Dean Family Cemetery

Located R8W, T2S, Sec. 30.  In 1983 this was Mr. Willie Pounders’ property.  It is north of Dean road ½ mile and west of Fogg road ¼ mile.  Additional information added by Tim Harrison.

J. G. McGowen, Sr. - ___ - 1877.
James Greer McGowen was born in Lafayette Co., Mississippi in 1840, the son of John McGowen (1799 – 1862) and Sallie L. Greer (1813 – 1884).  (He was the grandson of William McGowen, Revolutionary War soldier from South Carolina, and Elizabeth Maddox.)  The family is in the 1840 (p. 169) and 1850 (p. 246) Lafayette County Census.  By 1860 James and his family were in DeSoto (p. 151).  He was a Confederate soldier, serving in (old) Co. E, 9th Mississippi and (new) Co. A “Horn Lake Volunteers”, 10th Mississippi Regiments, holding the rank of second lieutenant.  His brother, Robert S., served in the same companies and died in 1862.  James married Mary Ellen Dean (see below) on February 20, 1867.  In 1870 he and Mary were living in Prairie County, Arkansas (p. 192) with no children listed.  They moved back to Desoto shortly after his census, and he was the father of two sons born in DeSoto County: James Greer, Jr. (1871) and Joseph Hardy (1873).

Mary Ellen Dean McGowen - ___ - 1915.
Born in November 1847 in Marshall County, Mississippi, the daughter of Hardy Dean (1818, TN – bet. 1900 – 1910) and Cynthia Ellen Pitts (1818 – bet. 1870 – 1880).  She is listed in the 1850 Marshall County Census (p. 210) as Cynthia E. Dean.  She is listed in the 1860 DeSoto County Census (p. 151) as M. E.  Her siblings were: Aaron V. Dean (1838 - 1864), Elizabeth Jane Dean (1840 – 1899), Joseph J. Dean (1842 – 1864), Thomas J. Dean (1843 – 1929), William H. Dean (1845), Simon A. Dean (1850), Susan E. Dean (1854), Nancy “Nannie” Dean (1855 – 1923), Russell H. Dean (1857), and Hardy Dean, Jr. (1859).  She married James G. McGowen (see above) on February 20, 1867 and was the mother of two children.  In 1880 (p. 605) and 1900 (p. 260) she is living with her father, Hardy Dean, in DeSoto County.  She died in June 1915.

Susie McGowen – [No dates]

Wilford McGowen - ___ - 1908.  Son of J. H. & May McGowen.
Born in DeSoto County after 1900, the son of John H. (1850 – 1930) and second wife, Maggie B. “May” (1864 – 1954) McGowen.  John H. McGowen was the son of John McGowen and Sallie Greer, and the brother of James G. McGowen (see above).  Wilford’s siblings were: Annie Clyde (1887 – 1892), Winnie M. (1888 – 1963), John Fuller (1898 – 1981, USMC WWI), Robert Searcy (1899 – 1922, US Army WWI), C. Roy (1901 – 1977) and Margaret (1903).  They are in the 1900 (p. 122) and 1910 (p. 126) DeSoto Census records.  John H., Maggie, Winnie, John F., Robert, and C. Roy are all buried in New Bethlehem Cemetery.  John H. McGowen’s first wife, Annie Laura Robinson (1857 – 1891) is buried in the Robinson Family Cemetery with her daughter, Annie Clyde McGowen.

Clarence McGowen – 1904 – 1904.
Most likely the child of John H. and Maggie B. McGowen.

Rutilius Prewitt – 1849 – 1853.
Born in DeSoto  County, the son of J. M. & M. Prewitt.  The family is listed in the 1840 (p. 107) and 1850 (p. 425) DeSoto Census records.  By 1860 the family had relocated to Drew County, Arkansas.  In the 1850 Census Rutilius had the following siblings: C. (m) (14, AL), C. (f) (12, MS), A. (f) (10, MS), O. (f) (6, MS), H. (m) (3, MS).

Dr. D. S. Richmond – 1836 – 1915.  Husband of Susie V. Richmond.
Daniel S. Richmond was born in North Carolina.  He is listed in the 1850 Marshall County, MS Census (p. 368) with his parents, Benjamin G. (39, NC) and Sarah T. (32, NC) and eight siblings.  He is listed in the 1860 DeSoto Census (p. 24) as a physician living with the Fort family.  He married (first) Laura J. Buchanan, probably during the Civil War when the marriage records for the county were lost.  By 1870 (p. 228) the census shows him and his wife, L. J. (29, MS) along with a son, R. V. (2, MS) and his mother-in-law, E. Buchanan (45, England).  Daniel and Laura divorced prior to 1880 where he is shown in the DeSoto Census (p. 530) by himself.  He married (third) Susie V. (believed to be Susie Dean) about 1899, but was married between 1880 and that time to an unknown woman.  The 1900 (p. 192) and 1910 DeSoto Census records (p. 173) show him with two sons: Don Vent (Sept. 1883) and Albert Vernon (July 1886 - 1966) and two daughters: Irene (Sept 1887) and Markalita (Feb 1894).  He and Susie had no children.

