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 Recorded and contributed by Mary Collins Landin  7-06-05

Located:  Beside the old Robinett house three miles from Utica on Mississippi Hwy 27 between Utica and Vicksburg (S29T4NR4W).   Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 24 Sep 1978
First Grave:  1842

Remarks:  This cemetery is no longer used and is unkept, and at one time it was enclosed by a steel fence.  It is known locally as the Robinett Cemetery, but first and most numerous gravestones belong to Yates.  There are at least 17 unmarked graves.   In 2005, the property has been sold and cleared.


Davis, Eliza Arthur, wf of Thomas O. b. 30 Mar 1831 d. 30 Nov 1854
Fontaine, W. Y. b. 21 Aug 1880 d. 7 Dec 1896
Robinett, Annie S. b. 1 Mar 1862 d. 22 Apr 1950
Robinett, Lucille, daughter of Annie S. b. 1 Aug 1887 d. 4 Sep 1971
Robinett,____ (many of the unmarked graves appear to be Robinetts)
Swanson, Maria Louise Yates b. 24 Dec 1831 d. 11 Jun 1907
Yates, Ignatius b. 18 Dec 1795 d. 1 Apr 1842
Yates, Ignatius F.,son of N.B. and S. J. b. 13 Dec 1855 d. 11 Sep 1858
Yates, Infant  (no dates given)
Yates, Jerome B., son of N. B. and S. J. (CSA) b. 23 Oct 1840 d. 12 Oct 1877
Yates, Jerome L.  1863-1885
Yates, L. F.  (no dates given)
Yates, Mary Louisa, wf of Ignatius  (no dates given)
Yates, Napoleon B., son of Ignatius and Mary Louisa  b. 28 Feb 1828 d. 1894
Yates, Obedience Arthur, wf of Ignatius b. 19 Jul 1795 d. 27 Aug 1881
Yates, S. J., wf of N. B.

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