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Centerpoint Cemetery

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Centerpoint (Methodist) Cemetery



Centerpoint Cemetery is in Copiah County, Mississippi, on MS 28, between Hazlehurst and Union Church, Mississippi. A relatively new cemetery, it is situated at Centerpoint Methodist Church -- founded in 1905 -- at the intersection of Browns Well Road and Centerpoint Lane.


DIRECTIONS:  DIRECTIONS: [1] (From Jackson MS area) Take I-55 South approximately 30 miles; Take Exit # 61 (Hazlehurst/Fayette) right on MS 28 toward Fayette for 6.3 miles; turn right on Browns Well Road; continue on Browns Well Road for 2/0 mile to the church and cemetery. [2] (From Brookhaven, MS area): Take MS 550 to Union Church; turn Right onto MS 28 (toward Hazlehurst); continue on MS 28 for 21 miles; turn Left on Centerpoint Lane approx. 2/10 mile to the church and cemetery. [3] (From Natchez MS area): Take US 61 North to Fayette; turn Right on MS 33 and MS 28 for approx. 1 mile; turn Left on MS 28 (to Union Church/Hazlehurst) for approx. 20 miles; continue on MS 28 through Union Church following directions in # 2 above.


In instances when a wife's grave stone has the maiden name and a citation that she is the wife of "X", two entries have been made, one with the maiden name and the other with the married name. This is a listing of grave markers: in some situations, the name of the surviving spouse has been entered; therefore no death date has been entered.


Information compiled 14 March 2002 by Larry W. Little (


Name                                        DOB                 DOD                 Inscription/Comments


Bagwell, Billye F. Wade             20 Jan 1934       16 May 2000     w/o Robert E. Bagwell; double marker.

Bagwell, Robert E.                     12 Oct 1931                              h/o Billye F. Wade; double marker.

Blackmon, Henry Harold             16 Jan 1894       26 Oct 1975      h/o Modena Lamar Blackmon; double  marker.

Blackmon, Modena Lamar          4 Sept 1896       19 Dec 1991      w/o Henry H. Blackmon; double marker.

Coke, Eddie J.                           29 Jan 1895       12 Mar 1979      h/o Willie F. Coke; double marker. PVT US Army, World War I.

Coke, Noah T. “Sonny”               5 July 1933        11 Feb 1992      US Army.

Coke, Willie F.   16 Jan 1905       5 June 1996       w/o Eddie J. Coke; double marker.

Funchess, A. McAtee                14 Dec 1932

Funchess, Byron Terry               20 Nov 1963      6 June 1987

Juillerat, Catherine F. McCrory    1 Feb 1950                                w/o Harold Leroy McCrory Sr.

Juillerat, Harold Leroy Sr.            13 Jan 1937       25 Dec 1997      h/o Catherine F. McCrory; double marker.

Miller, Hilda J. Thompson            8 July 1927                                w/o Thomas C. Miller; double marker.

Miller, Thomas Carl                    8 Sept 1923       11 Mar 1996      h/o Hilda Thompson; double marker.

McCrory, Edgar F. Sr.                23 May 1902     2 Apr 1972        h/o Frankie Adams; double marker.

McCrory, Frankie Adams            18 Aug 1914      27 Feb 1988      w/o Edgar F. McCrory; double marker.

Nunnery, Lucy Lee Blackmon     19 Jan 1917       20 Oct 1909

Reynolds, James Alfred              31 July 1891      31 Mar 1967      h/o Katie [Mearl Turnipseed]; double marker; married 21 Dec 1938.Mississippi CPL US Army World War I.

Reynolds, Katie M.                    21 June 1913                             w/o James Alfred Reynolds; double marker; married 21 Dec 1938.

Turnipseed, David B.                  5 July 1906        27 Oct 1978

Turnipseed, Johnnie Rae 13 Nov 1907      14 May 1999     S SGT US Army World War II; “His curbed smile revealed his sense of humor.”

Van Etten, Davie P.                    1904                 1986                 h/o Eunice M. Van Etten; double marker.

Van Etten, Eunice M.                 1908                 1991                 w/o David P. Van Etten; double marker.

Wade, Euna V.                          1980                 1987                 double marker.

Wade, John Artice                     1980                 1982                 double marker.

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