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Gallman Cemetery 2-2007

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God Bless America
Addy Carolyn Ann Mar.16,1945 Gallman
Addy Daniel July 19,1939 Feb.3,1998 Gallman
Alford Kate B. d/o WB & Kate Dec.22,1906 May 1,1907 Gallman
Alford Mary Blair Traweek Aug. 3,1848 Sep.22,1934 Gallman
Alford Warren s/o WB & Kate Dec.17.1904 Feb.2,1906 Gallman
Alford William Warren h/o Mary Blair Sep.28,1845 Aug.13,1927 Gallman
Anding Danna Lee July 21,1886 Oct.13,1886 Gallman
Anding Janie M. Aug.15,1890 June 7,1891 Gallman
Anding Jennie E. Mar.10,1853 Feb.7,1891 Gallman
Atwood Maggie Gallman Jan.1,1878 May 7,1931 Gallman
Atwood Marguerite 1941 1993 Gallman
Barber Daniel Eugene (Doc) Apr.13,1887 1947 Gallman
Barber Monroe M. 1849 1921 Gallman
Barber Sarah E. 1856 1934 Gallman
Barker Albert Pitts May14,1885 Jan.26,1955 Gallman
Barker Corine N. Nov.6,1885 1976 Gallman
Barker Higdon Newman Sep.30,1907 Oct.13,1921 Gallman
Barker Jame A. 1928 Nov.19,2005 Gallman
Barker James Alton Mar.13,1895 Apr.17,1976 Gallman
Barker Lyda Bell Berch July 6,1897 Dec.5,1922 Gallman
Barker Ollie Bradley May 3,1899 Dec.3 , 1985 Gallman
Barnes Beulah Barker 1883 1964 Gallman
Barnes Bobbie Lee 1906 1935 Gallman
Barnes John Edward Sep.3, 1882 1938 Gallman
Barnes Joy Juanita Nov.26,1927 Sep.9,1993 Gallman
Barnes Prentiss E. 6-Jun-08 Nov.30,1916 Gallman
Barrett James A. Nov.28,1876 Apr.9,1910 Gallman
Becham D. F. Mar.26,1814 June 1,1894 Gallman
Belding Bertie M. May 25,1890 25-Jul-38 Gallman
Belding William Thomas Oct.14,1874 Mar.12,1938 Gallman
Berch Joe Marion Mar.14,1899 1944 Gallman
Brent Clifton Hardy Jul 22,1883 Aug.17,1949 Gallman
Brent James A. 1836 1900 Gallman
Brent James Rosha Feb.25,1879 1938 Gallman
Brent Vera Dulaney 1894 1983 Gallman
Brewer Lora C. Aug. 5,1877 Mar.21,1938 Gallman
Brewer W. B. Feb. 6,1872 Jan.14,1932 Gallman
Brown B. Tillman Apr.16,1907 Feb.1,1996 Gallman
Brown Geneva B. Apr.12,1911 Oct.20,1996 Gallman
Bryant Doris Barnes Sep.26,1922 Aug.22,1988 Gallman
Buckley Charlie Jan.18,1905 May 11,1988 Gallman
Buckley Cornellia Aug.27,1872 Apr. 3,1918 Gallman
Buckley Elvin 1940 Jan. 7,2004 Gallman
Buckley Grady Derrell Feb. 3,1945 Jan. 1,1978 Gallman
Buckley Grady Nov.19,1907 Oct 5,1964 Gallman
Buckley Infant Mar. 3,1910 Gallman
Buckley James Elzie Sep. 5,1911 Sep. 9,1939 Gallman
Buckley James William Sep.15,1855 June 26,1939 Gallman
Buckley Mary Kate Jan.16,1924 Dec.24,1995 Gallman
Buckley S. Feb.18,1888 June 21,1895 Gallman
Burrage E. W. Mar.16,1849 May 3,1904 Gallman
Burrage Edward 1804 1883 Gallman
Burrage Eliza June 23,1816 July 7,1886 Gallman
Burrage Franklin D. May 23,1843 Aug.16,1927 Gallman
Burrage Nannie E. Bishop 1843 1917 Gallman
