Corinth Cemetery

Located at R5W, T2S, Sec. 21 on the East and West sides of old Pigeon Roost Road.  Organized in 1852, it was destroyed in 1969 and relocated by the developer by Court Order.  From page 76 of the DeSoto Cemetery Inscriptions book published in 1986.  Additional information added by Tim Harrison.

Wm. L. Burks – 21 Apr 1813 – 23 Jan 1867.
Born in Virginia.  Listed in the 1860 DeSoto Census (p. 211) living with the family of Thomas W. Wood.  He was unmarried.  His real estate was valued at $5,000 and his personal estate at $16,000.

Infant Daughter Coats – Sept 1875 – 10 June 1876.  Daughter of W. H. and M. J. Coats.
Daughter of William H. Coats (b. 1849, TN) and Mary J. Hanna (b. 1852, AL), who married in DeSoto County on December 11, 1872.  They are listed in the 1880 Shelby County, TN Census (pp. 464 – 465). 

Mary F. Carroll – Daughter of -. -. & F. C. Carroll.
Born 1856 in DeSoto County, MS, the daughter of Fruman A. and F. Caroline Carroll.  She is listed in the 1860 (p. 211) and 1870 (p. 73) DeSoto County Census records.  She died prior to 1880.

Mrs. F. C. Carroll – 5 Apr 1828 – 7 Oct 1878.
Born in Alabama, she married Fruman A. Carroll about 1848 in either Alabama or Tennessee.  They are listed in the 1850 Fayette Co., TN Census (p. 304) with one child, Virginia E. (b. 1849).  They are listed in the 1860 (p. 211) and 1870 (p. 73) DeSoto County Census records.  In addition to Virginia, she had the following children: F. A. (m) (1852, TN), Abner W. (m) (1854, TN), Mary F. (see above), W. Charles (1860, MS), Ida J. (1862, MS), Florence E. (1864, MS), and Robert L. (1867, MS).  Her husband was listed in the 1880 DeSoto Census (p. 411).

Margaret A. Lee Dunlap – 1852 – 1870.
Born Margaret A. Lee in Fayette County, TN, the daughter of William C. Lee (also spelled Lea) and Delinda Wesson, who married in Calhoun County, Alabama on November 6, 1845.  She was known as Maggie.  She is listed with her parents in the 1860 DeSoto Census (p. 219).  Her father was a Confederate soldier, serving in Co. H, 8th Mississippi Cavalry, who supposedly died on his way home from the war in 1865.  She married C. W. Dunlap on November 15, 1869.  She had one child, Margaret “Maggie” Dunlap, born in 1870.  Margaret Lee Dunlap died before the 1870 census.  Her widowed husband is on page 70 of the 1870 Census, age 23 and born in North Carolina.  Her daughter is living with Delinda Lee, and is listed on page 65.

Henderson N. Funderburk – 12 November 1853 –
Believed to be the son of William L. and J. M. Funderburk listed in the 1860 Census in Marshall County, MS (p. 33).  If so, he died prior to 1860.  The family came from South Carolina.

William T. Herrington – 21 Feb 1859 -   .  Son of Rachel and Cleva Herrington.
Born in DeSoto County, MS.  He is unnamed in the 1860 DeSoto Census.  He died prior to 1870.  His parents were Cleva Herrington (b. @ 1812, SC) and Rachel Jones (b. @1823, TN), who married in DeSoto County on March 9, 1848.  William’s father was a Confederate soldier, serving in Co. H, 8th Mississippi Cavalry.  The family is listed in the 1850 (p. 391) and 1860 (p. 219) Census records.  Cleva Herrington died prior to 1870, where Rachel and children are listed (p. 65).  William’s siblings were: Martin A., Andrew Jackson, Sarah E., Perry, Charles L., M. E. (f), Laura, and Milton.

Wm. Johnson Randel – 2 Aug 1842 – 19 Dec 1855.  Son of J. & J. J. Randel.

Emit M. Jones – 21 Sept 1869 – 9 Nov 1870.  Son of W. E. & V. L. Jones.
Born Emit Martin Jones in DeSoto County, Mississippi, son of W. E. and Virginia L. Jones.  He is listed as Martin in the 1870 DeSoto Census (p. 65).  His father was born in South Carolina about 1826 and his mother in Mississippi about 1840.  Siblings listed in 1870 were: William (6), Richard (4) and Ellen (2).

M. F. Jones – 7 Sept 1826 – 20 Dec 1881.
Believed to be W. E. Jones, and the tomb stone misread.  No M. F. Jones has been located in the Census.

W. H. Smith – 10 Mar 1860 – 6 July 1904.

Nancy Jones Willson – 1833 – 1884.  “Mother.”
Born Nancy A. Jones in Tennessee or South Carolina (census records differ).  Married Nathan L. Willson on July 29, 1857 in DeSoto County.  She was the mother of at least seven children:  Cynthia P. (1858), Lafayette A. (1862), Milton B. (see below), Nannie (1865), Ethel (1868), Bunn (m) (1870), and Beria (1874).  All children were born in Mississippi.

Rev. N. L. Willson – 1823 – 1902.  “Father.”
Born in North Carolina.  Married Nancy A. Jones (see above) in DeSoto County on July 29, 1857.  The family was not listed in the 1860 Census, but was listed in the 1870 Marshall County Census (p. 695) and 1880 DeSoto Census (p. 366).  In 1900 he was living with his daughter, Cynthia, and son-in-law, John Carmichael, in Shelby County, TN (p. 193).  He was the father of seven children (see above).

Milton B. Willson – 1863 – 1884.
Son of Nathan L. Willson (also spelled Wilson) and Nancy A. Jones.  Born in DeSoto County.  Listed in the 1870 Marshall County, MS Census (p. 695) and the 1880 DeSoto County Census (p. 366).

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