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Located in Raymond, Hinds, MS

 Recorded and contributed by Mary Collins Landin  7-06-05

Located:  On the public school grounds in downtown Raymond, MS, in central Hinds County (S29T5NR2W).
Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 30 Sep 1978
First Grave:  1838
Remarks:  Colonel Dabney moved his entire family and plantation from Virginia to Lebanon, MS, in Hinds County in the early 1830s.  He bought part of the plantation of Moses Collins Sr. and Jr.  Moses Collins Jr. moved with his second wife and most of his family to DeSoto Parish, LA.  Colonel Dabney named his place Burleigh, and prior to the Civil War, it was a model showplace of plantation life.  He lost the plantation during Reconstruction in 1882.  The home site and much of the farm is now owned by the Worrell Family and others at Lebanon.  Dabney was born on 4 Jan 1798 in King and Queen County, VA, fought in the War of 1812 in Virginia, and died on 28 Feb 1885 in Baltimore, MD, where he is buried.  He was the son of Benjamin and Sarah Smith Dabney of Bellevue Plantation in Virginia.  His first wife, Mary Adelaide Tyler, and their three children all died and are buried in Virginia at Elmington Place, Glouchester County, VA, the Virginia plantation he left to move to Mississippi.  One of his daughters who grew up at Burleigh was Susan Dabney Smedes, who became an internationally-known author of considerable acclaim, and who lived in New York City.  There are 15 broken gravestones which are either unreadable or obviously unmarked in this fenced cemetery that no doubt belonged to Dabney, Smith, or Hill family members.
Dabney Family Cemetery

Grave Photos Taken by Natalie Maynor
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Armstrong, Joseph Stanley, husband of Ida Dabney b. 27 Feb 1848 d. 27 Feb 1909

Campbell, Hugh b. 4 Oct 1830 d. 22 Sep 1840

Dabney, Benjamin, son of T. S. G. and S. H.  b. & d. 1844
Dabney, Charles, son of T. S. G. and S. H. b. 3 May 1830 d. 28 Sep 1853
Dabney, Edward Hill, son of T. S. G. and S. H. b. 9 Nov 1836 d. 23 Apr 1903
Dabney, Ida May Ewing, wf of Thomas S. Jr. b. not given m. 1884 d. 1918
Dabney, James, son of T. S. G. and S. H. b. 12 Oct 1831 d. 9 Jul 1838
Dabney, Rosalie, youngest daughter of T.S. G. and S. H. b. & d. Jul 1854
Dabney, Sophia Hill, wf of T. S.G., daughter of Charles and Susan F. Hill b. King and Queen County, VA 21 Apr 1810 d. 17 Dec 1860
Dabney, Dr. Thomas Smith Gregory Jr. b. 16 May 1850 d. 28 Dec 1924

Hill, Susan F., consort of Charles b. King and Queen County, VA May 1793 d. 17 Jun 1851

Smart, Sarah McLemore b. 12 Oct 1859 d. 6 Dec 1859
Smart, William B. b. 27 Apr 1812 d. 2 Jul 1865
Smedes, Rev. Lyell, husband of Susan C. Dabney, son of Rev. Dr. Albert Smedes of Vicksburg, MS b. 18 Sep 1835 m. Oct 1860 d. 18 Jan 1861
Smith, Ann C., daughter of L. and E. b. 11 Jun 1836 d. 9 Dec 1838
Smith, Charles H., son of L. and E.  b. 12 Mar & d. 28 Jun 1845
Smith, Emeline, daughter of L. and E. b. 8 May 1838 d. 13 Sep 1843
Smith, Emeline, wf of Lewis b. 2 Aug 1801 d. 30 Apr 1848
Smith, Larkin, son of L. and E. b. 21 Feb 1843 d. 24 Jul 1845
Smith, Lewis b. King and Queen County, VA 1797 d. 23 Dec 1848
Smith, Lewis Jr. b. Apr 1840 d. 5 Oct 1844
Smith, Willie, son of Campbell and Mary  (no dates given; d. age 9 m


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