Burrage Webb Parsons July 3,1878 Jan.8,1918 Gallman
Burt Henry G. July 12,1886 Aug. 9,1908 Gallman
Burt Joyce A. Mar.22,1942 Gallman
Burt Robert W. Jan. 2,1932 June 11,1998 Gallman
Channell Benjamin Franklin 1850 1904 Gallman
Channell Bertha Welch 1889 1973 Gallman
Channell Charles S. (Pete) Dec. 8,1920 Sep.19, 1980 Gallman
Channell Dorothy E. Aug.12,1922 Aug.15,1984 Gallman
Channell Florence Irene Mar.27,1921 Gallman
Channell Frankie Nov.22,1889 Sep. 3,1890 Gallman
Channell Fred Allen 1915 1978 Gallman
Channell George W. Mar. 3,1857 May 25,1897 Gallman
Channell James Griffin Apr. 2,1919 Apr.18,1991 Gallman
Channell James R. a947 1978 Gallman
Channell Mary Clara McPhail 1867 1939 Gallman
Channell Mattie D. Jan.29,1894 Mar. 1,1894 Gallman
Channell Pauline Blackmon 1913 1998 Gallman
Channell Rita L. 1938 Gallman
Channell Robert Bennie Dr. 4-Jul-24 10-May-01 Gallman
Channell Robert Fred Mar. 1,1886 1938 Gallman
Channell Sidney 1846 May 6,1922 Gallman
Channell Tommy Nov.15, 1916 Nov.13,1984 Gallman
Clark J. M. Jan.19,1840 Nov.13,1919 Gallman
Clark Sarah T. July 15,1837 4-Jun-12 Gallman
Clement Ann Perry Dec.29,1939 Dec.15,1989 Gallman
Clement Clem Ratcliff Jan.18,1933 Gallman
Clement Marie Reynolds 2-Jul-39 Oct. 8,1977 Gallman
Cleveland George Dec.15,1845 Sep.21,1930 Gallman
Cleveland Mary E. Jan. 8,1852 Sep.28,1913 Gallman
Compere Cleo Wheeler 1918 May 8,2002 Gallman
Corley Elizabeth Strahan w/oJames Corley Jan.18,1825 19-Jul-04 Gallman
Corley James Dent Sep. 5,1892 June 22,1976 Gallman
Corley James F. h/o Lula Dent 1856 1933 Gallman
Corley James h/o Elizabeth S. Mar.17,1821 July 29,1894 Gallman
Corley Lula Dent w/o James F. 1859 1925 Gallman
Corley Robbie D'etta Welch Nov.20,1904 Nov.20,1983 Gallman
Corley Robert P. 1903 1933 Gallman
Corley Sam Jones h/oRobbie Welch Oct.22,1889 Dec.29,1982 Gallman
Davis Dorothy E. Howell 8-Jun-30 Sep. 8,1983 Gallman
Davis Floyd 1930 Mar.29,2003 Gallman
Deaton Andy 1878 1935 Gallman
Deaton Etha Blakney Mar.17,1903 Sep. 2,1877 Gallman
Deaton Jack Francis Aug.18,1904 June 11,1990 Gallman
Deaton John Ezra 1873 17-Jul-40 Gallman
Deaton Johnny Kevin Oct.31,1974 Oct.12,1990 Gallman
Deaton Mary Cheevers 1880 1976 Gallman
Deaton Minnie M. Aug.27,1880 Oct.10,1957 Gallman
Dees Susie M. Jan.25,1889 Mar. 5,1891 Gallman
Dolloff Lee A. Reverend 1930 Jan.18,2002 Gallman
Donnelly James Peter Oct. 7,1880 Sep. 9,1934 Gallman
Donnelly Lewis Lorenzo Nov. 8,1917 Feb.19,1953 Gallman
Donnelly Lillie Dale Channell June 16,1884 Oct.13,1969 Gallman
Dulaney Annie Coor 1861 1917 Gallman
Dulaney Martha J. Sep.29,1837 June 27,1889 Gallman
Ellis Rachel Myra Aug.29,1848 Nov.23,1904 Gallman
Evans Jack H. Apr.16,1886 Feb. 2,1945 Gallman
Evans Wauwice (Duck) Sep.12,1895 Oct. 5,1975 Gallman
