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   NAME                CEMETERY

Cannon, James W.            SWEETWATER

Cannon, Lora Lee            SWEETWATER

Carney, Lewanda             SWEETWATER

Carroll, Mary P.            SWEETWATER

Carter, Ida Lee H.          HENDERSON

Cartwright, Sarah J.        SWEETWATER

Churchwell, Birdie E.       SWEETWATER

Churchwell, Eliza           SWEETWATER

Churchwell, Sam R.          SWEETWATER

Clark, Alice H.             FELLOWSHIP

Clark, Arthur R.            CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, Caroline             FELLOWSHIP

Clark, Coley P.             FELLOWSHIP

Clark, Edward               FELLOWSHIP

Clark, Eliza J.             CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, Ella Smith           CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, Eula                 CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, Eulonas E.           CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, Floyd C.             FELLOWSHIP

Clark, Frank                FELLOWSHIP

Clark, Grace P.             FELLOWSHIP

Clark, Guy Everett          CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, Hattie G.            FELLOWSHIP

Clark, Irene                CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, J. E.                CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, James Japtha         CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, James M.             FELLOWSHIP

Clark, Jimmie A.            CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, John                 FELLOWSHIP

Clark, L. D.                CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, Malissa              CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, Noel                 SWEETWATER

Clark, Ola M.               CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, Ottis                FELLOWSHIP

Clark, Reba                 FELLOWSHIP

Clark, Robert Lee           SWEETWATER

Clark, Theodocia            CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, Virgie Lee           CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, W. M. B.             CLARK CHAPEL

Clark, Whatley, Hathie      SWEETWATER

Clark, William              FELLOWSHIP

Clark, Willie M.            FELLOWSHIP

Clark, Willie Mae           FREEMAN

Clifton, Reece              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Coaker, Albert L.           CLARK CHAPEL

Coaker, Alverda             CLARK CHAPEL

Coaker, John Edgar          FELLOWSHIP

Coaker, Lydia P.            CLARK CHAPEL

Coaker, Mamie S.            FELLOWSHIP

Coaker, Victoria E.         CLARK CHAPEL

Coaker, William A.          CLARK CHAPEL

Coaker, William H.          CLARK CHAPEL

Coaker, Zula A.             CLARK CHAPEL

Coaker. Edna J.             CLARK CHAPEL

Cochram, Margaret           LAZARUS WALLEY

Cochran, Baby               BUFFALO

Cochran, Blanche H.         BUFFALO

Cochran, C. M.              BUFFALO

Cochran, Elizabeth          LAZARUS WALLEY

Cochran, Estell M.          SWEETWATER

Cochran, Fances L.          BUFFALO

Cochran, Frank              BUFFALO

Cochran, G.                 LAZARUS WALLEY

Cochran, Gillie L.          SWEETWATER

Cochran, Hughie             BUFFALO

Cochran, Infant             BUFFALO

Cochran, Infant             BUFFALO

Cochran, Infant             BUFFALO

Cochran, Infant             BUFFALO

Cochran, Infant             BUFFALO

Cochran, John W.            BUFFALO

Cochran, Joseph             BUFFALO

Cochran, Joseph F.          BUFFALO

Cochran, Labuna             BUFFALO

Cochran, Louise             HENDERSON

Cochran, Rannie H.          BUFFALO

Cochran, Richard D.         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Cochran, Richard D.         SWEETWATER

Cochran, Ruby A.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Cochran, Sarah              BUFFALO

Cochran, Thomas             LAZARUS WALLEY

Cochran, W. R.              LAZARUS WALLEY

Cochran, Wilce              BUFFALO

Cochran, William R.         BUFFALO

Colbert, J. W., Mrs.        SWEETWATER

Colbert, John W.            SWEETWATER

Colbert, W. R, Mrs.         SWEETWATER

Colbert, W. R.              SWEETWATER

Cole, James                 GRAFTON

Collins, Charles D.         BUFFALO

Cooley, Annie               SWEETWATER

Cooley, infant              FREEMAN

Cooley, Lonnie              SWEETWATER

Cooper, Anna B.             HENDERSON

Cooper, James Loyd          HENDERSON

Crager, George D.           COUNTY LINE

Crager, Ida Ruth            COUNTY LINE

Crager, Woodie              COUNTY LINE

Crider, Johnny E.           EAST SALEM

Crider, Marry M.            EAST SALEM

Crocker, Carolyn R.         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Cureton, Ola Neel           FELLOWSHIP

Curtis, George              HENDERSON

Curtis, Hattie Hill         HENDERSON

Curtis, Margaret B.         HENDERSON

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