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 Recorded and contributed by Mary Collins Landin  7-06-05

Located: On Owens Road between Midway and Spring Ridge Roads, near Bethesda community in Hinds County, MS (S13T4NR2W).    Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 30 Apr 1971
First Grave:  1833

Remarks: This old cemetery has been all but destroyed by logging and farming.  Only one unbroken gravestone remains.  The recorder is the great great great granddaughter of John Adam and Margaret Riser, who are both of German descent.   Adam Riser was a member of the Mississippi Militia in the War of 1812 who fought in the Battle of New Orleans (spelled Rizer in those records). After the death of John Adam, the widow Margaret married Thomas Futch, who is buried with his first wife in the Thomas Futch Family Cemetery.  The cemetery is currently maintained (2005) by the neighbors whose home is adjacent.

Barclay, Jane Elizabeth b. 23 Oct 1823 d. 25 Aug 1853

Conley, William Thomas b. 19 Dec 1876 d. can't read date

Fortner, William   (can't read dates)

Fortner, Martha Amelia Riser, f of William b.26 Jan 1848 d.7 Jan 1919

Fortner, Ella b. 4 May 1853 d. 12 Nov 1853

Fortner, Maggie b. 1852 d. 30 Aug 1873

Fortner, Mattie T. b. 4 Oct 1859 d. 15 Feb 1866

Fortner, Margrett Satterfield, wf of T. S. Fortner, daughter of James B. and Elizabeth S. Riser  Satterfield, granddaughter of John A. and Margaret b. 18 Apr 1828 d. 20 Dec 1848 d. 14 Jul 1898

Fortner, Rosa b. 2 Dec 1857 d. 28 May 1858

Fortner, Thomas S. b. 17 Jun 1825 d. 23 Sep 1885

Fortner, Viola b. 12 Jul 1855 d. can't read date

Futch, Margaret Riser, wf of John Adam Riser and Thomas Futch b. about 1770 in Germany d. Nov 1851 (her given name may have been spelled Margrett in German)

Lewis, Wesley b. 23 Nov 1842 d. 19 Aug 1869

Martin, Kathryn Ann Riser, wf of Frank b. 25 Oct 1836 d. 1863

Riser, Martha Harvey, wf of George Sr. b. 12 Sep 1821 m. 3 Oct 1839 d. 31 Oct 1854

Riser, Fannie, daughter of George and Eliza b. 22 Jun 1857 d. 24 Oct 1861

Riser, Henry Wise, son of G. and E. b. 27 Nov 1859 d. 29 Sep 1865

Riser, Isaac, son of J. A. and M. b. SC 1804 d. 21 Dec 1863

Riser, Isaac Jr.,son of I. and M. H. b. 12 Apr 1847 d. can't read date

Riser, John Adam b. about 1770 in Germany

Riser, John Edward, son of George and Martha b. 11 Feb 1845 d. 6 Feb 1849

Riser, Julia, daughter of G. and E. b. 13 Dec 1855 d. 1 May 1857

Riser, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of G. and M. b. 3 Jan 1844 d. 18 Aug 1844

Riser, Mary Hollingsworth, wf of Isaac, daughter of Isaac and Mary Smith Hollingsworth, twin of Rev. William Smith Hollingsworth b. Union County, SC 25 Oct 1806 d. 27 Jul 1860

Riser, Reuben, son of J. A. and M.  1813-1835


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