Fairman Della Deaton Feb. 6,1896 Dec.26,1960 Gallman
Fairman Hiram Clay May 6,1884 May 10,1971 Gallman
Farmer Daniel D. 1948 1948 Gallman
Farmer Fannie C. June 21,1885 Dce.20,1949 Gallman
Farmer Leander Mar.28,1882 Nov.28,1962 Gallman
Farmer Patty Rena May 2,1960 Aug.13,1971 Gallman
Farmer Roy D. May 10,1921 May, 1975 Gallman
Fayard Doris Corley May 28,1914 Oct.31,1992 Gallman
Fayard Russell F. Sep.12,1914 Apr.10,1995 Gallman
Ferrell Kathyrn Pitts Sep.14,1952 Apr.17,1993 Gallman
Ferrill Fannie Jan. 2,1870 Mar.31,1889 Gallman
Ford Alexander V. June 8,1859 5-Jul-29 Gallman
Foster Charles Edward Sep.19,1878 Aug.30,1921 Gallman
Foster Charlie L. Sr. Aug.24,1906 Apr.24,1983 Gallman
Foster Etha 30-Jul-07 Feb. 1981 Gallman
Foster Walter Edward Dec. 3,1920 Jan.16,1959 Gallman
Foster Walter Dec.30,1939 Sept.1984 Gallman
Funchess Daisy Tillman Nov.15,1875 13-Jul-55 Gallman
Gaddy Clara Pitts Dec.21,1917 Gallman
Gaddy Ray Leon Apr. 9,1913 May 27,1976 Gallman
Gallman Alice Massie June 1,1874 Aug. 3, 1968 Gallman
Gallman John Fairchild Oct.29,1867 May 21,1937 Gallman
Gardner Charlotte M. Sep.30,1948 Nov.29,1970 Gallman
Gardner J. M. Mar. 4,1868 Nov.21,1917 Gallman
Gardner John Franklin Mar.30,1894 Nov.15,1971 Gallman
Gardner Lynwood Nov.18,1927 Nov.13,1978 Gallman
Gardner Norma Vaughn Feb.18,1897 15-Jul-68 Gallman
Gardner Robert C. Oct.23,1954 June 2,1998 Gallman
Gardner William 1921 Apr.24,2004 Gallman
Grice Herman Lamar Oct.11,1905 Sep. 9,1939 Gallman
Grice Infant b & d Nov. 7,1908 Gallman
Grice R. B. Oct.28,1879 May 20,1916 Gallman
Grice Robert Benny Jan.10,1904 23-Jul-22 Gallman
Guidera Troy Keith Jr. Oct.16,1986 June 17,1992 Gallman
Hallman Harry Allen May 20,1851 Oct.24,1935 Gallman
Hallman Pair Lee Papizan Apr. 5,1856 Mar.12,1931 Gallman
Handal Zane Moises Jan.2006 Mar.18,2006 Gallman
Hankins Susan Lequay Brock Mar. 3,1972 13-Jul-97 Gallman
Harper Emma Jane June 9,1904 May 28,1906 Gallman
Harper J. S. Feb.25,1888 Nov.17,1918 Gallman
Harper Joe Feb.16,1840 Sep.22,1906 Gallman
Harper Nannie Jane Mar. 6,1866 26-Jul-49 Gallman
Harper Robert Marshall Apr.24,1895 Feb. 6,1916 Gallman
Harper William Wesley Feb.25,1866 May 24,1929 Gallman
Harris Allie Aulcy July 4,1879 June 14,1909 Gallman
Harris Allie Mar. 6,1909 Mar. 17,2005 Gallman
Harris John Dempsey Jan.13,1866 May 24,1935 Gallman
Harris Ollie Mae Sep.27,1912 Dec. 8,1997 Gallman
Harris Sadie Apr.28,1905 Mar.25,1984 Gallman
Harris Stewart Jan.12,1899 Feb. 9,1987 Gallman
Hart Elzie H. May 2,1900 26-May-69 Gallman
Heard Grace Haley Dec.19,1918 Oct. 2,1964 Gallman
Henderson Bonnie Welch Dec.15,1912 Gallman
Henderson William H. May 19,1916 Gallman
Hutson Thelma D. Apr.22,1899 Aug.21,1961 Gallman
Jackson T. R. Feb. 9,1878 Jan.10,1892 Gallman
