Drane – Cummings Family Cemetery

Located at R6W, T3S, Sec. 15 approximately 100 yards east of Highway 305 and about 1 mile north of Cockrum. Surveyed in 1983. Additional information added by Tim Harrison.

Wilson Crockett Cummings – age 6 years. Son of Jonathan & Julia Cummings.
It appears he was born and died before 1860. His widowed mother is listed in the 1860 DeSoto Census (p. 193) with four children: Nancy J. (15, MS), Amanda (see below), Missouri (11 – listed in 1870 as Manerva), and Oscar (8 – listed in 1870 as Austin). Julia Cummings was born in Tennessee about between 1826 – 1830 (census records differ on her age).

Jonathan Cummings – 1851 – 18 Sept 1871.
Must be the husband of Julian Cummings, though the dates appear to be incorrect. No son named Jonathan is listed in either the 1860 (p. 193) or 1870 (p. 155) DeSoto Census records, and he should have appeared in both. Jonathan, the husband of Julia, appears to have died prior to 1860 as he is not listed in the census.

Amanda Drane – 1847 – 24 Dec 1869. Daughter of Jonathan & Julia Cummings.
Born in Mississippi. Apparently also known as Emma. Married Andrew J. Drane on February 18, 1868. They had no known children. Her husband is listed in the 1870 DeSoto Census (p. 155) living with his mother-in-law, Julia Cummings.

Nannie Ingram – 16 Oct 1845 – 2 Apr 1878. Daughter of Jonathan & Julia Cummings. Wife of R. B. Ingram.
Nancy J. Cummings (“Nannie”) was born in Mississippi and is listed in the 1860 DeSoto Census (p. 193) with her mother and siblings. She married Richard B. Ingram, the son of Nathan and Permesa Ingram, on March 3, 1868. Richard was a Confederate soldier, serving in Co. D, 2nd Mississippi Cavalry. She was the mother of two known children: John (b. 1869) and Zula (b. 1877). She and her family are listed in the 1870 DeSoto Census (p. 154). After her death, Richard married Mrs. Mary C. “Kate” Adams on November 27, 1879. In 1880 they were living in Alcorn County, Mississippi (p. 271 of the census).

Emily M. Payne – 13 Apr 1822 – 23 June 1843.
May be a daughter of Hamilton C. Payne (see below).

H. C. Payne – No dates. Footstone only.
H. C. Payne was born about 1800 in North Carolina. He is listed in the 1830 (p. 14) & 1840 (p. 120) Shelby County, Tennessee Census records. In 1830 he is shown with 1 son under 5 and five daughters (1 between 5 & 10, another between 10 & 15, and three between 15 & 20), along with a wife born between 1800 and 1810. Marriage records show that Hamilton C. Payne married Sarah Fields on October 30, 1848 in Shelby County, TN. (Whether this is the Sarah Payne listed below is unknown, though it is likely). He is listed in the 1850 DeSoto Census (p. 413) with one child: William, 15, born in TN. Hamilton C. Payne married Nancy J. Brown in DeSoto on August 26, 1851. He died prior to March 1854, when his widow, Nancy, married James M. Word.

Sarah H. Payne – 1773 – 28 July 1849. Wife of Dr. H. C. Payne.
Possibly the Sarah Fields who married Hamilton C. Payne in Shelby County, TN on October 30, 1848.

Nancy H. Vickers – 3 Feb 1828 – 14 Mar 1850. Wife of J. M. Vickers.
Possibly the daughter of Hamilton C. Payne. She married John M. Vickers on January 30, 1849. They had one daughter, Nancy H., born in 1850. Her widowed husband remarried on November 30, 1852 to Elizabeth J. Kennedy. He was a Confederate soldier, serving in Co. B, Blythe’s Cavalry.

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