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   NAME                CEMETERY

Keith, Willard W            FELLOWSHIP

Kelly, Gregory A.           COUNTY LINE

Kindsey, Rudolph            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kinsey, M. B. Red           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kitchen, Baby               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kitchens, Boyd M.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kittrell, A                 SLAY

Kittrell, Alexander         KITTRELL

Kittrell, Charles L.        MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kittrell, Clarett           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kittrell, Curtis A.         KITTRELL

Kittrell, D.                SLAY

Kittrell, David A.          BUFFALO

Kittrell, David R.          FELLOWSHIP

Kittrell, Dennie B.         HENDERSON

Kittrell, Dewey             COUNTY LINE

Kittrell, Dollie S.         COUNTY LINE

Kittrell, Donnie E.         FREEFIELD

Kittrell, Dorcas            FREEFIELD

Kittrell, Elizabeth         FELLOWSHIP

Kittrell, Ethel Roberts     BUFFALO

Kittrell, Geneva B.         BUFFALO

Kittrell, Hattie            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kittrell, Hollins B.        FREEFIELD

Kittrell, Homer             KITTRELL

Kittrell, Ida Roberts       MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kittrell, Ida Smith         FELLOWSHIP

Kittrell, Infant            BUFFALO

Kittrell, Infant            COUNTY LINE

Kittrell, Infant            COUNTY LINE

Kittrell, Infant            COUNTY LINE

Kittrell, Infant            FELLOWSHIP

Kittrell, Infant            HENDERSON

Kittrell, Infant            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kittrell, James A.          FELLOWSHIP

Kittrell, James Allen       FELLOWSHIP

Kittrell, Joe D.            SWEETWATER

Kittrell, John              SLAY

Kittrell, Jonathan          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kittrell, Joseph            COUNTY LINE

Kittrell, Joseph E          FELLOWSHIP

Kittrell, Kate B.           SWEETWATER

Kittrell, Kerry             FREEFIELD

Kittrell, Kyle              KITTRELL

Kittrell, L. Curtis         FELLOWSHIP

Kittrell, Larue             SWEETWATER

Kittrell, Lee               KITTRELL

Kittrell, Leona E.          FELLOWSHIP

Kittrell, Lizzie            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kittrell, Louelia           HENDERSON

Kittrell, Louis N.          COUNTY LINE

Kittrell, M. C.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kittrell, Margaret S.       SLAY

Kittrell, Marshall L.       KITTRELL

Kittrell, Mary E.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kittrell, Mary Easter       COUNTY LINE

Kittrell, Mary Effie        KITTRELL

Kittrell, Mary L.           SLAY

Kittrell, Mary M. C.        KITTRELL

Kittrell, Mary R.           KITTRELL

Kittrell, Matilda           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kittrell, Millard           KITTRELL

Kittrell, Minnie R.         BUFFALO

Kittrell, Nancy E.          FELLOWSHIP

Kittrell, Nesby H           FELLOWSHIP

Kittrell, Olicia R.         COUNTY LINE

Kittrell, Rebecca R.        SLAY

Kittrell, Riley L.          BUFFALO

Kittrell, S R               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kittrell, Therral           KITTRELL

Kittrell, Thomas            SLAY

Kittrell, Vera Mae          FREEFIELD

Kittrell, Vera Rae          FREEFIELD

Kittrell, W. F.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Kittrell, Will N.           SOWELL

Kittrell, William           COUNTY LINE

Kittrell, William M.        COUNTY LINE

Kromel, Zelma West          HENDERSON

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