Forrest Cemetery

Located in R7W, T3S, Sec. 16 on the Snell place (1987) and on the north side of the road. All monuments are on the ground and some are broken up. Surveyed by Doris Oliver Poole, Feb. 1987. Additional information added by Tim Harrison.

Jonathan Forrest – 12 Mar 1803 – 11 Mar 1845. Uncle of N. B. Forrest.
Born in Tennessee, son of Nathan Forrest and Nancy Shepherd Baugh. He married Susan Read Patterson on October 26, 1826. He is listed in the 1830 Bedford County, Tennessee Census (p. 100). Nathan and Susan were the parents of seven children: Joseph Franklin, Hardeman Carr, Nathan Thomas, America Elvira (see below), Mary, Matilda Jane, and Callie A.  By 1845 he is living in DeSoto County, where he is killed in a fight.  General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s biographer, John Allan Wyeth, describes what happened on page 15 of his book, That Devil Forrest:

  There occurred in 1845, in Hernando, an incident which severely tested the courage of [Nathan Bedford] Forrest, the result of which was to bring him prominently to the notice of the people in this section of Mississippi and Tennessee.  An unfortunate personal dispute arose between Jonathan Forrest, his aged uncle, with whom he was associated in business, and four members of a family of planters who lived near by.  The quarrel grew warmer, until at last, as was too common in those earlier days, a personal altercation took place, which ended in a bloody tragedy.  Bedford Forrest had won the reputation of being a modest, sober, and energetic businessman.  With the transaction which led to this fatal affair he had no interest or connection.  When he saw that four men were preparing to attack his relative, he asserted that he was not a party to the controversy and did not want to engage in that quarrel, but he plainly told these persons that he would not stand quietly by and see his uncle unfairly assailed or maltreated; that if it was to be a fight it must be a fair one, not four against one.  He had scarcely ceased speaking when one of the party drew a pistol and fired at him, but without effect, and this was the signal for a general fusillade.  The older Forrest was shot down with a mortal wound.

Susan and six children were listed in the DeSoto County Census (p. 375).  One son, Hardeman Carr Forrest, served in the Mexican War as a 2nd Lieutenant in Co. C, 1st Battalion Mississippi Volunteers.  He moved to Ellis County, Texas by 1860 and served as captain of Co. C, 19th Texas Cavalry, C.S.A.

D. G. Putnam – died 20 Oct 1849, aged 24 years, 2 months, 18 days.  Erected by his affectionate sister, M. Putnam.
Born August 2, 1825.  The “M. Putnam” is believed to be Melissa Putnam, listed in the 1850 DeSoto Census (p. 386) and listed as 18 years of age, born in TN.

James W. Putnam – 34 years (monument broken).
Not listed in either the 1840, 1850 or 1860 DeSoto Census records.

America E. Brown – 7 Jul 1837 – 15 Apr 18--.  Wife of W. N. Brown, Dtr of Jonathan and S. R. Forrest.
Born in Alabama, according to the 1850 Census, she married William N. Brown in DeSoto County on January 2, 1855.  William N. Brown was born in Virginia about 1828 and is listed in the 1850 Census (p. 428).  He apparently moved away from DeSoto County prior to the 1860 Census.  America apparently died prior to 1860.

Callie America Brown – Died 21 Dec 1856, aged 10 months and 30 days.  Dtr of America E. and W. N. Brown.

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