed by Natalie Maynor
December 26, 2005

An explanation of the name and the double nature of this cemetery:
"The cemetery’s name dates from the former Mississippi Lunatic Asylum, which was established by the state legislature in 1848 and was built where UMC now stands. During the Civil War, the grounds were the site of several skirmishes between Union and Confederate soldiers, one historical account says. Reportedly, patients came to the asylum windows and jeered at the Northern troops; when the North claimed victory, the Yankees took possession of the asylum and flew the flag of the 45th Pennsylvania Volunteers from the cupola. The asylum closed when the Mississippi State Hospital at Whitfield opened. UMC opened in 1955. "Some asylum patients were buried on the grounds. Today, the consecrated cemetery also holds the ashes of many of UMC’s anatomical donors and is the repository for the ashes of infants who died at UMC and whose families wished them to be buried there. A Ceremony of Remembrance honors them in a fall service."
From Medical Center News, 2001-05-07.  Natalie Maynor

Asylum Cemetery is the paupers cemetery off Lakeland Drive between St. Dominics and University Hospitals.  Mary Collins Landin


Carrie M. Barnes
Birth:   unknown
Death:   Nov. 24, 1919

Martha G. Guyton
Birth:   Mar. 5, 1844
Death:   Jun. 9, 1905

Esabella McDonald
Birth:   Oct. 24, 1838
Death:   Jun. 17, 1909

W. T. Singletary
Birth:   Jun. 3, 1861
Death:   Nov. 17, 1884

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