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Governor Brown
Contributed by Jymie Carol Ford Inmon january 17, 2006

The Greenville Times
Greenville, Mississippi
June 19, 1880
This morning, from Hinds County, we glean particulars of the lamented death of Governor Brown. It appears that his wife was quite unwell and needed the services of a physician. The Governor mounted a horse and rode into Terry, some two miles distance, and secured a physician, who returned with him. Reaching home, he told the doctor to go on to the house and that he would ride to the pond, water his horse, and follow him in a few minutes. In a short time the riderless horse passed the house, and search being made for the Governor, his lifeless body was found in the water where he had fallen. He had twice before had slight attacks of apoplexy, and the rapid ride of four miles under the intense heat, no doubt caused a more severe attack, in which he fell from his saddle and perished.

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