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Spring Hill Plantation Cemetery

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God Bless America
Adams Thomas Boswell Sr., Father-in-law 7 Sept.1779 21 Oct.1836 Springhill Plantation
Brown Elizabeth Frances Thornton Taliaferro 15 Mar. 1817 17 Mar. 1836 Springhill Plantation
Gilmer Mary Peachy Peachy's Aunt 1768 02 Mar. 1840 Springhill Plantation
Taliaferro Albert Gallatin Brown ,s/o PR&SF 14 Dec.1838 16 Sept. 1840 Springhill Plantation
Taliaferro Elizabeth Brown d/o P.R. & S.F. 07 Dec.1835 05 Nov. 1837 Springhill Plantation
Taliaferro Erasmus Taylor Twin s/o PR & SF 04 Nov. 1846 12 June 1848 Springhill Plantation
Taliaferro Frances Virginia d/o P.R. & S.F. 27 Feb.1829 22 Sept. 1833 Springhill Plantation
Taliaferro Peachy Ridgway h/o Sarah F.Adams 09 Jan.1805 12 May 1852 Springhill Plantation
Taliaferro Thomas Adams s/o P.R. & S.F. 24 May 1833 09 Dec. 1834 Springhill Plantation
Taliaferro William Meriwether Twin s/o PR & SF 04 Nov. 1846 18 Aug. 1849 Springhill Plantation
Taliaferro William Quarles Peachy's Brother 1811 01 Sept. 1840 Springhill Plantation
Cemetery on a hill nearby Springhill
Christmas Arlosia E. d/o Albert & Irene 03 Jan. 1878 14-Jul-01 "Christmas"
Christmast Ben 01 July 1841 01 July 1889 "Christmas"
Simes Lawrence 15 April 1818 11 April 1880 "Christmas"

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