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Obituary of Geo. Hunter

Funeral of Dr. G.S. Hunter Wednesday morning th__ ____ held on e of the most largely attended funerals ever witness here.  Dr. Geo. Hunter’s remains
were brought to Raymond on the early mourning train from Jackson where the Doctor died the day before and carried to the Methodist Church where an
immense throng gathered form Jackson, Bolton, Edwards, and other places, and Raymond and surrounding country, to pay the last sad tribute of respect to one universially beloved; a man in class by himself, so unique and
admired was his life and character. Even Judge Henery adjourned court in respect for the solemn occasion.  The Masons of Bolton turned out in full strength, and other Masons joined them in accompanying the remains of one
who stood so high in their esteem. At 11o’clock the church services were held by Rev. W.A. Terry, the pastor of the dead physician, assisted by Rev. C.P. Colmery, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Edwards.  A beautiful and touching service was held, both ministers paying the very highest tributes touching the life and character of one who indeed was a gentleman of the
noblest type, a Christian of the purest mould, and a man on whose lip was no guile.  There has never lived one in this section so universially loved and whose death was so intensely deplored, not only by white people but by
negroes, for as a physician and a man he went about doing good. He stood high in the Methodist Church, holding the office of steward for twenty years.  He loved the people and the people loved him.

After church service, the Masons took charge of the remains and laid the torest beside his parents in the town cemetery.  The grave was profusely and beautifully bedecked with flowers Dr. Hunter was 50 years old at the time of his death, and was  never married, but leaves several brothers and sisters, to whom the Gazette extends words of sympathy in this their sad bereavement.

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