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   NAME                CEMETERY

Palmer, Buddy               HENDERSON

Palmer, Callie Brewer       HENDERSON

Palmer, Cecelia             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Palmer, E.                  HENDERSON

Palmer, Gavin               HENDERSON

Palmer, George              HENDERSON

Palmer, Henry Gay           HENDERSON

Palmer, Irvin               HENDERSON

Palmer, Josie               HENDERSON

Palmer, L. M. Jr.           HENDERSON

Palmer, Mary E.             HENDERSON

Palmer, Maudie S.           HENDERSON

Palmer, Odie Kittrell       COUNTY LINE

Palmer, Polly               HENDERSON

Palmer, R. C.               HENDERSON

Palmer, Samuel Earl         HENDERSON

Palmer, Samuel W.           HENDERSON

Palmer, Ulmer               HENDERSON

Palmer, William S.          COUNTY LINE

Parnell, Alford T.          SWEETWATER

Parnell, J. J.              SWEETWATER

Parnell, Joe Earl           SWEETWATER

Parnell, Jr., Walter B.     SWEETWATER

Parnell, Lucy A.            SWEETWATER

Parnell, Nena Elene         SWEETWATER

Partin, D. C.               SWEETWATER

Partin, M.                  SWEETWATER

Peavy, Myrtle               HENDERSON

Perkins, Emma L.            ROUNSAVILLE

Perkins, George E.          ROUNSAVILLE

Perkins, Hazelee            ROUNSAVILLE

Perkins, Susie              ROUNSAVILLE

Perry, Fannie B. C.         CLARK CHAPEL

Perry, French J.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Perry, John Joseph          FELLOWSHIP

Perry, Margaret K.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Perry, Margaret Kittrell    FELLOWSHIP

Pierce, Annie Y.            SWEETWATER

Pierce, Daniel W.           SWEETWATER

Pierce, Elizabeth W.        SWEETWATER

Pierce, Flora C.            SWEETWATER

Pierce, Infant              SWEETWATER

Pierce, Infant              SWEETWATER

Pierce, Larkin L.           SWEETWATER

Pipkin, Infant              SWEETWATER

Pipkin, Lenar B.            SWEETWATER

Pipkins, Annie              SWEETWATER

Pipkins, Clerge W.          EAST SALEM

Pipkins, Infant             SWEETWATER

Pipkins, Jane               SWEETWATER

Pipkins, John C.            SWEETWATER

Pipkins, Johney             SWEETWATER

Pipkins, Lillie Brewer      SWEETWATER

Pipkins, M. S.              SWEETWATER

Pipkins, William A.         SWEETWATER

Platt, Ethel B.             EAST SALEM

Platt, Prentis L.           EAST SALEM

Poiroux, John W.            SWEETWATER

Polley, Nancy F             INDIAN HILL

Poole, H. H., Rev           BUFFALO

Pope, (wife of T.J.)        SOWELL

Pope, --                    GRAFTON

Pope, B. J.                 GRAFTON

Pope, Infant                HENDERSON

Pope, Infant                HENDERSON

Pope, Infant                HENDERSON

Pope, Infant                HENDERSON

Pope, Katherine W.          HENDERSON

Pope, M--                   GRAFTON

Pope, Theodore              HENDERSON

Pope, Vardman               GRAFTON

Pope, William T.            HENDERSON

Pope, Willis                HENDERSON

Porter, Stella B.           BUFFALO

Powel, Ida                  WEST SALEM

Powel, J. T.                WEST SALEM

Powell, Clyde T.            HENDERSON

Powell, Gailya G.           HENDERSON

Powell, Infant              GRAFTON

Powell, Maudie              WEST SALEM

Powell, Ora Mae             HENDERSON

Prentiss, Abilene           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Prentiss, G. Lazell         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Prentiss, George R.         SWEETWATER

Prentiss, H. A.             SWEETWATER

Prentiss, Infant            SWEETWATER

Prentiss, Joseph L A        MUTUAL RIGHTS

Prentiss, Luverta K.        MUTUAL RIGHTS

Prentiss, Mary Jane         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Prentiss, Ruben L.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Prentiss, Sally             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Prentiss, Tyra J.           SWEETWATER

Prentiss, Vesta D.          SWEETWATER

Preston, J. W.              JOHNSON CREEK

Preston, J. Wash            JOHNSON CREEK

Preston, Jennie R.          JOHNSON CREEK

Preston, Thelma L.          JOHNSON CREEK

Pridgen, Linda Sue          SWEETWATER

Pridgen, Vida C.            SWEETWATER

Prie, Ammon                 BUFFALO

Prine, Annabelle            BUFFALO

Prine, Clifton E.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Prine, Eliza H              WADE - MCLAIN

Prine, John L.              BUFFALO

Prine, Lawrence E.          BUFFALO

Prine, Marlin A.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Prine, Nancy I.             GRAFTON

Prine, Nancy Jane           GRAFTON

Prine, Robert,  Rev.        GRAFTON

Prine, Rrobert Isaiah       COUNTY LINE

Prine, Thomas Henry         BUFFALO

Quinn, Dellar, Riley        EAST SALEM

Quinn, J. Willis            EAST SALEM

Quinn, James E.             EAST SALEM

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