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 Recorded and contributed by Mary Collins Landin  7-06-05

Located:  About four miles east of Bolton, MS, at the site of an old church that is no longer in existence (S16T6NR2W).
Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 24 Aug 1980
First Grave:  1840

Remarks:  This old cemetery used to be near a main road from Bolton to Mt. Salus (Clinton), and was at an old church site.  The church was the New Salem Church, but I don't know what denomination.  When I recorded this cemetery, it was in worse shape than when it was copied by a descendant of the families buried here (Mrs. Gene Moore of Laurel, MS, in 1957).  At that time Mrs. Moore said it was in such deep woods that she had to go by horse and wagon to the site.  It is in deep woods now, and is accessible only by foot.  The old road bed is still visible nearby.  With Clinton growing westward towards this site, it probably is just a matter of time before it is encroached upon.  However, since it is on sixteenth section land, maybe the State Forestry Commission will see that it is not destroyed. There are many many unmarked graves here.

Boykin, John Pitmond b. South Hampton County, VA 23 Nov 1812 d. 28 Oct 1856 (emigrated to Mississippi in Nov 1831)
Boykin, Catherine A., wf of W. H.  b. 13 Nov 1831 d. 4 Dec 1859
Boykin, Mary E., wf of W. H. b. 1827 m. 19 Sep 1848 d. 7 Jul 1849
Boykin, Mary E., daughter of W. H. and Mary E. b. 28 Jun 1849 d. 2 Sep 1851
Farr, Elizabeth, wf of J. W. b. 1805 d. 10 Jan 1860
Farr, James Wilson b. 4 Jul 1799 d. 28 Jun 1869
Farr, G. W. Sr. b. 25 Feb 1812 d. 2 Mar 1873
Hall, Jessie B.
Hall, Jessie B. b. Jul 1861 d. 1 Jan 1863
Hall, Rebecca Ann, wf of J. B. b. 1780 d. 1 Jun 1861
Hall, William Randolph b. 30 Apr 1851 d. 7 Oct 1858
Hooker, Nathan b. 9 Aug 1797 d. 9 May 1856
Kelly, Amella E., wf of Samuel D. b. 14 May 1817 d. 30 Jun 1840
Kelly, Mrs. Parthemia M., daughter of Miles and Mary Wells b. 11 Aug 1822 d. 6 Jul 1876
Kelly, Nancy, daughter of S. D. and E. b. 20 Aug 1828 d. 27 Dec 1851
McAlpin, Dungan b. 12 May 1786 d. 5 Aug 1854
McAlpin, G. A. b. 9 Nov 1826 d. 5 Jun 1855
Myrick, Richard b. 1793 d. 25 Dec 1849
Myrick, John T. b. AL  1831 d. 17 Jan 1851
Stovall, G. S. b. 4 Aug 1852 d. 19 Nov 1883
Wells, Miles Jr. b. 30 Jun 1803 d. 10 Nov 1859
Wells, Bannister, son of Maud D. and B. b. 1 Oct 1831 d. 16 Aug 1848
Wells, Deborah M., daughter of Maud D. and B. b. 16 Oct 1846 d. 12 Sep 1848
Wells, Sarah A., daughter of George and Elizabeth Harding b. Powhattan County, VA 24 Jan 1814 d. 12 Feb 1880
Wells, Bannister, husband of Maud D.  b. 1804 d. 6 Feb 1849
Wells, Miles Sr. b. 27 Sep 1785 d. 21 Aug 1848
Wells, Polly, wf of Miles b. 11 Sep 1786 d. 13 Jun 1855
Wells, Angeline H.,daughter of Miles and Polly b.14 Apr 1824 d. 18 Oct 1840
Wells, Margaret Eliza, wf of Spiva M., daughter of Duncan and Margaret McAlpin b. 30 Sep 1826 d. 30 Dec 1851
Wynne, Dr. Robert M. b. 1 Jun 1811 d. 25 Jun 1840


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