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 Contributed by Mary Collins Landin 7-4-05

Located:  Approximately 1.5 miles east on Carpenter Road from Carpenter, MS.  Turn left at Carpenter Crossroads off MS Hwy 18, and follow sign down dirt road into woods to cemetery (S24T12NR5E). Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 27 Apr 1980
First Grave:  1832

Remarks:  This is the family cemetery of some of the earliest settlers of the Carpenter Community.  The Carpenter Family, natives of Pennsylvania and the family for whom the village is named, did not stay in the community.  They moved on to Jackson, then on to El Paso, TX.  Some of this Carpenter Family are buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Jackson.   The Strong Family is large and has numerous descendants throughout Hinds, Claiborne, and Copiah Counties, many of whom are prominent Carpenter citizens today.  The cemetery is not maintained and is in pasture.  Cattle, time, and vandals have damaged it greatly.  There are at least 59 visible unmarked or unreadable graves.  In addition, a black cemetery of about 30 graves lies outside this old white cemetery, and more likely began as the slave cemetery of the families whose members are buried therein, especially the Strongs.  John Strong, patriarch of the Strong Family, fought in the Revolutionary War, and is one of the few Revolutionary War veterans in the county with a gravestone.  His DAR Revolutionary War bronze marker was stolen in the 1990s, was put on sale on eBay, and had to be bought back by the local DAR chapter to be put back in the Strong-Hill Cemetery.  The land on which the cemetery lies is no longer owned by descendants of the Strong family, and its future is uncertain.  

