Myers Family Cemetery

Located in R5W, T3S, Sec. 4, on the east side of Myers road about 1/3 mile south of Byhalia road.  Surveyed in the 1980s.  Additional information added by Tim Harrison.

Texana D. Myers – 13 November 1848 – 1935.  Wife of Albert Myers.
Born Texana Durham in Mississippi, the daughter of Wilson and Lutitia Durham and listed in the 1860 Marshall County, MS Census (p. 38).  She married Albert J. Myers (see below) on February 11, 1869 in Marshall County.  She was the mother of eleven known children: Lucy, known as “Lutie,” (Nov 1869), Eveline H. (1872), Albert, Jr. (1873), Wilson Durham (1876), Henry C. (1878), Stanley (1880), Adolyn “Addie” D. (1883), Talbot (1885), Texana D. (1887), Brownee (1890), and Liddell D. (1893).  She is listed in the 1920 (p. 160) and 1930 (p. 133) Marshall County Census records.  She died in 1935 in Marshall County.

Albert Myers – 18 Mar 1842 – 30 Mar 1912.
Born in Anson County, North Carolina, the son of Absolom Myers (see below) and Adeline Boggan (see below).  He was a Confederate soldier, serving in Co. A, 1st Mississippi Regiment.  He married Texana Durham (see above) in February 1869 and was the father of eleven known children (see above).  The family is listed in the 1870 (p. 68) and 1880 (p. 367) DeSoto County Census records, and the 1900 Marshall County Census (p. 137).

Evelyn H. Myers – 16 Feb 1872 – 5 Oct 1890.  Daughter of A. & T. D. Myers.
Daughter of Albert J. Myers and Texana Durham.  Shown in the 1880 DeSoto Census (p. 367).

Stanley Myers – 18 Dec 1880 – 2 Dec 1900.  Son of A. & T. D. Myers.
Son of Albert J. Myers and Texana Durham.  Shown in the 1900 Marshall County Census (p. 137).

Adeline Myers – 30 Jan 1812 – 9 May 1865.  Wife of Absolom Myers.
Born Adeline Boggan in North Carolina, she was the second wife of Absolom Myers (see below).  They married in Anson County, North Carolina on May 11, 1830.  She was the mother of thirteen known children: George Boggan (1831), Fanny (1832), Adeline H. (1836), Calvin Richard (1837), Absolom, Jr. (1839), Albert J. (see above), Martha D. (1843), Patrick Stephen (1844), Mary Texana (see below), Henry Clay (1848), Amanda (1849), and Emma L. (1855).

Absolom Myers – 6 Apr 1794 – 3 Sept 1863.
Born in Anson County, North Carolina, the son of Marmaduke Ransom Myers and Elizabeth Lowery.  He married (first) Sarah Smiley Pickett and fathered four children by her: Martin Pickett (1814), William Rayford (1818), Ann Eliza (1820), and Eliza (1822).  He married (second) Adeline Boggan (see above) in 1830 and fathered eleven children by her (see above).  They are listed in the 1840 (p. 52) and 1850 (p. 166) Anson County, NC Census Records, and the 1860 DeSoto County Census (pp. 220 & 221).  His Will is probated in Will Book I, page 328.  In 1850 he owned 28 slaves and in 1860 he owned 68 slaves.  Sons Albert, Calvin and Patrick were all Confederate soldiers.

Mary T. Myers – 17 Sept 1845 – 3 Apr 1859.
Believed to be the daughter of Absolom Myers and Adeline Boggan, and is so listed by one source.

S. C. Myers – 28 Mar 1824 – 17 Apr 1889.
Stephen C. Myers was born in North Carolina.  He may be the son of Absalom, and is almost certainly some relation to that family.  In approximately 1843 in North Carolina he married Sarah (last name unknown, b. abt. 1838, NC).  They are listed in the 1850 Marshall County Census (p. 368) and had two children: Corinna (5, NC – married Adelbert Smith in 1867) and Adeline (2, MS).  Prior to 1860 he married Mary A. Mass (see below).  They are listed in the 1860 (p. 223), 1870 (p. 169) and 1880 (p. 399) DeSoto County Census records.  Other children of S. C. Myers: Walter M. (1853 – 1901), Lilly (1855 – married Leven H. Shinault in 1890), C. (f) (1858), Lizza (1862).  Stephen C. Myers was a Confederate soldier, serving in Co. D, 18th Mississippi Cavalry.

Mary A. Myers – 24 Jan 1832 – 11 Mar 1885.  Wife of S. C. Myers.
Born Mary A. Mass in North Carolina, she married Stephen C. Myers between 1850 & 1860 (marriage records for Marshall County during this time have been lost).  She is probably the mother of Walter M., Lilly, C., and Lizza (see above).

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