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05/31/14 was the last day I modified this page.

Copied by Frances A. Cook  19 Ap, 1953

Mary Ann Taylor Adams  d. 25 Sept, 1837/ aged 8m 9d

Ann Jane w/o William Barnes  24 May, 1841

Mary Jane w/o William Barnes  d. 27 Sept, 1842

John Rembrent  d. 23 Feb, 1853/ aged 70y 3m 15d

Nancy E. Dillard consort of Franklin Dillard  d. 21 Oct, 1844/ aged 28y 6m 3d/ born in Laurens Dist., S.C. and emigrated to Ms. in Jan, 1837

Nancy Brown  Second w/o Nathan Patrick  15 Jan, 1783 N.C./1852

Elizabeth Curtis w/o A. B. C. Patrick  28 Aug, 1824/9 May, 1860

Mary L. d/o ABC & EJ Patrick  28 Aug, 1824/9 May, 1860

John Curtis s/o ABC & EJ Patrick  d. 23 May, 1856/ aged 11m 29d

Little Jack s/o ABC & EJ Patrick  7 mar - June, 1895

John Curtis  15 Dec, 1801/24 June, 1855

Nathan Patrick  24 May, 1785 Sumpter Dist., S.C./19 Oct, 1857

A. B. C. Patrick Sr.  3 Sept, 1820/25 Feb, 1880

Elizabeth V. P. w/o F. M. Rembert  11 Aug, 1825/3 Nov, 1861

Mark Wade  17 May, 1776/19 Aug, 1866

Celia w/o Mark Wade  d. Nov, 1840/ aged 61y

John C. Wade b. 19 Oct, 1859

George W. s/o WA & EJ Wade  19 Oct, 1859/27 May, 1860

Penelope d/o Mark & Celia Wade  d. 28 Oct, 1833/ aged 27y

W. A. Wade  8 Jy, 1816/25 Ap, 1904

Mrs. E. J. Wade w/o W. A. Wade  1 June, 1826/7 Aug, 1907

James s/o J. & Lydia Rembert  d. 22 Aug, 1837/ aged 2y 2m 1d

Sarah d/o J. & Lydia Rembert  d. 26 Feb, 1838/ aged 9y 7m 26d

Sarah w/o J. Rembert  d. 26 Jan, 1826/ aged 32y 3m

Nancy Carnes  27 Jy, 1793/1 May, 1875

Elizabeth Ann d/o Geo. & Sarah Rea  d. 15 Aug, 1837/ aged 13m 3d

05/31/14 was the last day I modified this page.

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