Oliver Family Cemetery

Located in R8W, T3S, Sec. 16, on the south side of Highway 304 two miles west of Hernando.  Surveyed in 1983.  Additional information added by Tim Harrison.

Capt. David T. Oliver – no dates.  Co. B, 22nd Miss Inf CSA.
David Terrell Oliver was born December 11, 1836 in Elbert County, Georgia, the son of Simeon Oliver (see below) and Mildred Terrell White (1801 – 1876).  The family moved to DeSoto prior to 1840.  He married Sally Concord Frazier (1837, SC – 1933) on November 12, 1857.  The were the parents of two children: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Terrell (1858 – 1889) and James S. (1860 – 1908).  David and family are listed in the 1860 DeSoto Census (p. 21).  When war came, David joined Co. F, 22nd Mississippi Infantry as a second lieutenant.  He was promoted to captain of the company on November 12, 1862.  He was captured and paroled at Vicksburg, MS on July 4, 1863.  He later rejoined his company and took part in the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee on November 30, 1864, where he was killed.  A former member of that company, Major T. C. Dockery, said this of his death:  “D. T. Oliver, was 2d Lieut. made Captain, when I was promoted. Captain Oliver fell upon the breastworks, leading his company in that awful charge at Franklin, Tenn., shot through the head and now fills a patriotic soldier’s grave.”  His Will is in Will Book I, page 370.  His widow never remarried.  She died at the age of 95 on April 7, 1933 in Shelby County, TN.  In the 1880 DeSoto Census (p. 61) she is living with her daughter and son-in-law.  In the 1930 Shelby County, TN Census (p. 217) she is living with her widowed granddaughter, Connie Dockery Leak.  Lizzie Oliver married James M. Dockery (1844, NC) on August 18, 1875.  James Dockery was a Confederate soldier, serving in the 33rd NC Infantry.  Sally and both children are buried in the Hernando Baptist Cemetery.

Madison Baker Oliver – 1847 – 1851.  Son of J. S. & S. A. Oliver.
Born in DeSoto County, son of James Shelton Oliver (see below) and Sarah Ann White.  Listed on the 1850 DeSoto Census (p. 413).

Simeon Oliver – 1796 – 1865.
Born August 6, 1796 in Elbert County, Georgia, son of James Oliver and Mary Thompson.  He married Mildred Terrell White (1801 – 1876) on September 5, 1816 in Elbert County.  He was the father of thirteen children: James S. (see below), Laurance M. (1821), Sara L. (abt. 1823 – married J. S. Boon), Mary M. (see below), Simeon, Jr. (1825), Shelton (1825), Lucy J. (1830), Prudence T. (1832 – married J. M. Tait, Jr.), John T. (1834), David T. (see above), Ann B. (1839), Elbert (1841), and Georgia (1844).  He is listed in the 1830 Elbert County, GA Census (p. 147, his father is on the same page) and the 1840 (p. 129) and 1850 (p. 408) DeSoto County Census records.  Five of his sons were Confederate soldiers: James S., Simeon (18th MS Cavalry), John T. (9th MS Infantry), David T. (22nd MS Infantry), Elbert (1st Mississippi Infantry and 18th Mississippi Cavalry).  Simeon, Sr. is also purported to have served in the 18th Mississippi Cavalry (MS C. S. Grave Registration).

Mary M. Oliver – 1823 – 1847.  Daughter of S. & M. T. Oliver.
Born in Elbert County, GA, daughter of Simeon Oliver (see above) and Mildred Terrell White.

James S. Oliver – no dates.  Surgn Miss Inf CSA.
James Shelton Oliver was born July 29, 1819 in Elbert County, Georgia, the son of Simeon Oliver (see above) and Mildred Terrell White.  He married Sarah Ann White (1818 – 1891) about 1844.  James was a physician by occupation.  He and Sarah were the parents of two children: Elizabeth “Lizzie” W. (1846 – 1934) and Madison Baker (see above).  He is listed in the 1840 (p. 129), 1850 (p. 413), 1860 (p. 2), 1870 (p. 213) and 1880 (p. 517) DeSoto County Census records.  He enlisted in Co. I, 29th Mississippi Infantry as a private in 1862 and was then transferred by appointment as a surgeon to the 9th Mississippi Infantry.  He was discharged on December 10, 1862 due to loss of sight.  He died in DeSoto County on October 18, 1882.  [His daughter, Elizabeth, married Alfred W. Dockery (1841, NC – 1914) on October 30, 1866.  Alfred Dockery was a Confederate soldier, serving as a captain of Co. E, 38th North Carolina infantry.  Their children: Oliver (1867), David T. (1869), Mary E. (1874), Connie (1877 – 1955 – married James P. Leak in Richmond Co., NC), Mattie (1879), Tallulah (1882), Lilly F. (1887), Sarah S. (1890).]

James M. Clayton - ___ - 1913.  Son of R. C. & Jane Clayton.
According to the 1840 DeSoto Census, born between 1830 – 1834 most likely in Virginia.  Cannot be located in any other census.

R. C. Clayton – Age 47 years – 1846.
Born about 1799, most likely in Virginia.  Believed to be the R. Clayton listed in the 1830 Census for King and Queen County, Virginia.  Married Jane before 1830.  They are listed in the 1840 DeSoto Census (p. 113) as follows: 001001 – 011001.  Jane (b. abt. 1804, VA) and daughter, E. C. Clayton (b. about 1842), are listed in the 1850 (p. 410) and 1860 (p. 233) DeSoto Census records.  Jane is listed in the 1870 DeSoto Census (p. 5) and appears to have died prior to 1880.

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