Jenkins Eunice Ross Sep. 2,1915 Gallman
Jenkins James Thomas Aug.28,1914 Sep. 1,1995 Gallman
Jennings S. W. May 15,1826 Dec.27,1893 Gallman
Johns C. D. Jan.11,1904 Apr.17,1906 Gallman
Johns Charles Merritt Apr.22,1927 Mar.12,1928 Gallman
Johns Levi July 14,1891 Nov.16,1974 Gallman
Johns Louella A. 1867 1938 Gallman
Johns Ruby Vaughn Dec. 9,1897 May 9,1977 Gallman
Johnson Infant Aug.17, 1904 Gallman
Jones Derrick A. Born in England 1915 Jan.22,2003 Gallman
Jones Elias Ferdinand h/o Lutie Alford July 23,1878 Sep.17,1951 Gallman
Jones Lutie Lynn Alford Nov.13,1885 Sep.4,1935 Gallman
Kersh Mattie Gardner May 10,1872 Jan. 5,1958 Gallman
Kilian William E. June 14,1948 May 16,1989 Gallman
Kimble Earl Brewer June 18,1907 May 29,1980 Gallman
Kimble May Belle Little Sep. 1,1909 Mar.8, 2007 Gallman
King Infant Dec.26,1896 May 15,1901 Gallman
Lawson Sisley A. Dec.24,1857 Jan.11,1925 Gallman
Lay Charles Wayne 5-Jul-54 Nov.27,1983 Gallman
Lee Alver Eugene July 10,1882 1965 Gallman
Lee Kate Brent Dec.14,1902 Feb.1980 Gallman
Lemon Joel Nicola Aug.16,1880 Feb.19,1960 Gallman
Lemon Josie Channell Feb. 7,1884 Oct.30,1965 Gallman
Lilley Alma E. w/o R.H. Sr. Feb.12,1917 Nov. 2,1989 Gallman
Lilley Betty G. w/o R.H. Jr. Oct.23,1940 Gallman
Lilley Kathy E. Aug.23,1948 Aug.26,1971 Gallman
Lilley Robert H. Sr. Oct. 8,1924 Gallman
Lilley Robert H. Jr. Sep.11,1947 Gallman
Lilly Infant Sep.18,1895 May 21,1896 Gallman
Lilly Joel E. h/o Kate Alford Feb.12,1872 June 19,1946 Gallman
Lily Kate Alford w/o Joel E. Lily Feb. 5,1875 Nov. 5, 1958 Gallman
Little Carlton Renaldo Feb.20,1888 Dec. 1,1902 Gallman
Little Emmitt E. Oct. 7,1907 4-Jul-45 Gallman
Little Ida Buckley Nov.10,1884 Jan.23,1960 Gallman
Little John Frank Apr. 3,1884 Oct. 7,1946 Gallman
Long Elinor June w/o William A.Jr. May 14,1929 Gallman
Long Mary Lynn w/o William A.Sr. Nov.17,1906 May  5,1993 Gallman
Long William Alexander Jr. Apr.20,1930 Gallman
Long William Alexander Sr. Feb.19,1901 Feb.13,1987 Gallman
Mackie Neal Corley Feb.14,1881 Feb.15,1971 Gallman
Malone Marion Oct.18,1936 Oct.31,2005 Gallman
Martin Madie Parsons Aug.24,1890 Mar. 5,1980 Gallman
Martin Mary Parsons Sep.18,1913 Nov.22,1983 Gallman
Martin Myrley Brent Aug.24,1913 Mar.12,1992 Gallman
Marvin Charles R. Nov.23,1923 Jan.22,1996 Gallman
Marvin Mary Zell Jan.31,1921 Gallman
Massie Eugenia Tillman July 17,1848 Nov.10,1906 Gallman
Massie J. W. Dec. 8,1838 16-Jul-09 Gallman
Massie Robert L. Jan.16,1872 Feb. 2,1892 Gallman
McCrory J. G. June 16,18?? June 10,1898 Gallman
McGuire John William Sep.23,1926 Mar.18,1997 Gallman
McGuire Ruth Elliote Porter Oct.25,1930 Gallman
McManus Robin Elizabeth 1957 Aug.9,2006 Gallman
Miller Infant Jan.30,1901 23-Jul-02 Gallman
