Haynie Cemetery

Located at R5W, T1S, Sec. 30 at the end of Easter road, approximately ½ mile west of the Section line and 1 ½ miles west of Center Hill road.  Surveyed in 1983.  Additional information added by Tim Harrison.

C. T. Haynie – 26 Oct 1878 – 23 Feb 1944.
Charles Thomas Haynie was born in DeSoto County, Mississippi, the son of Charles M. Haynie (see below) and Sallie Crutcher (see below).  He died in Memphis, Tennessee of organic heart disease along with hypertension and flu.  He was married, but no record of the marriage has been found.  By 1930 he was widowed and living in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee with his sister, Julia B. Haynie.

Orleana A. Haynie – 3 Feb 1870 – 30 Apr 1939.
Born in DeSoto County, MS, the daughter of Charles M. Haynie and Sallie Crutcher.  She never married.  She is listed in the 1910 DeSoto Census (p. 1) living with her parents and in the 1920 Shelby County, Tennessee Census (p. 208).  In both census records her occupation is school teacher.  She died in Memphis, Tennessee of coronary occlusion and arterial hypertension.

Charles M. Haynie -  2 Nov 1841 – 12 Apr 1914.
Charles M. Haynie was born in Tennessee.  He was the son of Thornton (b. 1813, VA) and Juliet Ann (b. 1812, VA – d. 1853, Marion Co., MO) Thornton.  He is listed with them in the 1850 (p. 299) and 1860 (p. 62) Marion County, Missouri Census records.  He was a Confederate soldier, serving in Co. C (“Wigfall Grays” – Shelby County, TN), 4th Tennessee Infantry.  He married Sallie Crutcher (see below) in DeSoto County on October 1, 1867.  He was the father of the following children: Annie (see below), Orleana A. (see above), Julia (1871 – 1950), Sallie (1873), John W. (1874), Mary (1877), Charles Thomas (see above), and an unnamed infant daughter (see below).  The family was listed in the 1870 (p. 12), 1880 (p. 422), 1900 (p. 12) and 1910 (p. 1) DeSoto County Census records.  He is listed in the 1906 DeSoto County Confederate veterans census.

Sallie Crutcher Haynie – 14 June 1840 – 6 Jan 1912.
Born in DeSoto County, Mississippi, the daughter of Thomas and Ann Crutcher (see below).  She married Charles M. Haynie (see above) in 1867 and was the mother of eight children (see above).

Annie Wheatley Crutcher – 20 July 1868 – 6 Sept 1871.  Daughter of C. M. & Sallie Haynie.

Infant daughter Haynie – 25 May 1881 – 25 May 1881.  Daughter of C. M. & Sallie Haynie.

Rebecca Elizabeth Crutcher – No dates.

James Abner Crutcher – 10 Oct 1832 – 19 Sept 1847.  Born in Charlotte Co., VA.
Son of Thomas Crutcher (see below) and Ann McCargo (see below).  He was the fourth child born to the couple.

Thomas Crutcher – 5 Feb 1797 – 8 Oct 1848.  Born in Charlotte Co., VA.
Thomas Crutcher was the son of Reuben Crutcher (1741 – 1819) and Elizabeth Cheaney (1760 – 1823).  He was the sixth of nine children.  He married Ann McCargo (see below) on June 23, 1823 in Charlotte County, Virginia.  They were the parents of eight known children, born in Charlotte County, VA unless otherwise noted: William A. (see below), Edwin C. (1826 – bef. 1870), Mariah Susan (see below), Thomas M. (1829 – 1864), Julia Ann Frances (1831 – 1862), James Abner (see below), Elbert J. (1835, AL – 1865), and Sallie (see Sallie Crutcher Haynie above).  Thomas Crutcher was listed in the 1830 Charlotte County, VA Census (p. 222) and the 1840 DeSoto Census (p. 106).

Ann Crutcher – 1 Dec 1802 – 4 Dec 1881.  Wife of Thos. Crutcher.
Born Ann McCargo, the daughter of Robert McCargo and Rebecca Portwood.  She married Thomas Crutcher (see above) in 1823.  She was the mother of eight children (see above).  She was listed in the 1850 (p. 389), 1860 (p. 207), 1870 (p. 12) and 1880 (p. 422) DeSoto County Census records.  The following additional information is included on those of her children not buried in the Haynie Cemetery:

Edwin C. – born about 1826 in VA.  Married Martha A. Cox (1834 – 1886) on June 17, 1854.  They had one child, William Judson (1861 – 1918).  Martha A. Crutcher and William J. Crutcher are buried in the Center Hill Cemetery.  It is believed that Edwin must have died in the early 1860’s as no other children were born to the couple.

Thomas M. – born about 1829 in VA.  Never married.  Served in Co. E, 34th Mississippi Regiment.  Was captured and died as a prisoner of war at Rock Island, IL on August 15, 1864.  He is buried at Rock Island.

Julia Ann Frances – born 8 February 1831 in VA.  Married Robert Wilson (1825 – 1875) on November 29, 1848.  She was the mother of four known children: Orleana I. (10 Nov 1849 – 30 May 1852); Janie E. (15 Sep 185_ - 18 May 1857); Shemuel (22 Jan 1857 – 5 Aug 1857); Robert J. (29 Aug 1858 – 20 Sep 1872); Fannie (1862 - ).  Her husband was a Confederate soldier, serving in Co. E, 3rd Mississippi Cavalry. Julia, he husband and four children are buried in the Center Hill Cemetery.

W. A. Crutcher – 9 Aug 1824 – 29 Jan 1862.
William A. Crutcher was born in Virginia, the son of Thomas Crutcher and Ann McCargo.  He married Sallie E. Cox, daughter of Richard Cox, on December 20, 1855.  They are listed in the 1860 DeSoto Census (p. 207).  The census lists one child: F. A. (f), 1 year old.

T. A. Crutcher – 17 Sept 1859 – 19 Aug 1860.
Believed to be the “F. A. Crutcher” listed as a daughter of William A. Crutcher and Sallie E. Cox in the 1860 Census.

E. J. C. – Footstone only.  Headstone missing.
Elbert J. Crutcher was born in Limestone County, Alabama about 1835.  He never married.  He served as a sergeant in Co. A, 1st Mississippi Regiment, C.S.A. during the war and died in the service on February 2, 1865.

Samuel – No name.  No dates.
It is possible this is the Henry F. Samuel listed in the 1840 DeSoto Census (p. 114).  At that time he was between 30 and 40 years of age.

Mariah S. Payne – 27 Sept 1828 – 29 Apr 1857.
Born Mariah Susan Crutcher in Charlotte County, Virginia, the daughter of Thomas Crutcher and Ann McCargo.  Married Robert Payne on 29 October 1846 in DeSoto County.  Mother of at least four children: Thomas J. Payne, Lucy A. Payne, John H. Payne, and William L. Payne (1856 – 1857).  Listed in the 1850 DeSoto Census (p. 389).

William L. Payne – 22 October 1856 – 1857.
Son of Robert Payne and Mariah S. Crutcher.

Addie Payne – 6 July 1879 – 24 November 1879.  Daughter of T. J. & A. B. Payne.
Daughter of Thomas J. Payne and Ada Bryant.

Clara Goza Payne – 17 June 1877 – 24 May 1878.  Daughter of T. J. and A. B. Payne.
Daughter of Thomas J. Payne and Ada Bryant.

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