Herrington Family Cemetery

Located on the south side of Byhalia road just west of Red Banks road, about ¼ mile.  The cemetery is between two gravel pits, fenced, and well-kept (1980’s).  R5W, T3S, Sec. 6.  Additional information added by Tim Harrison.

Johnnie Elizabeth Herrington – 1901 – 1943.
Daughter of John B. Herrington (see below) and Lillie B. Lee (see below).  Born in DeSoto County.  Apparently never married.  Living with her mother, Lillie, in 1930.

Polly E. Herrington – 1899 – 1904.  Daughter of John B. and Lillie B. Herrington.
Born in DeSoto County.

J. B. Herrington – 1862 – 1925.
John B. Harrington was born August 6, 1862 in DeSoto County, the son of William J. Herrington (see below) and Mary E. (see below).   Married Lillie B. Lee (see below) on September 22, 1897.  He was the father of eight children, only five of whom survived to 1910:  Polly E. (see above), Johnnie E. (see above), Celia C. (1906), Herbert L. (1909), and James Benjamin (1912).  The family was listed in the 1910 (p. 39) and 1920 (p. 35) DeSoto Census records.

Lillie Lee Herrington – 1871 – 1950.
Born Lillie B. Lee, daughter of Martin Lee and Martha “Maggie” Tilghman, in DeSoto County.  She married John B. Herrington in DeSoto County on September 22, 1897.  According to the 1910 Census (p. 39), she was the mother of 8 children, five of whom were still living.  She is listed in the 1930 DeSoto Census (p. 44) with four of her children: Johnnie, Celia, Herbert, and Benjamin.

Herbert L. Herrington – 1908 – 1982.
Born August 7, 1908 in DeSoto County, MS, the son of John B. Herrington and Lillie Lee.  He died in Shelby County, Tennessee in February 1982.

Mary A. Herrington – 1826 – 1890.  Wife of W. J. Herrington.
Born in North Carolina, she was the second wife of William J. Herrington.  They married in approximately 1861.  (There is no marriage record because these records were burned during the Civil War).  She and William were the parents of three known children: John B. (see above), Elizabeth Caroline (see below), and Jennethe “Jennie” (1866).  The family is listed in the 1870 (p. 168) and 1880 (p. 374) DeSoto County Census records.

W. J. Herrington – 1812 – 1899.
William J. Herrington was born in North Carolina.  (Believed to be the son of Stephen Herrington listed in the 1840 DeSoto Census (p. 120) with the following family: 002220001 – 001210001).  He married (first) Hester Cummings (probably the daughter of W. T. & Jane Cummings) on February 10, 1846 and (second) Mary A. (see above) about 1861.  He was the father of six known children by his first wife, who died between 1856 and 1860: Candis (1846), Alice (1848), W. W. (1850), J. Robert (1852), Sarah Anna (1854) and Mary Jane (see below).  He is listed in the 1850 (p. 383) and 1860 (p. 223) DeSoto Census records.  He had three additional children by his second wife, Mary (see above).  Daughter Candis Herrington married J. C. Jones on December 2, 1867.  William Herrington’s Will is in Final Record Book 2, page 511.

Elizabeth Caroline Herrington – 1864 – 1955.
Born in DeSoto County, the daughter of William J. Herrington and Mary A.  Never married.

Mary Jane Herrington – 1857 – 1949.
Born in DeSoto County on January 11, 1857, the daugher of William J. Herrington and Hester Cummings.  Her death certificate states she was born at Ingram Mills.  She died at the age of 92 on April 24, 1949 in Memphis, Tennessee of heart failure.

Elizabeth Herrington – No dates.

Mary Holmes Herrington – No dates.
Probably the Mary Herrington listed in the 1850 DeSoto Census (p. 391) as 67 years of age and born in Georgia.  She is living with the family of Cleavor Herrington (26, MS).  I believe she was the wife of Stephen Herrington (see below).  She died between 1850 and 1860.

Stephen Herrington – No dates.
Probably the Stephen Herrington listed in the 1840 DeSoto Census (p. 120).  The Census indicates he was between 60 and 70 in 1840 (b. between 1770 – 1780) and his wife was in the same age range (may be one of the women listed above, possibly Mary Holmes Herrington).  He died between 1840 and 1850.

Sarah Cash Cox – 17 July 1801 (only date)
Believed to be the S. Cocks of the 1860 DeSoto Census (p. 225) whose age was listed as 59.  She was born in North Carolina and was the wife of Edmund Cox, also born in North Carolina about 1801.  They are listed in the 1850 Anson Co., NC Census (p. 171) with the following children: Harriet, 28; Mary, 23; Carolina, 17; Frances, 14; Elizabeth, 11; and William E., 9.  In 1860 they are listed as follows: E. Cocks, 59; S. Cocks, 59; M. (f), 30; F. (f), 25; E. (f), 20; William, 18.  Edmund Cox died between 1870 and 1880.

Celia E. Cummings – 1865 – 1865.

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