The Political Graveyard - offsite link

Acree Family Cemetery, Lewisburg (T/S2S, R6W, Sec 26 - property owned by Allison Family on E side of Roos Rd about a mile N of Byhalia Rd; entrance thru Mrs Vivian Broadway's home; one monument with 3 names. Surveyed by Roland I Lyons in 1985.)

Armistead Cemetery, Walls (T1S, R9W, Sec 35 - N side of Nail Rd, 1-1/4 miles W of Hwy 301, under large Oak tree; steel fence around cemetery, overgrown with Kudzu and weeds. Several stones on ground. Surveyed Jan 1984 by Roland I Lyons)

Avery Chapel Cemetery, Pleasant Hill

Baker's Chapel United Methodist Cemetery, Hernando (R7W, T3S, S11 - 1965 Johnston Rd, approx 6 miles E of Hernando)

Baker Family Cemetery, Bridgetown (T2S, R7W, Sec 26 - SW corner of Sec 26, just E of Malone Rd, about a mile S of Pleasant Hill Rd)

Banks Family Cemetery, Hernando (T3S, R7W, Sec 5 - Lady Banks property on N side of Byhalia Rd, E of Hernando)

Bass Cemetery, Olive Branch

Beal-Long Cemetery/Cherry Cemetery, Lewisburg

Bethel Cemetery, Olive Branch

Bethlehem Cemetery, Hernando

Bledsoe Family Cemetery, Plum Point (R7W, T1S, Sec 21 - near State Line and Tchulahoma Rds, S of State Line and E of Tchulahoma)

Blocker Cemetery, Blocker Street, Olive Branch

Boggan Cemetery, Lewisburg

Botts Cemetery, Olive Branch

Bridgforth Family Cemetery #1, Bridgetown (T2S, R7W, Sec 15 - near Star Landing and Getwell Rds,  N of Star Landing about ½ mile in field on E side of rd, and about ¼ mile off Getwell Rd)

Bridgforth Family Cemetery #2, Bridgetown (T2S, R7W, Sec 28 - Pleasant Hill Rd, one-half mile W of Getwell Rd on S side of road)

Brigance Family Cemetery, Miller (approx five miles E of Olive Branch)

Brown Family Cemetery, Cub Lake (T3S, R8W, Sec 30 - Lower Fogg Rd, S of Oak Grove Rd approx 1 mile; formerly known as Lower Fogg Road Cemetery)

Busby Family Cemetery, Eudora (T3S, R9W, Sec 10 - in 1986 was located on Busby property on N side of Newell Rd, W of Baldwin Rd)

Campbellite Church Cemetery, Bright (R7W, T2S, Sec 33 - NW corner of Getwell and Byhalia Rds)

Carr Family Cemerery, Lewisburg

Castleberry Cemetery, Olive Branch

Center Hill, Miller

Center Point Cemetery, Lewisburg

Cherry Cemetery (see Beal-Long Cemetery)

Christian Church Cemetery

Clemonts Cemetery, Olive Branch

Cockrum Cemetery, Cockrum

Coleman Cemetery, Plum Point (4587 Hillsdale Rd in a field S of the residence)

Connally Family Cemetery, Hernando (R8W, T3S, Sec 33 - approx 75 feet from NE corner of intersection of Horn Lake and Ranch Rds)

Corinth Cemetery, Miller (R5W, T2S, Sec 21 - on the E and W sides of old Pigeon Roost Rd)

Cox Cemetery, Olive Branch

Dean Family Cemetery, Nesbit (R8W, T2S, Sec 30 - N of Dean Rd, ½ mile and W of Fogg Rd ¼ mile)

Dement Cemetery, Olive Branch (was once the Dement family farm in NE DeSoto Co, near Olive Branch)

Drain Family Cemetery, Lewisburg

Drane-Cummings Family Cemetery, Cockrum (R6W, T3S, Sec 15 - approx 100 yards E of Hwy 305 and about 1 mile N of Cockrum)

Ebenezer Cemetery, Lewisburg

Edmonson Cemetery, Southaven - offsite link

Enon Springs Cemetery, Hernando

Eudora Baptist Cemetery, Eudora - offsite link

Eudora Baptist Church Cemetery, Eudora

Fairview Cemetery, Olive Branch

Farley Cemetery, Hernando

Forrest Cemetery, Hernando (R7W, T3S, Sec 16 - on the Snell place (1987) on the N side of the rd)

Fountainhead Cemetery, Lewisburg

Gartrell Family Cemetery, Nesbit (R8W, T2S, Sec 22 - E of Tulane Rd, midway between Nesbit and Star Landing Rds)

Glenn's Chapel Methodist Cemetery, Memphis (R9W, T2S, Sec 23 - S side of Star Landing Rd approx ½ mile W of Hwy 301)

Goodrum Cemetery, Eudora

Grays Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Hernando

Halliburton Family Cemetery, Nesbit (R8W, T2S, Sec 22 - S side of Star Landing Rd, about ¼ mile W of Church & Cemetery)

Hannaford Cemetery, Lewisburg (R6W, T2S, Sec 34 - E of Hwy 305 approx ½ mile N of Lewisburg)

Harmon Cemetery, Nesbit (R8W, T3S, Sec 3 - one mile W of intersection of Pine Tree and Robinson Rds)

Haynie Cemetery, Olive Branch (R5W, T1S, Sec 30 - end of Easter Rd, approx ½ mile W of the Section line and 1 ½ miles W of Center Hill Rd)