Susie V. Richmond – 1854 - ___.
Believed to be Susie Dean, daughter of Hardy Dean (see below) and Cynthia E. Pitts (see below).  (This would explain why Dr. D. S. Richmond and wife are buried in this cemetery.)  She is listed in the 1900 (p. 192) and 1910 Census (p. 173) with her husband and step-children: Don, Vernon, Irene and Markalita.  She is listed in the 1920 DeSoto Census (p. 191) with her step-son, Don V., and an adopted daughter, Norine Smith (13, MS).  It appears she died prior to 1930.

Simon A. Dean – [No dates] Son of Hardy & Cynthia Dean.
Born in DesSoto County in 1850.  Married Alice O. Denty on November 27, 1877.  They are listed in the 1880 DeSoto Census (p. 600) with one child, William (b. Aug. 1879).  Also living with them was Simon’s brother, William H. Dean.  Simon died in 1881.  His widow remarried to William H. Dean on March 21, 1883.  They relocated to Hancock County, MS by 1900 (p. 192 of the Census).  [William and Alice had the following children: Thomas, Mary A., Oscar, Henry, Cynthia, William H., Aaron O.  William died between 1910 – 1920, Alice died between 1920 – 1930.]

Jennie Dean – [No dates]

Alex Dean – [No dates]

Nannie M. Dean – 1855 – 1923.
Born April 6, 1855 in DeSoto County, Mississippi, daughter of Hardy Dean and Cynthia Ellen Pitts, her given name was Nancy Minerva.  She never married.  She lived with her father until his death.  In the 1910 (p. 184) and 1920 (p. 186) Census records she is an inmate at the State Insane Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi (Hinds County).

Russell Dean – [No dates]
Russell H. Dean was born in 1857 in DeSoto County, the son of Hardy Dean and Cynthia Ellen Pitts.  He is listed in the 1860 DeSoto Census (p. 151) and died prior to 1870.

Hardy Dean, Jr. – [No dates]
Hardy Dean, Jr. was born in 1859 in DeSoto County, the son of Hardy Dean and Cynthia Ellen Pitts.  He is listed in the 1860 DeSoto Census (p. 151) and died prior to 1870.

Hardy Dean, Sr. – [No dates]
Born March 4, 1818 in Lincoln County, TN, the son of Joseph Dean and Elizabeth Edmondson.  He married Cynthia Ellen Pitts (see below) in 1836 in Lincoln County.  They moved to Marshall County, Mississippi about 1837 or 1838 and are listed in the 1840 (p. 41) and 1850 (p. 210) Marshall County Census records.  They were then listed in the 1860 (p. 151), 1870 (p. 125), 1880 (p. 600) and 1900 (p. 195) DeSoto County Census records.    He was the father of eleven known children: Aaron V. Dean (1838 - 1864), Elizabeth Jane Dean (1840 – 1899), Joseph J. Dean (1842 – 1864), Thomas J. Dean (1843 – 1929), William H. Dean (1845), Mary Ellen Dean (see above), Simon A. Dean (see above), Susan E. Dean (1854), Nancy M. “Nannie” Dean (see above), Russell H. Dean (see above), and Hardy Dean, Jr. (see above).  Four of his sons were Confederate soldiers, all serving in the “Horn Lake Volunteers” (Co. E, 9th MS/Co. A, 10th MS):  Aaron V., sergeant, killed at Franklin, TN in Nov. 1864); Joseph J., 2nd Lieutenant, killed at Franklin, TN, Nov. 1864; Thomas J., private, captured at Franklin, TN in Nov. 1864; and William H., private. Hardy Dean, Sr. died in 1900.

Cynthia Dean – [No dates]
Born in 1818 in Lincoln County, TN, the daughter of James Pitts and Rebecca Young.  She married Hardy Dean (see above) in Lincoln County in 1836.  The family moved to Marshall County, MS by 1838 and then to DeSoto County by 1860.  She was the mother of at least eleven children (see above).  She died in DeSoto County between 1870 and 1880.

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