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Hazlehurst Cemeteries

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Hazlehurst Cemetery
( Old Section)

Hazlehurst Cemetery is located in the town of Hazlehurst in Copiah County, Mississippi.  It is one of the older cemeteries in the county. It can be reached from Interstate Highway 55 by taking exit 61 and going east for 0.7 miles.  Then turn right on old highway 51 and go south through town.  After you pass the Courthouse in the center of town go 0.3 miles and turn right on Fair Street.  Go one block, and the cemetery is on the left.  The oldest recorded grave is 1858.  The new section of Hazlehurst cemetery is across the street from the old section.

There are approximately 812 identifiable grave markers.  There are additional graves with no markers.  The author made this listing on March 31, 2000.  The information comes from the tombstones.  In addition reference was made to World War I registration data, the Social Security Death Index database, the Federal Census, and the Copiah County marriage records. Where tombstones list birth dates and no death, that information was recorded.  The individual may still be alive.  Reference was made to a previous listing made in 1953 by Miss Francis A. Cook.   Every attempt was made to ensure accuracy, but some stones were very difficult to read.

For those having questions or comments they can contact the author: Larry Wheeler at  regular mail at 14726 Red River Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas 78410.

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Hazlehurst Cemetery
( New Section)

The Hazlehurst cemetery is located just off Extension Street [old highway 51] inside the city limits.  There are three sections to the cemetery which are all located adjacent to one another.  There is the old section which was unplatted and has been previously documented.  There is the new section which is platted, and records of who paid for each plot are kept in the City Hall. The section is primarily used by Anglo-Americans.  That is the subject of this study.  The African-American section is not yet documented.

The new section has approximately 2130 graves.  The oldest grave was from 1873.  This listing was made over the course of three years whenever I was passing through town.  Assistance was also provided by Paul Cartwright.  Every effort was made to insure accuracy, but one should always check important information personally.

The names, dates, and relationships were taken from the tombstones. Additional information concerning relationships was taken from census and marriage record data. Some tombstones list only a birth date. Some of these people are undoubtedly alive and some are clearly deceased. I have no way of knowing which is which.

For those having questions or comments they can contact the author: Larry Wheeler at  regular mail at 14726 Red River Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas 78410.

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