Hernando Baptist Cemetery, Hernando

Hernando Confederate Plot, Hernando

Hernando Memorial Cemetery, Hernando

Hernando Baptist Church Cemetery, Hernando

Hernando Springhill Cemetery, Hernando

Herrington Family Cemetery, Stonewall (S side of Byhalia Rd just W of Red Banks Rd, about ¼ mile)

Hinds Chapel Cemetery, Westdays

Huddleston Family Cemetery, Nesbit (R8W, T3S, Sec 3 - corner of Tulane and Pine Tree Rds)

Jaybird Cemetery, Hernando

Jeremiah Cemetery, Pleasant Hill

Johnston Family Cemetery, Bridgetown (R7W, T2S, Sec 35 - NW ¼, just E of Malone Rd and S of Sunset Dr)

Kelly Cemetery, Lewisburg

Kelsey Family Cemetery, Olive Branch (R6W, T2S, Sec 21 - N of Bethel road ¼ mile, W of Hwy 305 ¼ mile)

Knights Cemetery, Hernando

Love Family Cemetery, Hernando (R7W, T4S, Sec 4, E of Hwy 51 and ½ mile S of Love Rd)

Love Station Cemetery, Hernando

Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery, Ingrams Mill

Manning Family Cemetery, Southhaven (R8W, T2S, Sec 11 - S of Church Rd and W of Hwy 51 in 1985)

McAninch Family Cemetery, Hernando (R7W, T4S, Sec 9)

McIntosh Cemetery, Hernando (R7W, T3S, Sec 21 - Oliver place, S side of the road)

McKinney Cemetery, Ingrams Mill (R5W, T3S, Sec. 19 - E side of Red Banks Rd near the intersection with Cathey Rd)

Merritt Family Cemetery, Hernando (R8W, T4S, Sec 16 - property owned by Edward Sharp in 1983. It was located at the S end of Airport Rd, S off Wheeler Rd.)

Mills Family Cemetery, Lewisburg

Moore Family Cemetery, Hernando (R8W, T4S, Sec 11 - NE corner intersection of Wheeler and Robertson Gin Rds)

Morgan Cemetery, Alphaba (R7W, T3S, Sec 36 - N of DeSoto-Tate County Line Rd and W of Smith Rd about 6/10 of a mile)

Mount Austin Cemetery, Lewisburg

Mount Olive Cemetery, Pleasant Hill

Myers Family Cemetery, Stonewall (R5W, T3S, Sec. 4 - E side of Myers Rd about 1/3 mile S of Byhalia Rd)

Nesbit Cemetery, Pleasant Hill

Nesbit Family Cemetery, Pleasant Hill

New Bethany Cemetery, Hernando

New Bethlehem Cemetery, Horn Lake - offsite link

New Hope Cemetery, Lewisburg

New Hope Cemetery, Pleasant Hill

Oak Grove Church Cemetery, Cub Lake

Old Carolina Cemetery, Tate County (formerly in DeSoto) - offsite links to photos

Oliver Family Cemetery, Hernando (R8W, T3S, Sec. 16 - South side of Hwy 304, two miles W of Hernando)

Payne Cemetery, Old Craft Road, Olive Branch

Perry Cemetery, Tate County (just S of DeSoto Co line)

Phoenix Cemetery, Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Hill

Powers Family Cemetery, Cockrum (R6W, T3S, Sec 27)

Pryor Cemetery, Lewisburg

Robertson Family Cemetery, Hernando (R8W, T3S, Sec 34; approx 600 ft S of Clifton Rd and ½ mile W of Robertson Gin Rd)

Robinson Family Cemetery, Nesbit (R8W, T2S, Sec 25 on E side of Gwynn Rd, ½ mile N of Nesbit)

Rutland Cemetery, Mineral Wells (R6W, T1S, Sec 20; S of the Mississippi/Tennessee State Line Rd, ½ mile E of Germantown Rd and 1 mile E of Mineral Wells)

Saint Thomas Cemetery, Pleasant Hill

Shackleford Family Cemetery, Hernando (R8W, T4S, Sec 10; W side of Robinson Gin Rd and South of Clifton Rd; SW of Hernando)

Shiloh Cemetery, Pleasant Hill

Slaughter Cemetery, Nesbit (R7W, T2S, Sec 18 on N side of Star Landing Rd, E of Interstate 55 near the Forestry Tower)

Soloman Cemetery, Hernando (R8W, T4S, Sec 15 about 500 feet W of intersection of Wheeler and Robertson Gin Rds)

Spring Hill Cemetery, Frees Corners

Stevens Family Cemetery (R6W, T4S, Sec 4)

Trinity Church Cemetery, Eudora

Turner Cemetery, Eudora (R9W, T3S, Sec 10. It was originally part of the Eudora Baptist Church cemetery, and is located on the N side of Hwy 304 E of Eudora Cross Roads. The side was abandoned when Hwy 301 was built.)

Twin Oaks Cemetery, Southhaven (R7W, T1S, Sec 30 on N side of Goodman Rd, about 1 mile E of Interstate 55)

Vance Family Cemetery, Hernando (R8W, T3S, Sec 13 - N of Robinson St, two blocks W of US Hwy 51)

Wheeler Family Cemetery, Hernando

Whites Chapel Cemetery, Lewisburg

Wiggins Cemetery, Olive Branch

Winbourn Cemetery, Lewisburg

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