Miller John Lamar h/o Mary Ella B. Nov. 6,1898 Feb. 1,1946 Gallman
Miller John Lee Jr. Feb.12,1911 Apr.15,1913 Gallman
Miller John Lee Sr. Aug.11,1864 Aug. 5,1920 Gallman
Miller Mamie Alford w/o John Lee Sr. Feb.18,1867 Jan.20,1953 Gallman
Miller Mary Ella Bennett Jan.10,1907 Jan.30,2006 Gallman
Miller William Lee Mar.23,1890 Jan.11,1908 Gallman
Moore J. F. Apr.14,1852 June 22,1905 Gallman
Moore Johnnie Oct.24,1888 Aug.26,1900 Gallman
Moore M. J. Apr. 7,1862 Apr. 8,1907 Gallman
Morrow Barney Edward Nov.10,1899 May 17,1983 Gallman
Morrow Gladys Harvey Mar.19,1925 Gallman
Morrow Harley Edgar Apr.30,1897 Oct.14,1918 Gallman
Morrow Harvey Henerson Nov.15,1891 Sep.23,1925 Gallman
Morrow Joseph Thomas June 9,1923 Apr.18,1978 Gallman
Morrow Maggie Hollarn Apr. 1,1865 Oct. 7,1927 Gallman
Morrow May Sumrall Dec.30,1891 May 29,1964 Gallman
Morrow Thomas W. May 20,1854 19-Jul-34 Gallman
Nelson Jochelle Ryan June 1,1982 Nov.28,1991 Gallman
Newman Grover Cleveland Sep. 7,1892 Jan. 1,1983 Gallman
Newman Harriett W. Dec.20,1910 Jan.26,1991 Gallman
Newman Joe Cleveland Dec.24,1935 Dec.18,1993 Gallman
Newman June Nations June 13,1934 Gallman
Norman Augustus P. Apr.21,1855 May 3,1916 Gallman
Norman Lissa R. Nov. 1,1869 Apr. 1,1928 Gallman
Norman Robert Rodney 1950 Nov.24,2003 Gallman
Packer T. W. Nov.23,1872 Mar.21,1931 Gallman
Parker Aaron Mar. 5,1857 9-Jul-29 Gallman
Parker Frances C. Feb. 9,1860 Dec.15,1927 Gallman
Parsons Alice Jones June 2,1884 Sep.26,1965 Gallman
Parsons Beulah Elizabeth Dec. 4,1865 Dec.21,1958 Gallman
Parsons Esile Lee Sep.12,1884 Oct.27,1973 Gallman
Parsons Infant Sep. 1,1881 Apr.20,1884 Gallman
Parsons John Wilburn Feb.19,1849 Oct.15,1924 Gallman
Parsons Willborn May 7,1895 Dec.20,1897 Gallman
Pitts Albert Brown Sep.17,1889 Nov.23,1965 Gallman
Pitts D. T. 27-Jul-35 25-Jul-54 Gallman
Pitts Daniel Tolon Jan. 4,1859 Nov. 4,1940 Gallman
Pitts Dora Mae Morrow Oct. 4,1893 Jan.23,1973 Gallman
Pitts Eldon Deberry Sep.14,1924 Dec. 12,1986 Gallman
Pitts Emlsey Deaton Feb.26,1864 Aug.10,1949 Gallman
Pitts Ethel Edell Aug. 3,1900 Sep.30,1990 Gallman
Pitts James Bernard 1914 1991 Gallman
Pitts Katie Belle Channell Jan.28,1894 Oct. 2, 1956 Gallman
Pitts Leah Wilson Feb.26,1866 Jan.14,1936 Gallman
Pitts Lourene E. May 17,1926 Gallman
Pitts Margaret Fields May 19,1929 Gallman
Pitts Mary Ann Apr.23,1918 Oct.30,1983 Gallman
Pitts Mary Louise Sep. 7,1907 Dec. 6,1917 Gallman
Pitts Mike Tolen Sep.21,1884 1950 Gallman
Pitts Oatis Elizabeth Aug.28,1867 6-Jul-27 Gallman
Pitts Purser Eldon Aug.28,1890 Nov. 1,1966 Gallman
Pitts Purser Sidney 28-Jul-22 Gallman
Pitts William Newton Aug.22,1896 28-Jun-64 Gallman
Pitts Wilma Dulaney 1892 1982 Gallman
Pope Agnes Hodges 7-Jul-03 Gallman
Pope Hattie Bell Sep. 6,1874 June 14,1924 Gallman
