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Pat Agent    New!
Ira Willard Agent   New!
Ira Dell Agent   New!
Lela Virginia Agent  New!  
Mrs. Jean Aaron   New!
Charles Thomas Aaron    New!
Don Willard Agent Sr.    New!
David Grimball McRae
John McNeill
Captain James E. Burke
William Bell
Robert L. Clark
Edwards Matron
Eva A. Birdsong
Ora Lee Hill
W.G, Clark
Capt. Andrew Jackson Willis
Matthew Broome
Martha C. Ford
George B. Ford
Walter Sherwood Ford
Jerry Ross (a slave)
Jesse B. Funchess
B.E. Funchess Jr.
E. vonSeutter
Louisa P. Clark
Walter X. Broome
Albert Ramelle Anderson
Capt. James C. Davis
Pearl Vivian Hill Crawford
Fitzhugh Lee Frantz
Samuel V. Clark
John Wesley Butts
Diane W. Chance
Alline Jones Cockrell
Terry Twana Crockett
Sammy James Davis
Joseph 'Pete' Dawson
 Willie Lee "Bill" Denson
Oneita A. Dongieux
Joan Freeman Dunham
Annie Dene Edgar
Sgt Scottie L Bright
Pvt Larry K. Brown
Bishop Hugh Miller Thompson   (3 articles with photos)
Mrs. Annie White
 Sterling K. White
Mr. Virginias Dabney
G.S. Hunter
Annie L. Harper
J.S.C. Cooper
Reverend C. P. Colmery
G.W. "William" Phillips
Howard E. Senseman
Hilda Mae Milstead
Ronald James Keslinger
Postal Inspector Charles Fitzgerald
Lalla McGee
 J. M. H. Martin


Death Notices

Francis Gillespie Goodwin
Jacob B. Funchess
Willis Bell
Susan Dudley
Mary L. Bolls
Governor Brown
Gen. Braxton Bragg
Geo. D. Nixon
Jobe Ford
Jimmie Thompson
Myron E. Lee
Dr. H.C. Stackhouse
Jabez Ford
Nathaniel Frost
Misc. Death Notices from the Summit Conservative Times
and the Vicksburg Daily Herald
 John Graves


Death Records

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