Old map of Copiah with cemeteries displayed
Gallilee Cemetery
Damascus Cemetery
Coor Cemetery
Hazlehurst Cemetery
Old Crystal Springs Cemetery
Alford Cemetery
Church of Copiah Cemetery ?
Unknown Cemetery
Brushy Creek (Fork) Cemetery
Jenkins Cemetery
Mullins Cemetery
Patrick Cemetery
Issac Stanfil Cemetery
Wiltshire Cemetery
Terry Cemetery
Wesson Cemetery
Martin Cemetery
Tillman Cemetery
Welch Cemetery
Hennington Cemetery
McKey Cemetery
Smyrna Cemetery
Shelton Cemetery
Rehoboth Cemetery
Stronghope Cemetery
County Line Cemetery
Hill Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery
Barnes Cemetery
Foster Cemetery
McGee Cemetery
Higdon Cemetery
Sardis Cemetery
Ebenezer Cemetery
Catchings Cemetery
Allen Cemetery
Sistruck & Bridges Cemetery
Lowe & Page Cemetery
Norman Cemetery
Catching Cemetery
Providence Camp Cemetery
Pine Bluff Cemetery
Bethesda Cemetery

The documented Copiah Cemeteries indicates a link to a listing of the surnames buried in the cemetery. A  Undocumented cemeteries indicates a 'known' cemetery but has not been recorded at this site.

Edwards Cemetery
Batton Cemetery
Bridges Cemetery
Butler Cemetery
Clean Springs Cemetery
Greenlee Cemetery
Green Cemetery
Grant Cemetery
Flowers - Hill Cemetery
Lily Mae Cemetery
Little Rock Cemetery
Little Zion Cemetery
Mercy Seat Cemetery
Miller Springs Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery
Nelson Cemetery
New Hope Cemetery
Mullens Cemetery
Old Ruby Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery
Pisgah Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Red Bone Cemetery
Saint Paul Cemetery
Saint Peter Rock Cemetery
Sweetwater Cemetery
Sylvarena Cemetery
Trimm Cemetery
Tyson Cemetery
Vaughn Cemetery
Wade Cemetery
Tabernacle Cemetery

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Poplar Springs Cemetery
Johnson Cemetery

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Beauregard Cemetery
Gallman Cemetery

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Antioch Cemetery
Higdon Cemetery
Lynch Cemetery
Mitchell Cemetery
OLd Providence Cemetery
Murry Cemetery
Sandy Point Cemetery
Antioch Cemetery
Matthews Cemetery
Hopewell Cemetery
Haley Cemetery
Deaton Cemetery
Hartley Cemetery
Weeks #1 Cemetery
Weeks # 2 Cemetery
Miller Cemetery
Crystal Springs City Cemetery
Mission Hill Cemetery
Old Pleasant Valley aka Millsaps Cemetery
Thompson Chapel Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery
Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Carpenter Cemetery
Centerpoint Cemetery
Grant #1 Cemetery
Lenoir Cemetery
Russell-Tillman Cemetery
Ashley Cemetery
Rocky Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Springhill Cemetery
Lloyd Cemetery
Franklin Chapel aka Lick Skillit Cemetery
Confederate Cemetery
Waddell-Powers Cemetery
Poplar Springs Cemetery
Old Sweetwater Cemetery
Mount Hope Cemetery
New Zion Cemetery
Harmony Cemetery
Aaron Miller Cemetery
White Oak Cemetery
Georgetown Cemetery
Mitchell Cemetery
McRee Cemetery
Millsaps Plantation Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery
McCrary Cemetery
Starling Cemetery
Davis Cemetery
Ferguson Cemetery
Josea David Cemetery
Prentis Matthews Cemetery
Dromgoole Cemetery
Ellington-Redus Cemetery
Jack Cemetery
Shady Grove Cemetery
Appleton-Pierce Cemetery
Peets Cemetery
Blue Cemetery
Graves Cemetery
Cemeteries of Copiah
Copiah Queries, Obits, Wills, Deeds, etc.

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