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 Contributed by Mary Collins Landin 7-4-05

Located:  About 100 yards off the Ernest Martin Road northeast of Utica, MS (S28T3NR4W).
Recorded:  By Mary Collins Landin, on 30 May 1971
First Grave:  1829

Remarks:  This old cemetery is completely abandoned, and is in a pasture.  It has several unmarked graves.  In 1978 it was not even visible from the road, but since then grazing has kept it more visible. Few of this Yates Family branch descendants are living in the area now.  Daniel Yates and Ignatius Yates, also born in 1795, were first cousins when they arrived in Hinds County, MS, from the Carolinas.

Elliot, Francis Marion, son of William R. and Sarah b. Caddo Parish, LA 14 Dec 1844 d. 6 Jan 1848
Elliot, Sarah, wf of W. R. b. 8 Sep 1824 d. Greenwood, LA 25 Jul 1852
Howell, Ambrose b. NY 9 Jan 1802 d. 4 Sep 1844
Howell, Edward L., son of A. and H. b. 25 Dec 1840 d. 11 Aug 1844
Howell, Helen S., wf of Ambrose b. 15 Mar 1819 d. 27 Apr 1877
Howell, Jacob A., son of A. and H. b. 20 Jul 1844 d. 21 Dec 1847
Lee, Elizabeth P., daughter of J. C. and W. M. b. 14 Aug 1828 d. 23 May 1829
Lee, Helen C., daughter of J. C. and W. M. b. 2 Feb 1833 d. 7 Aug 1837
Lee, James C., son of James and Mary b. 2 Jun 1799 d. 13 Dec 1968
Lee, James M., son of J. C. and W. M. b. 5 Jan 1830 d. can't read
Lee, John H. P., son of J. C. and W. M. b. 11 Jun 1831 d. 1834
Lee, Nixon F., son of J. C. and W. M. b. 15 Aug 1841 d. 7 Mar 1842
Lee, Sarah M., daughter of J.  C. and W. M. b. 11 Mar 1835 d. can't read date
Lee, Winifred M. Yates, wf of James C.   (no dates given)
Reid, Thomas R.  entered into rest January 1886
Wall, Mary Virginia, daughter of Rev. R. V. and E. Y. b. Bethany, VA d. Eden, PA   (no dates given; d. age 10 m 3 d)
Weeks, Jefferson D., son of A. B. and M. A.  b. Sep 1851 d. 17 Aug 1852
Weeks, Sally M., daughter of A. B. and M. A. b. 5 Jan 1853 d. 22 Jun 1859
Yates, Alexander, in an unmarked grave, business owner, postmaster, mayor of Utica, Mississippi (1870-1935), last of the family to be buried in this cemetery
Yates, Amanda, daughter of D. and M. b. 11 Mar 1821 d. 24 Nov 1853
Yates, Cleopatra, daughter of D. and M. b. 18 Jul 1834 d. Sep 1834
Yates, Daniel b. 16 Mar 1795 d. 2 Jun 1875
Yates, Daniel T. (CSA) b. 14 Jan 1838 d. 13 Jan 1894
Yates, Daniel T. Jr. b. 22 Mar 1870 d. 17 Feb 1900
Yates, Daniel T. III   (no dates given)
Yates, Emily, daughter of D. and M. b. 15 Sep 1831 d. Nov 1831
Yates, John, son of D. and M. b. 26 Jul 1839 d. Sep 1839
Yates, John R. b. 4 Jul 1872 d. 1 Jan 1896
Yates, Margaret J. b. 19 Jan 1847 d. 29 Aug 1901
Yates, Mary, wf of Daniel b. NC 1797 d. 28 Mar 1851
Yates, Mary Ophelia, daughter of L. D. and J. A. b. 5 Feb 1853 d. 27 Aug 1853


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