Barnes, Billie (Uncle)   1826-1899
Barnes, C. W. (Brother)    1879-1922
Barnes, Infant Twin of S. M. Jr.  b. & d. 1883
Barnes, Madeline (Sister)  1872-1884
Barnes, Madeline C., wf of William b. 10 Mar 1818 d. 30 Jul 1859
Barnes, S. A. (Mother)   1854-1928
Barnes, S. M. (Father)   1851-1898
Barnes, S. M. Jr.  1883-1913
Barnes, W. M. (Brother)  1874-1930
Barnes, William  (no dates given)
Barnes,_____ (18 unmarked Barnes graves inside an iron fence)
Bland, Maxwell W. b. Yazoo City, MS 1820 d. 29 Jan 1870
Bridges, Martha, daughter of Benjamin and Mary R. b. 14 Feb 1838 d. 2 May 1839
Campbell, Belinda A., consort of J. H. b. Buckfield, Maine 8 Apr 1801 d. 3 Sep 1837
Dorsey, William Christmas, son of Samuel and Elizabeth b. 3 Apr 1809 d. 25 Dec 1842
Dorsey, William Hill, son of W. C. and S. A. b. Copiah County, MS b. 19 May 1841 d. 25 Oct 1843
Hill, Andrew J., son of Sarah and John b. 14 Apr 1814 d. 8 May 1855
Hill, Jacob K., son of Sarah and John b. Richland District, SC 9 Jan 1795 d. 17 May 1855
Hill, Jacob K. Jr.,son of J.K. and R. G. b. 21 May 1826 d. 21 Jun 1862 (killed in Civil War?)
Hill, John  (no dates given)
Hill, John D., son of A. J. and E. B. b. 24 Jan 1852 d. 30 Jul 1857
Hill, Meredith M., wf of A. J.  (no dates given)
Hill, Rebecca G., wf of Jacob K. b. Richland District, SC 29 Feb 1797 d. 8 May 1860
Hill, Robert A., son of J. K. and R. G.  b. 19 Feb 1829 d. 5 Apr 1844
Hill, Sannar Matilda, daughter of A. J. and M. M. b. 12 Jul 1837 d. 1 Oct 1838
Hill, Sarah, consort of John b. 1772 d. 13 Dec 1844
Hill, Sarah R.,daughter of A. J. and E. B. b. 17 Apr 1848 d. 12 Sep 1850
Hill, Sarah S., daughter of Sarah and John b. Sep 1815 d. can't read
Hill, Walker G., son of A. J. and E. B. b. 22 May 1854 d. 5 Jul 1855
Hill, William T., son of J. K. and R. G. b. 18 Nov 1837 d. 18 Aug 1838
Jenkins, Elisha M.,twin son of S. G. and M. S. b. 31 Mar 1845 d. 15 Jun1848
Jenkins, Mary Delana, daughter of S. G. and M. S. b. 15 May 1851 d. 9 Aug 1856
Jenkins, Mary Strong, wf of S. G., daughter of John H. and Delana b. Aug 1823 d. 20 May 1854
Jenkins, Susannah S., twin daughter of S. G. and M. S. b. 31 Mar 1845 d. 7 Nov 1847
Jenkins, William D. B., son of S. G. and M. S. b. 10 May 1848 d. 29 Aug 1848
Johnston, George H., son of W. W. and S. M. b. 9 Oct 1867 d. 5 Nov 1867
McKey, Hamden J. b. Jefferson County, MS 11 Jan 1811 d. 1 Jun 1871
McKey,______, wf of H. J. (can't read given name or dates)
McKey,______, child of H. J. and wf (can't read given name or dates)
Newland, John H. b. 1 Jul 1798 d. 12 Feb 1839
Newland, John Hawkins, son of J. H. and S. M. b. 8 Jul 1830 d. 31 Dec 1848
Newland, Sarah M., consort of J. H.   1806-1839
Spencer, Thomas, consort of Nancy b. 17 Jan 1774 d. 19 Apr 1840
Strong, Anderson, son of J. H. and Delana b. 5 Sep 1832 d. 29 Oct 1845
Strong, Delana Anderson  (no dates given)
Strong, Elenor, daughter of J. H. and Delana b. 25 Jul 1829 d. 29 Apr 1843
Strong, Henry S., son of H. and R. S. S. b. 26 Feb 1846 d. 11 Aug 1847
Strong, John (RevWar)   b. 6 Feb 1763 d. 25 Sep 1838
Strong, John, son of J. H. and D. A. b. 3 Feb 1825 d. 27 Aug 1858
Strong, John H., son of John and Mary b. 14 Oct 1796 d. 8 Feb 1837
Strong, John Thomas,  son of H and R. S. S. b. 31 Jan 1838 d. 23 Nov 1838
Strong, Lureina M., daughter of Nelson G. and Lureina b. 12 Jan 1842 d. 10 Aug 1844
Strong, Louisa, daughter of N. G. and L. B. 12 Jul & d. 13 Jul 1837
Strong, Martha E., daughter of H. and R. S. S. b. 17 Sep 1843 d. 11 Jul 1846
Strong, Mary, consort of John b. 10 Feb 1767 d. 3 Feb 1834
Strong, Nancy Anderson, wf of Thomas G., daughter of Hugh Anderson b. 17 Aug 1828 d. 8 Aug 1859
Strong, Nancy Malena, daughter of William and Mary R. b. 9 Nov 1830 d. 7 Aug 1836
Strong, Malinda, daughter of H and R. S. S. b. 24 Mar 1834 d. 2 Oct 1836
Strong, Rebecca D., daughter of H. and R. S. S. b. 1 Nov 1839 d. 22 Sep 1847
Strong, Rebecca S. Spencer, wf of Henry, daughter of Thomas and Nancy Spencer b. Jones County, GA 29 Jun 1811 d. 29 Jun 1946
Strong, Stacy E., daughter of Thomas and Nancy b. 9 Jul 1847 d. 4 Dec 1849
Strong, William, son of John and Mary b. 20 May 1794 d. 22 Nov 1832
Wells, Lucius b. 12 Jan 1825 d. 8 Jun 1865
Young, James Sinnitt, son of John and Mary E.   1837-1840

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