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 Recorded and contributed by Mary Collins Landin  7-06-05

Located:  About 100 yards off Adams Station Road and Old Adams Station Road in Hinds County, MS, near Adams Station, on the old Collins farm (S25T4NR4W).   Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 13 May 1971
First Grave:  1844

Remarks:  This well kept and fenced cemetery is located in a stand of big trees, and is near the old Collins antebellum home, which still stands but is in severe need of repair.  There are at least six visible unmarked graves.

Bailey, Catherine Collins b. 22 Apr 1881 d. 4 Feb 1961
Caslon, Ann E. Collins, wf of W. T., daughter of Reuben and Elizabeth b. 1837 d. 23 Feb 1855
Collins, Bessie, daughter of Joseph B. and Hattie W. b. 21 Jul 1880 d. 25 Sep 1882
Collins, Elizabeth Mallett, wf of Reuben, daughter of Baker Mallett Sr. b. SC 1799 d. 7 Feb 1855
Collins, Grace A. McC., wf of W. T. Sr. b. 1842 d. 15 Dec 1913
Collins, Joseph B. Jr., son of J. B. and H. W. b. 16 Oct 1875 d. 24 Nov 1875
Collins, Katie Elser, daughter of J. B. and H. W. b. 1865 d. 8 Jul 1935
Collins, Louisa G., daughter of J. B. and H. W. b. 27 Jul 1868 d. 8 Sep 1871
Collins, Reuben  b. SC 1795 d. 16 Aug 1876
Collins, Reuben II, son of W. T. and G. A. McC. b. 24 Nov 1862 d. 10 Mar 1863
Collins, Robert White, son of W. T. and G. A. McC. b. 1876 d. 13 Jun 1957
Collins, William T., son of R. and E. b. 15 Feb 1835 d. 10 Jul 1884
Collins, William T. Jr., son of W. T. and G. A. McC.  1864-1952
Collins,______ (can't read given name or dates)
Jelks, Alexander R.,son of W. M. and P. A. b. 6 Oct 1847 d. 19 Dec 1854
Jelks, Baker Mallett, son of F. A. and M. H. b. Feb 1846 d. 9 Jul 1946
Jelks, Frederic A. b. 1799 d. 16 Dec 1849
Jelks, Leonorah Pamela, daughter of W. M. and P. A. b. Mar 1844 d. 11 May 1844
Jelks, Pamela Andrews, wf of W. M. b. 7 Oct 1810 d. 4 Jul 1849
Jelks, Sophia A. Cohea, consort of F. A. b. 2 Feb 1807 d. 13 Apr 1844
Jelks, W. M.
Kirby, Mary J. Collins, wf of W. R. b. 28 Mar 1833 d. 25 May 1891
Kirby, Dr. William R. b. 5 Feb 1832 d. 28 Jun 1886
Mallett, Baker Jr. b. SC 1801 d. 21 Jul 1851
Mallett, Charlotte, wf of Baker Jr. (Mother) b. 15 May 1815 d. 21 Oct 1871
Mallett, Margaret Ann, daughter of B. and C. b. 14 Apr 1841 d. 10 Sep 1847
Mallett, Richard J. b. 7 Jun 1804 d. 21 Aug 1844

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