Pope Jessie James Jan. 1,1900 Nov.26,1947 Gallman
Pope Percy Ray Mar.26,1893 Dec. 4,1918 Gallman
Pope August Lynn Mar. 3,1895 Nov. 9,1917 Gallman
Prince Guy R. Apr. 7,1903 Mar.24, 1930 Gallman
Pritchard Bernard L. Jan.13,1874 Jan.20,1951 Gallman
Pritchard Earl L. Sr. May 21,1911 Dec.13,1974 Gallman
Pritchard Mollie K. Sep.20,1885 17-Jul-44 Gallman
Pritchard Ouineda B. Apr. 7,1916 Sep. 1,1957 Gallman
Pritchard Wilson Marshall Mar.31,1913 Aug. 8,1926 Gallman
Purser Adelia Wiltshire Dec.29,1849 Apr.11,1926 Gallman
Purser Emma G. Sep. 6, 1886 Aug.22,1968 Gallman
Purser George Dexter May 19,1870 Feb. 3,1933 Gallman
Purser Jack July 15,1890 Oct.30,1975 Gallman
Purser James M. Larkin Nov.15,1846 Nov. 7,1914 Gallman
Purser Julius Ingram Oct.12,1879 Feb. 8,1937 Gallman
Ramsey Luther C. h/o Vivian Alford Sep.13,1899 Nov. 23,1962 Gallman
Ramsey Vivian Alford w/o L.C.Ramsey Apr.23,1891 June 5,1969 Gallman
Renfro Charles Albert Mar.22,1915 1-Jul-82 Gallman
Renfro Thelma J. 1919 Gallman
Reynolds Etoile T. Sep. 30,1907 Oct.10,1965 Gallman
Reynolds Lee D. 10-Jul-07 Jan.13,1978 Gallman
Reynolds Nettie Pickering Mar. 9,1910 June 16,1997 Gallman
Reynolds Samuel Grady Aug.24,1903 Dec.10,1962 Gallman
Rives Amanda F. Burrage 1838 1913 Gallman
Runnels Leroy V. Mar.17,1912 Aug. 9,1974 Gallman
Runnels Mae Farmer June 18,1911 Nov.16,1991 Gallman
Russell Lottie May Aug.16,1894 Feb.25,1905 Gallman
Rymes W. J. Mar.24,1860 Mar.29,1896 Gallman
Sanders Bessie Vashti Welch July 29,1892 Sep.14,1983 Gallman
Sanders Ethel June 23,1880 13-Jul-00 Gallman
Sanders Robert Leroy Dec.11,1894 Apr.14,1970 Gallman
Selman Ernestine May 16.1898 Jan.31,1935 Gallman
Selman Geneva Apr,12,1897 June 3,1898 Gallman
Selman Myrtle J. Dec.30,1908 May 5,1910 Gallman
Selman Rachel Sumrall Nov.15,1845 Dec.18,1913 Gallman
Selman William J. Aug. 7,1845 Jan. 1,1911 Gallman
Shanahan Jimmy Ray   Sr. h/o Mary J. Feb.18, 1944 Feb.28, 2007 Gallman
Shipp Henry May 25,1886 Aug.25,1888 Gallman
Shipp Myra July 31,1889 May 18,1891 Gallman
Shipp Philip Patton Feb.20,1896 May 5,1898 Gallman
Sims Thaddeus L. 1918 Aug. 5,2003 Gallman
Singletary Elma Feb. 4,1898 Jan.24,1903 Gallman
Singletary G. A. May 27,1852 Jan. 5,1920 Gallman
Singletary George Amos Sep.29,1902 Dec.23,1961 Gallman
Singletary Pearl Sep.21,1896 Nov.17,1905 Gallman
Singletary Rebecca Lucretia Dec.10,1866 Oct.24,1949 Gallman
Singletary Stella Clegg Apr.27,1906 Mar.25,1967 Gallman
Smith Charles Ulysses 1832 1901 Gallman
Smith Charlie May 27,1864 Oct.25,1902 Gallman
Smith Cornelia V. Martin 1845 1909 Gallman
Smith Frank D. 1863 1953 Gallman
Smith Hilda Harris 1914 1937 Gallman
Smith Lattie Foreman Mar.12,1890 Mar. 6,1959 Gallman
Smith Nell Kinnebrew w/o William Henry 18-Jul-19 Dec.12,2004 Gallman
