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 Contributed by Mary Collins Landin 7-4-05

Located:  Off Belknap Road between Learned and Edwards in Hinds County, MS, in woods about a mile from the Belknap house (S23T5NR4W). Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 13 Apr 1979
First Grave:  1831

Remarks:  The Belknaps told me that when they bought the farm many years ago that the Carnes gravestones had been piled up by the previous owner and broken.  These gravestones and vaults are massive, indicating that the Carnes Family was very wealthy.  Mr. Belknap was told that the stones were brought up the Mississippi River and hauled by oxcart to the cemetery.  There are supposed to be 12 Carnes graves:  Mr. and Mrs. Carnes, her father and mother, her brother, and eight of their children.  The stones are so faded that now only a few could be read. Most of the children and grandchildren of the Young Family are buried at Edwards.

Carnes, Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of William b. 10 Mar 1837 d. 20 Sep 1837

Carnes, William b. 1806 d. 6 Nov 1848

Carnes, Mrs. William, wf of William, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Young (gravestone broken and unreadable)

Carnes, William Henry, son of William b. can't read date d. 21 Nov 1831

Carnes,________ (six more children of Mr. and Mrs. William Carnes)

Young, Henry T. b. 18 May 1811 d. 30 Jun 1848

Young, _____, father of Mrs. Carnes  (stone broken) (born in 1700s)

Young,______, mother of Mrs. Carnes  (stone broken) (born in 1700s)


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