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 Recorded and contributed by Mary Collins Landin  7-06-05

Located:  About 1.5 miles off Brownsville-Bolton Road in deep woods, on a ridge, in central Hinds County, MS (S19T7NR2W), on Gaddis Farms property
Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin and Patrick McCain, by 5 Mar 1980
First Grave:  1844

Remarks:  Pat McCain, a Gaddis family member, led me to this old cemetery that is as lost as any I ever recorded.  It had large tall monuments for markers, as well as brick and marble vaults.  They have been knocked over and scattered around the hillside.  Grave robbers have dug up at least two graves where large monuments were located.  The graves are now unidentified, but they probably belonged to the White Family.  Up the ridge from the main cemetery is a neat, noticeable row of four unmarked graves in the open area away from the woods.  In addition, there are several unmarked graves in the main cemetery, including two badly broken vaults and one missing large headstone.  This is supposed to be the first cemetery for Brownsville citizens.  Their  second cemetery is already very old, and is still used occasionally for burials.

Carter, Minerva J., wf of L. E. b. 22 Jan 1830 m. 22 Oct 1845 d. 16 Mar 1847
Glover, Sam, son of J. A. and Nancy b. 13 Apr 1855 d. 7 Sep 1856
Glover, Twin Son of J. A. and Nancy b. 31 Oct 1863 d. 1 Nov 1863
Glover, Twin Daughter of J. A. and Nancy b. 31 Oct 1863 d. 13 Nov 1863
Hutchins, John Wickliffe, son of R. M. and M. A. b. 3 May 1854 d. 13 Feb 1856
Hutchins, Child of Robert M. and Martha Ann b.18 Aug 1856 d. 26 Apr 1859
Jackson, Harriet E.,wf of E. C. b. 2 Jan 1829 m. 5 Oct 1854 d. 5 May 1859
White, Henry M. b. 20 Nov 1796 d. 5 Aug 1866
White,______ (missing headstone)
White,______ (two robbed graves beside H. M. White)
Young, James b. 24 Aug 1824 d. 27 Oct 1844

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