Smith Ruby Nell K. 18-Jul-19 Gallman
Smith William Henry h/o Nell Kinnebrew Sep.25,1916 Nov. 3,1984 Gallman
Smith William Wallace Dec.15,1880 May 24,1978 Gallman
Sojourner Ruth Smith 1927 Jan. 7,2004 Gallman
Soujourner Helen Sue Sep.29,1931 Gallman
Soujourner M. L. Apr. 5,1930 Jan.18,1991 Gallman
Spence Annie Ford 1874 1958 Gallman
Spikes Carol Callaway 1906 1982 Gallman
Spikes Hiram Bennett Jan.23,1870 Apr. 8,1958 Gallman
Spikes Lester K. Sep.26,1913 7-Jul-92 Gallman
Spikes Lula A. Nov.30,1913 Oct. 31,1995 Gallman
Spikes Pear Lela Feb.14,1880 Mar. 9,1959 Gallman
Stoup Ben Lee Oct. 4,1893 May 14,1957 Gallman
Stoup Bennie F. July 23,1867 Mar.28,1929 Gallman
Stoup Bessie 1870 May 30,1906 Gallman
Stoup Bobbie Lou Apr.26,1928 Aug.12,1985 Gallman
Stoup Effie Mae Jan. 1,1892 Mar. 8,1969 Gallman
Stoup John Franklin III Sep.26,1947 14-Jul-67 Gallman
Stoup John Franklin Jr. Sep.30,1922 17-Jul-76 Gallman
Stoup Lovina B. Apr.29,1892 Feb. 2,1972 Gallman
Stoup Nannie O. Mar.14,1900 Gallman
Stoup W. G. 1874 1946 Gallman
Strong Adee Parker May 31,1894 Aug.25,1957 Gallman
Strong Clifton P. Jan. 3, 1896 Dec.1,1957 Gallman
Sullivan Dorothy B. Sep.30,1911 Gallman
Sullivan Martha Dunning 1856 1917 Gallman
Sullivan Thomas J. Feb.27,1857 Dec.28,1907 Gallman
Sumrall Joseph Aug.29,1843 Feb.20,1908 Gallman
Sumrall Levicy Elizabeth Wilson Jan.  8,1847 Aug.14,1937 Gallman
Sumrall Luther O. May 11,1870 Dec. 2,1908 Gallman
Sumrall Tommy Mar.26,1901 Aug.23,1902 Gallman
Sykes Annie Mae 1892 1951 Gallman
Sykes Jack C. Sr. June 2,1892 1-Jul-72 Gallman
Taylor Clarence Leroy s/o Pete & Rodelle 27-Jun-42 16 Feb. 2000 Gallman
Taylor Clarence "Pete" h/oRodelle Sanders 12 Dec.1912 May 23,2002 Gallman
Taylor Ed Carsey Oct.21 ,1922 Dec.26,1969 Gallman
Taylor Jessie F. 1923 1997 Gallman
Taylor Margaret A. 1840 1912 Gallman
Taylor Nannie Mar.14,1900 Nov.15,1994 Gallman
Taylor Rodelle Sanders w/o Clarence "Pete" 31 Dec.1915 May 28,2004 Gallman
Thaxton Dorothy Wood Apr. 8,1931 Gallman
Thaxton James Percy Nov.21,1929 Jan. 9,1995 Gallman
Thaxton Lucille C. June 12,1900 3-Jul-86 Gallman
Thaxton Percy L. Jan.28,1893 Aug. 4,1977 Gallman
Theriot Lawrence M. June 27.1931 Jan.31,1994 Gallman
Tillman Alice 1868 May 1,1902 Gallman
Tillman Andrew Jackson Aug.13,1853 June 1,1923 Gallman
Tillman Annie F. Nov.1877 Jan. 1,1964 Gallman
Tillman Benjamin Franklin Sr. Mar.14,1890 Sep. 9,1902 Gallman
Tillman Benjamin Franklin Jr. Jan.23,1905 Gallman
Tillman Evon Barker Nov.17,1877 Jan. 1,1928 Gallman
Tillman Faison Darwin May 15,1905 Nov. 1,1988 Gallman
Tillman Francis Polk Sep.17,1865 23-Jul-30 Gallman
Tillman Julia Barber Gallman
Tillman Kate Sumrall Apr.18,1877 Dec.27,1954 Gallman
Tillman Mary E. Feb.18,1834 June 5,1897 Gallman
Tillman Roy Clark Nov.21,1895 Sep.15,1900 Gallman
Tillman Thomas Earl Feb. 4,1893 Dec. 5,1968 Gallman
Traweek James Phillip June 28,1893 1955 Gallman
Traweek Lewis Bond Apr.30,1891 Oct.22,1964 Gallman
Traweek Lewis Bond 1922 Dec. 1,1949 Gallman
Traweek Sadie Dulaney 1897 1995 Gallman
Traweek Sally May Pritchard May 6,1904 Jul.24,1987 Gallman
Tyson Hattie Barber May 18?? Aug. 1,1899 Gallman
Vaughn Gracie Ann Oct.29,1840 Oct.28,1916 Gallman
Vaughn Infant Dec. 2, 1895 Gallman
Vaughn James T. Sep.20,1894 May 28,1954 Gallman
Vaughn Joe Sep.11,1849 Sep.18,1919 Gallman
Vaughn L. E. Oct. 4,1879 Mar.14,1906 Gallman
Vaughn Walter 1858 1956 Gallman
Waldrop Wilmer Oct.11,1903 Dec.15,1994 Gallman
Walker J. L. Mar.25,1868 Aug.30,1916 Gallman
Walker Millege C. 1900 1927 Gallman
Walker Oliver Edwin 1925 May 24,2006 Gallman
Welch Billy Roger Feb. 2,1951 Sep.26,1977 Gallman
Welch Cutee Jan.25,1905 Oct.14,1910 Gallman
Welch Doris Dickson Nov.30,1929 Jan. 2,1995 Gallman
Welch Epsie O. Tillman July 31,1862 Sep.16,1932 Gallman
Welch James Shelton Jan.14,1898 Aug.28,1971 Gallman
Welch Johnnie Lee McCory Jan.23,1897 1-Jul-68 Gallman
Welch Leslie Corley 9-Jul-06 Nov.17,1988 Gallman
Welch Lynn Chris 1938 1998 Gallman
Welch Mary Jan. 2,1903 Oct.21,1979 Gallman
Welch Patsy Sue 23-Jul-45 Jul 23,1945 Gallman
Welch Portabelle Crisler 19-Jul-10 Apr.19, 2002 Gallman
Welch Shirley Leigh 1932 Nov.18,2004 Gallman
Welch Thea Griffin Jan.13,1908 May 17,1978 Gallman
Welch Thomas G. Aug.24,1862 Aug.27,1935 Gallman
Welch Thomas Griffin Dec. 5,1885 1953 Gallman
Welch Tillman Apr.26,1888 Oct. 4,1888 Gallman
Welch Willie Mae 1887 Oct.16,1949 Gallman
Welch Willie Ray 5-Jul-18 Oct.30,1960 Gallman
Wheeler Elton Cooper Rev. June 16,1917 Feb.21,1968 Gallman
Wheeler Lula Cleo Newcomb Dec.17,1917 Gallman
Williams Maggie Foster June 19,1887 Nov.21,1971 Gallman
Wilson Lovie Tillman July 25,1873 Dec. 5,1956 Gallman
Wilson Walter Robert Jan.12,1880 Feb. 4,1972 Gallman
Wilson Warren E. Oct. 6,1912 18-Jul-93 Gallman
Wood Celia Walker Sep.14,1888 Dec.12,1982 Gallman
Wood Charles Ben Sr. Sep. 5,1886 Feb.10,1980 Gallman
Wood Joe P. 1854 1892 Gallman
Wood Josie Powell Apr.18,1890 Jan.15,1968 Gallman
Wood Mattie 1881 Oct.20,1886 Gallman
Wood Robert 1896 Sep.11,1900 Gallman
Wood Rosa L. 1857 1934 Gallman
Wroten Lucy Yawn Aug.19,1921 May 20,2000 Gallman
Wroten Oscar 25-Jul-21 June 30,1995 Gallman
Young Augusta W. July 31,1869 Nov. 9,1955 Gallman
Young Hiram Bud Mar.11,1860 Apr. 6,1945 Gallman
Young James T. Mar. 8,1938 Mar.10,1938 Gallman
Young Jasper Theodore July 28,1880 Aug.13,1934 Gallman
Young Mary A. Smith Dec.26,1859 Feb.16,1895 Gallman
Young Webb Aug.18,1886 1967 Gallman

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